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  1. Road trip : Mumbai to Hyderabad. Route: Mumbai --> Pune --> Solapur --> Akkalkot --> Kalaburgai --> Sedam --> Parigi --> Chevella --> Gachibowli (Hyderabad) Friends - here's a brief synopsis of the Mumbai to Hyderabad drive on 29th April. Needless to say, @Ranger directions and suggestions were spot-on! 👍 Left Mumbai (Powai) at 5am - this was 30 minutes delayed from plan. By 5:45am, covered the 40km stretch to the start of the e-way. Khalapur @ 6am and Talegaon @ 7 am (123 kms from home). Bad traffic on the e-way with lots of heavy vehicles. It was a crawl in the ghats even without a single truck breakdown. exited the e-way at 7:20am. 8:15am & 172 kms - Pune city exit and start of NH 65. Drive through the Pune city section and through 235 kms of NH 65 can be trying because of cross traffic. Lots of nurseries & eateries in this section till Solapur. At 188 kms, Suruchi Restaurant and many mini restaurants dot the area At 200 kms, Vithal Kamat. For the record, we did not eat at either of these restaurants Refuelling of the Yeti done at BPCL bunk @ 358 kms (10:45am) The only point of confusion was when I reached a fork where the signage indicated the left fork going towards Solapur. Enquired with a local and was told that I should be taking the right fork as that was the Solapur bye-pass The road from Solapur to Akkalkot was a single road with no divider for the majority part. A section of it was getting tarred and there was 1 KM that was particularly nasty. Hit the Moroom Akalkot road @ 445 kms at 12:20pm At 1:30pm and 524 kms away from home, entered Kalaburgai/Gulbarga - the land of toor dal. Pulled into Hotel Lumbini Grand (1:45pm and 532 kms) for lunch. Fantastic recommendation, Ranger!! Good food and neat washrooms. Post lunch at 2:45pm, hit SH10 - 2 divider-less lanes. 4pm and 670 kms fromMumbai, entered the state of Telangana. Road changes character and the smooth Karnataka roads transform into rough patches! We pass by Chevella at 5:10pm (690 kms) Finally, 747 kms later and at 6:35pm, we pull into our destination at Srinagar Colony. Overall, a fantastic drive exposing one to newer facts of the Indian landscape. This trip was all the more brilliant thanks to Ranger razor sharp advice and suggestions . Shall update with toll details and a complete log in a few days. Return journey is yet undecided - it could be either Hyderabad-Bangalore-Mumbai or directly back to Hyderabad. Keep you all posted. Till the, ciao!
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    Mumbai to Hyderabad road condition and route updates

    Thanks, Ranger! Will do that!
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    Mumbai to Hyderabad road condition and route updates

    Friends, it is time I make another Mumbvai-HYD-Mumbai drive. Wanted to check if anyone had specific updates on the road conditions. Am planning to take the Mumbai --> Pune --> Solapur --> Akkalkot --> Kalaburgai --> Sedam --> Parigi --> Chevella --> Gachibowli (Hyderabad) route. Suggestions/advice welcome! Cheers! Siju
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    Mumbai to Hyderabad road condition and route updates

    Apologies for the very delayed response, @Ranger!! Thanks so much for your kind words! I do try and keep a log as this way I can give back in my own small way to this wonderful group that we have! And my wifey is a very capable partner in crime for this!!
  5. Awesome thread for someone planning a Hyd-Bangalore trip! @Pralay - that was a super-primer for the trip! Meanwhile, just did the Hyderabad - Bangalore sector today. A brief note: 1. Started at 6am (planned start at 5am - the relatively short distance and the known quality of NH44 brought out the laziness in us!) from Srinagar Colony. 2. Soon hit the PV Narasimha Rao Expressway and exited the same at about 6:20am. 3. Refuelled at the HP bunk just at the exit of the expressway. 4. Passed through breakfast options - Hill Park (70kms from home at 7:10am) and M Food Court (75kms @ 7:15am). Since kids were sleeping, stopped at Food Pyramid (on the opposite side of the highway) for breakfast and that was a good decision. The entrance to Food Pyramid is clean and effortless - there is a median gap in the divider at the exact position. The parking is great and a worthy shelter for a car. The food quality is good, the staff efficient and the ambience clean and pleasing. There is a small kids play area as well. The washrooms are clean and maintained well. Super choice for a breakfast stop. 5. Hit the NH back after an hour at breakfast. 6. Impeccably constructed and maintained tarmac - it is smooth and perfect to the point of boring. And hence once needs to be careful - control speeds and be on alert always. Multiple drum-roll rumble strips will keep you awake! 7. Encountered a lot of 2 wheelers and at a couple of places, 4/6 wheelers coming into you with disdain. Need to be very careful. 8. A read-through of others' experience on this stretch had made me cautious of killer speed bumps and speed guns as one nears Bangalore. 9. Am not sure if the speed bumps I encountered (Tapovan signal and Kodikonda cross-roads) were the same that were referred to. Either ways, slow down as you reach these man-made monstrosities. 10. At about 1pm and 497 kms away from home, came across Swagat Delicacy on the opposite side. Did not stop here for lunch, though 11. Finally, decided on lunch at The Indian Paratha Company (@1:45pm and 535 kms). The ambience and construct is nice. But over-priced is what I felt. Incidentally, just after I placed my order, a couple of Indian Metrology Officers paid them a visit! Apparently, IPC was charging Rs 20 for 500ml packaged water (typically, it is Rs. 20 for a liter). As the guys nervously tried to deal with the officials, service suffered and they did not supply me the water they had charged for and refunded Rs. 20!! The food was okay. May not give it a try again. 12. The final stretch to Medahalli, KR Puram was through Budigere and this part of the drive was scenic too! Again, one needs to be very careful negotiating this stretch. 13. In a nutshell, a very nice drive. But beware of rogue traffic at all points. Overtake two wheelers carefully - do not do so very close to them as that could destabilize them very badly. Attached is the trip log with toll details. Hope this helps!
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    Mumbai to Hyderabad road condition and route updates

    Yeah, it is a lovely machine! Thanks!
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    Mumbai to Hyderabad road condition and route updates

    Absolutely!! Brilliant tarmac! Wish other cities can emulate this. Meanwhile, as promised, the travel log along with toll details. Hope this helps!