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  1. sagar

    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    @Chandra Thanks much updating us back with the latest and detailed road status.. Very helpful for the members.
  2. Superb post @rkamal.. Another place which I haven't known till date and will surely make a note of it. After all, we just need one reason to hit the road
  3. Thanks for sharing such an beautiful log @Kam. Pictures are so eye pleasing and your information is short and crisp. Very helpful. Which lake in the western ghat region is that ?
  4. Will be rolled out by the weekend hopefully
  5. sagar

    Hyderabad- Bhutan in a Duster AWD

    One of those travel stories I've been waiting for. It has truly lived up to my expectations so far and waiting for more.. Thanks much for sharing this valuable information @ARAY. Keep it going.
  6. sagar

    Share your best mobile picture

    Which temple is this @mit1682.. and where in Maharashtra
  7. sagar

    Planning to Hampi on 15th August route suggestions

    Hippe island is not submerged, the connect bridge to hippe island is submerged but it is accessible by boats
  8. sagar

    Route to Mahabaleshwar

    You are good to do this drive pretty comfortably .. start early and be sure to cross Panchgani before it gets dark.. Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Solapur - Phaltan (Diversion from the highway) - Wathar - Wai - Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar. Your journey will slow down from Phaltan to Wai as you pass through lot of small towns in between (Mix of single lane and double lane roads). The road condition is a mix Good roads and average roads. Usually you go through a lot of pot holes in these regions due to monsoon. Also refer to the recent travelogue below:
  9. Only way to get the exact information is to get in touch with the locals or wait for the updates from the recent travelers
  10. sagar

    Planning to Hampi on 15th August route suggestions

    Please do update us back on your trip details or any alternative plans if so..
  11. sagar

    Planning to Hampi on 15th August route suggestions

    Road via Raichur is bad and also bridge between Gangavathi and Kampli is submerged due to flooded water. The route via Ballari is a better pick.. From Kodumur, the road is a little bad but better than the other options. As per the latest news received, Hampi is all safe today but Anjanadri parvath route is closed. Road to Hippie island is shut. Yes, Hampi is predicted to have face threat as the Tungabadra dam gates are partially opened now and might raise to it's fullest depending on the situation. If you are still opting to visit Hampi, Avoid to tour the banks of the river Tungabadra. other wise it is okay.
  12. sagar

    Guwahati to Ranchi

    Guwahati - Bongaigaon - Siliguri - Malda - Dhanbad - Ranchi. is the best possible route. Regarding the current road conditions, @ARAY and @ranger can help you out.
  13. sagar

    Drive to Akka Mahadevi caves

    Sorry to have missed out on the conversation guys.. Also, it was horrific to see so much of traffic lined up that complete weekend :O
  14. There are road blockages to reach Goa at the moment due to heavy flooding. Please be sure to freeze your plan after knowing the current status on the road to Goa.
  15. sagar

    Planning to Hampi on 15th August route suggestions

    Welcome to the club.. Please go through the link below with all the information at it's best.
  16. sagar

    Adventurous Sunday with the Endeavour

    I don't think so as it is an event by Vibrant Ford
  17. sagar

    Drive to Akka Mahadevi caves

    Water level at Srisailam are high right now.. Chances of raising the dam gates in the next week..
  18. sagar

    Adventurous Sunday with the Endeavour

    Oh yes, it is the same farm. Do keep us posted here on the future events as such too..
  19. sagar

    Drive to Akka Mahadevi caves

    Lovely log @Ranger. One place around Srisailam that has been missing out on information for the travelers. Looks like you guys have done it during a perfect weekend which had mild showers. I am surprised to see those coracles in the pictures. Are they still legally running it after a lot of disasters in the past in that region?
  20. sagar

    Adventurous Sunday with the Endeavour

    Nice share @SK01. Must have been quite an experience. The venue looks like Mr. Ravinder reddy's farm track near Sania Mirzas Tennis academy. Below is the link shared which happened at the same venue I suppose.
  21. sagar


    Hi @VRAMULU, Please go through the thread below for latest status as per JUNE month. Might be helpful to you.
  22. sagar

    Hyderabad to vizag bike ride

    Hi @Rajeshwar Welcome onboard, Please refer to the link below for complete information which can be helpful for your trip
  23. Waterflow at Ethipothala has been pretty decent as per June status.. not sure about the current status but you can expect it to be better than June as we have seen good amount of rains since June.
  24. @rkamal Thanks much for sharing your valuable feedback on this place. Very helpful
  25. I am hoping to see some new places to explore on this thread