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  1. Welcome onboard @Sailaja .. Please share the exact details of the number of days you have, which place would you like to do exactly and which car would you be doing this in.. Will suggest the full plan accordingly
  2. sagar

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    I think, if you are doing by flight from Hyderabad to Srinagar, you can comfortably do this full trip in about 7 to 8 days .. You can still choose to do it this year. Before you attain the experience in driving through the mountains ridges and the offroad tracks, you will know the routes to handle and work on your confidence levels.. I would recommend you to go for it this year
  3. sagar

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    I shall PM you once your itinerary is fixed after I ask him for his free dates during your travel.. Also, I wouldn't recommend you the self drive car if you are doing it via Srinagar considering the unpredictable risk involved with the taxi unions.
  4. sagar

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    They are very common in these areas.. Welcome to the mountains
  5. sagar

    Hyderabad to Vikarabad breakfast drive

    Wonderful pictures @Ranger.. Missed this trip due to some unavoidable reasons.. I wish I had made it to this.. This place looks so dry and totally different when compared to our previous visit post monsoon..
  6. sagar

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    Brake pads Tires Suspension Puncture kit Extra spare tire/Tube Head lamp bulbs Don't overload the car, would suggest you to stick 3 members (Max 4) Battery Spare key Towing rope (must, don't buy cheap ropes from Amazon, they can get snapped in no time) Medical kit
  7. sagar

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    You have got the Kargil War Memorial to see enroute Kargil near the Tiger hill and also a sign boeard at Drass which reads World's coldest region. On your way towards Lamayuru Monastery after you start from Kargil, you will find a Buddist Gompa arena where the Buddha was carved on the rocks. Yes, He will be the best guide and driver ever you would meet in your life.. Very nice person. He would also explain the life in Leh during the Kargil war time. Roads between Leh - Manali are little steep, rocky patches and very narrow for a 2 way drive. You need to be a skilful at wheel to handle any tricky situation. Most unpredictable part on this track would be any landslide which can happen at any point of time would create a huge traffic jam which would sometime last for hours to days to get cleared .. All these things have to be kept in mind And regarding the taxi union fights, they do exist but you never know when the hay catches fire on the run Most of the times it wouldn't an issue but at times it can cause trouble.
  8. sagar

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    You can plan your circuit from Srinagar this way.... DAY - 5 Srinagar Local DAY - 6 Srinagar - Sonamarg - Kargil DAY - 7 Kargil - Lamayuru - Magnetic hill - Leh DAY - 8 Wake up Late and cover up Leh Local (Leisure day) DAY - 9 Leh - KhardungLa - Diskit - Nubra valley Day - 10 Nubra valley - Turtuk - Nubra valley Day -11 Nubra valley - Pangong Tso lake Day 12 Leh - Jispa Day 13 Jispa - Manali Day 14 Manali Local (Leisure day) OR Manali - Prashar Lake - Manali Day 15 Manali - Delhi Day 16 Delhi - Sagar Day 17 Sagar - Hyderabad
  9. sagar

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    Yes, but just different pitstops. Road conditions: 1) Hyderabad ---> Kamareddy ---> Nirmal ---> Adilabad ---> Hinganghat ---> Nagpur (Halt) ~ 500 kms Hyderabad - Nagpur stretch is a good track for a drive but considering the rainy season scenario, it might be a bit dicey with a few unexpected ditches and potholes on your way. So, just drive carefully. Also, make sure you be maintain decent speeds. 2) Nagpur ---> Chchindwara ---> Narsinghpur ---> Sagar ---> Lalitpur ---> Jhansi ---> Gwalior (Halt) ~ 700 kms Via Seoni is another route from Nagpur which will not touch chichindwara which is avoidable due to bad road condition when compared. Narsinghpur - Jhansi is a perfect four lane all the way with hardly any traffic. Jhansi - Gwalior is again pathetic with many diversions. There is significant traffic all the way about which 80 kms stretch might take 2 hours at least. 3) Gwalior ---> Morena ---> Agra ---> Noida ---> Delhi --> Ludhiana ~ 615 kms Gwalior - Agra is again four lane track but the traffic is dense. Agra - Delhi - Delhi is again a usual story. No way to bypass Delhi. Huge traffic jams at the toll is no option to escape from. Delhi - Ludhiana is a 4-lane road, super good to drive. 4) Ludhiana --> Pathankot --> Srinagar ~ 530 kilometers Roads are average, with beautiful views enroute. Need to start early in the morning.
  10. sagar

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    Hey, @SK01 .. Congratulations on starting to plan on such a wonderful road trip from your base to the Himalayas with family. @dishari inputs were spot on and very much in detail. One thing you are supposed to keep in mind is to forget luxurious stays whenever you travel to Himalayas. Make sure to put this note in advance to your family members.
  11. Hi, Hyderabad to Warangal roads are good to go.. But, the temperatures are too hot this season to enjoy the bike ride. Try to stay at the harita huts on the banks of the laknavaram lake. It's worth the stay to spend a pleasant evening
  12. sagar

    Share your best mobile picture

    Beautiful capture @mit1682 This is one shear evidence on how the mobile cameras have advanced in the present day.
  13. sagar

    Sunsets and Sunrise

    Brilliant picture @Pralay. You have a great eye
  14. I have explored this place last month.. Absolutely zero space for accommodation .. And this is surely risky for a night stay as it is impossible to reach there by cars.. We need to walk about 2 kms at least to reach a serene space. I found a lot of fisheries and salt banks around this area. Cops can be a trouble when we go around and camp at such areas too. For the place, it looks absolutely stunning no doubt about that.
  15. sagar

    Hyderabad Mysore Ooty (TS11 to TN 43 via KA09)

    @travel.rtc Great log .. You have detailed everything necessary that one needs to do their travel and the pictures look beautiful. Thanks a lot for sharing it.
  16. sagar

    A solo road trip to Hampi!

    Lovely post @Pralay.. Your pictures are damn good.. I know how it feels to do a solo trip .. Im hoping to do one soon too.. it’s been a while since I’ve done one.. I would have chosen to camp if I had done a solo.. 😊
  17. sagar

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres

    They should be alright having being manufactured just about an year ago by the time of your purchase .. Btw, Kudos to your patience for putting in this effort to know these details 😅
  18. sagar

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    Yes, You will be doing the NAM expressway.. There are a good number of gasoline stations in this route and if you are asking about gas, I am not sure about it... You would probably take about 12 hours including the break time
  19. sagar

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    Hi @SVVP, you can stick to the route below Hyderabad --> Narketpally --> Mirayalaguda --> Piduguralla ---> Addanki --> Ongole--> Nellore --> Gudur -->Tirupati I would recommend you to start before 6 AM in the morning so that you can reach Tirupati by 5 PM. You can stop by for lunch at Hotel Vivera or NH5 Food Plaza in Narketpally
  20. sagar


    Usually, during the process of change of tyres, Wheel balancing and alignment is a common procedure followed by every tyre changer at the Garage. Please check with the person where who had got it done. The usually ranges around 500-600 INR for your Etios. Yes, you can get it done at STUNNERZ in Kavuri hills or near Botanical Gardens.
  21. sagar

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres

    This needs to be surely known as the rubber for long in it's tyre shop starts to gets brittle when it is kept unused for a longer period. This also happens when the tyres on the car are not used for a longer period. Bobbles are formed on the tyres causing a bumping effect while running on the road for every rotation of it's wheel.
  22. During the first time when I had this issue, I got it fixed through FeviKwik itself by the servicemen when I had given it for servicing saying that I wouldn't be paying a single rupee for this. They have done a decent job but, this turned out to be a temporary until my next service time when I had got it fixed again.
  23. Beauty of brains at work! Kudos to the thought. I have been having this similar problem with the knobs in my Creta too . Out of 4 knobs, I have prefixed 2 of it till now, out of which 1 has been repeatedly worked up on. Always used Fevi Kwik to fix it. I now have reached to a face of just adjusting it more carefully and left it undisturbed.
  24. sagar


    Excellent work @tejucs357 Keep Sharing!
  25. Any place isn't found green around our territory during this season except for post monsoon I have suggested you these places as they have some thing to look at and a drive involved in distance up to 100 kms Sharing a few links of Bidar below