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  1. sagar

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Hey @Vinith, we shall be having the meet in the month of August..
  2. sagar

    Hyderabad ORR meetup

    Great set of pictures.. Waiting for more
  3. Andheri to Amravati route is not so great and pretty much time consuming. Plan to start very early in the morning from Andheri (around 4 AM). Most of the roads are partial toll roads in this route. Your Day 2 journey from Amravati to Sambalpur is better that Day 1 and few road works enroute. The road deteriorates after crossing Nagpur. Day 3 route to be taken would be, Sambalpur - Cuttak - Balasore - Belgachia. Except for a few congestions after crossing Balasore, the road is otherwise good. Hotel Up and Above, Hotel Radhey Inn in Amravati and Sheela towers and Grand SIBA in Sambalpur are good options for stay. Do update us back on the latest road conditions once you are done with your trip. Have a safe trip.
  4. sagar

    Share your best mobile picture

    Sharing a few mobile clicks on my recent road trip in Singapore, Bali and Nusa Penida.
  5. sagar

    Share your best mobile picture

    Awesome click @mit1682. Which software have you used to edit this picture?
  6. sagar

    Drive from Hyderabad to Gandikota

    Great to see your recent drive to Gandikota @Saikishore. Nice pictures too. Lucky that you have experienced showers in Gandokota. I'm pretty sure it would have been really hot otherwise Which route have you guys taken to reach Belum caves.. ??
  7. sagar

    Hyderabad to Shiridi by road by car

    Hey @Abhinav, Welcome onboard. Please follow up the thread shared below for the latest updates on the road conditions and route to be taken for your desired road trip
  8. sagar

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Hyderabad - Pondicherry - Pichavaram and Mahabalipuram if possible could be your best bet if you are thinking on limiting your travel..
  9. hmm.. Regardless of the Jaipur city, I was mentioning about their forts and treasured heritage Amer fort, Sheeshmahal would be worth another visit. Beautiful architecture
  10. sagar

    Hyderabad - Spiti- Hyderabad

    Full encouragement to you I very much expected that this paradise of a place would call you back. Don't miss to include Prashar lake drive in this. I would recommend you not to waste time exploring Shimla and Manali. All these places have are people to spoil it's beauty.
  11. Why so much? It's a bomb :O You were looted I suppose
  12. All the highways that I have driven around Rajasthan have been super good. And Rajasthan is a place of it's kind. Can be extremely liked by a few and boring to a lot. I would rather say it definitely a culture to be experienced And if you ask me the worthiness of it's drive from Hyderabad, I would say YES because we surely don't drive to sight the places or touristy spots but to enjoy the drive towards any destination Mahals and Forts in Jaipur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur are beautiful. Food is super pure and good.
  13. sagar

    Hyderabad to Ananthagiri hills night camping

    Offlate we have got to hear about a lot of news about frequent patrolling and restrictions at the view points. Now, I doubt if they would give you permissions to go into the woods.
  14. sagar

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    Hey @SUBBU1, Do let us know your base point from where would you be starting your trip. We can suggest accordingly.
  15. Yeah, tell me about it Not really but you have covered most of the places in Rajasthan. Do try sharing some information about the places of stays in all the places
  16. Hey @Trisha, Those pictures are so commendable. Thanks for sharing them. I've enjoyed the bird watching in Dandeli too, but couldn't find any black panther or any other wild beasts in the forest for that matter of fact. We would be glad to see some more pictures of such with more information along with the stay options available. Thank you
  17. Wow @ksa171983, There you go finally..! This post of yours really motivates me to finish up with my recent Rajasthan trip log too Next time when you visit Jaisalmer, You should not miss to visit Tanot (India-Pakistan) border and Longewala war museum. The drive to Tanot is beautiful and exciting as really good tarmac is laid to run your wheel through the desert land. You will need to have necessary permission to reach till the border fence of the country.
  18. sagar

    Hyderabad - Spiti- Hyderabad

    Ouch! I hate to say this but you missed the heavenly sights and a deadly track towards crossing 'PagalNaala' But, I am sure this place will pull you back to do it again.
  19. sagar

    Hyderabad - Spiti- Hyderabad

    Congratulations on conquering one of the world's most treacherous roads. Hope you guys had an amazing fun trip. Eagerly waiting to read through your travel story and beautiful pictures..
  20. sagar

    Hyderabad to Hinghanghat road trip

    One can easily maintain 100 kmph on this stretch. Not sure if there are any speed guns in this route though. We just have to be sure to limit our speed when we cross small villages in between
  21. sagar

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    God knows how long will it take to finish up the road construction of this highway.. I've been seeing this in the same state for years now. Thanks a lot of the very recent update on the road status @travel.rtc. Very much appreciate it for taking the effort about knowing things from your friend's travel day and updating it all here.. Cheers buddy
  22. sagar

    Hill stations to visit near Hyderabad?

    Adding to the above options, you can also consider, Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani Lonavla and Khandala Mulshi and Tamhini Kodaikanal Horsely hills Sakleshpur
  23. sagar

    Hyderabad ORR meetup

    It has been a wonderful drive guys, Felt really good to meet all the new members and always fun to catch up with the regular attendees during such drive meets Wish to see many as such join us in the future drives coming up. Waiting for the pictures of the drive meet
  24. sagar

    Join the WhatsApp Hyderabad group

    Welcome onboard @Sonu and @LoneRanger.. Good to have you join the club
  25. sagar

    Weekend Trip to Belum Caves & Gandikota

    Beautifully narrated @LoneRanger. Must have been a memorable trip. To know how it feels to do such a trip with your mates after a long time itself gives me goosebumps..