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  1. sagar

    Hyderabad to Goa

    The prices of this is so because of off-season. During the month of November, December and January the prices of the gearless are around 700 to 800 after bargain and bikes like Royal Enfield and given for 1200 - 1500 INR.. Also, you can rent a car for around 1500 bucks per day during the off-season.
  2. sagar

    Hyderabad to Goa

    Kudos to your patience to sit in the bus all night and click pictures of the road. Could sense what an enthusiast you are.. Also, very well drafted with some beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.
  3. sagar

    Hyderabad to Bhutan

    I think, Voter ID is more than enough to enter Bhutan.
  4. sagar

    Hyderabad to Bokaro steel city

    It is a straight highway taking the Nizamabad highway towards Nagpur and diverting to Bhilai and Ranchi to reach Bokaro. Would recommend you to take a day's break at Nagpur outskirts and start early towards Ranchi.
  5. sagar

    Hyderabad to Bhutan

    If at all, your plan is to do it anytime soon, I would recommend to postpone it by atleast 2 months. As per the updates we have received from Sikkim, It is undergoing a havoc due to continuous rain fall at the moment. Highest number of deaths, missing cases and landslides have been recorded this season. Anytime post September is recommendable as the situations would get better.
  6. Best post on the most confused routes to reach Goa with all the necessary information required for anyone travelling to reach there. Very crisp and clear I would say. Thanks much for sharing an informative post
  7. You are on a roll .. Waiting to see your post soon. What's in line for the next week? . If at all you have missed out on this, Do check this post... Not suggestible in monsoon though
  8. sagar

    Hyderabad to Bhutan

    Your plan looks perfect and pretty relaxed @Vijayvardhan. Important note: I have heard the immigration point at Phuntshokling (India-Bhutanb border) remains closed during Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to reach the place and get your entry in to Bhutan by Friday (Preferably early hours to avoid queue).
  9. We are sorry to let you know that the slots are already full with a huge waiting list to follow. We hope to see you at the next drive as you RSVP at the earliest hour possible post announcement.
  10. sagar

    Trip To Mantralayam from Hyderabad

    By experience, I have learnt not to follow Google Maps blindly during the drive as the route gets redirected at times. I always be sure to make a note of the major towns enroute to pass through during my drive which I feel is the best thing to do.
  11. sagar

    Hyderabad to Kanyakumari road trip quires?

    Hi @RoyallyAditya, I would like to suggest you the following route. Hyderabad - Nalgonda - Ongole - Nellore - Chennai - Mahabalipuram - Arunachala - Tirichirapalli - Madhurai - Rameshwaram - Kanyakumari. How many days does your plan include ? We can suggest to you accordingly.
  12. Excellent write-up.. I could read that you had undergone a frustrating adventure of a night with a lot of diversions. But, your patience in dealing it needs a special mention. Kudos to you. Would like to know about your next drive Where has it been planned to?
  13. sagar

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

    Thanks a lot for sharing this latest update on the water flow at the falls @Musafir.. I seriously feel sad to see this development towards a commercial end at this place .. My bad that I haven't imagined to see a park being developed here ..
  14. sagar


    How many days are you planning to do for this trip and which car are you driving in? You can follow up the link below for the best of information on things to do in GOA
  15. sagar

    Trip To Mantralayam from Hyderabad

    That roads looks horrible .. Few years ago during my trip, it was in the same state too.. Night drive on this stretch would be a risky one.. Thanks for sharing it with some informative pictures..