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  1. sagar

    Hyderabad to Varanasi road

    You can follow up with the link below for detailed route information on this route.
  2. sagar

    Automotive photography.

    When was this drive done? Could you share any recent route status enroute Shiridi which could help the co-travellers ?
  3. sagar

    Sunsets and Sunrise

    Nice click @Johney.. Where exactly does this Appikonda beach in Vishakapatnam fall at?
  4. sagar

    Hyderabad to Varanasi road

    Hyderabad -- Nagpur -- Chindawada -- Seoni -- Nagpur -- Jabalpur -- Umaria -- Beohari -- Sidhi -- Ranukoot -- Varanasi. This is one route available from Hyderabad to reach Varanasi. Or els, You can stick to NH7 which will direct you straight to varanasi . Road condition around Sidhi is not good as per present status. My personal suggestion is to stick to NH7 if you are travelling for the first time instead of taking the complicated route between the forests of Madya Pradesh which might be unsafe.
  5. sagar


    Hi @Sonu Bhainsora, How many days trip are you planning to do ? I would recommend to do your trip in the following way, Day - 1 Hyderabad to Bangalore Day - 2 Bangalore to Kodaikanal Day - 3 Relax and spend a leisure day in Kodaikanal Day - 4 Kodaikanal to Kanyakumari (Kanyakumari local) Day - 5 & 6 Travel back (You can either take the same route back or via Chennai)
  6. @SUBBU1 Nice log .. I think your post deserves a separate thread where you can add more details and pictures which can be very helpful for everyone.
  7. sagar

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    You can do the above trip pretty comfortably as the roads a re great all around.. How many days are you planning to do for this
  8. I think you can check out Hamsaladeevi beach. Try to make it on a weekday and early morning ifpossible. You can drive your car on the beach and have a good photo shoot for it
  9. Roads are not so great between this stretch. I would recommend you to do this route in 2 days by taking a break at Siliguri.
  10. Hyderabad - Adilabad - Nagpur - Bhilai - Raipur. All the roads are good. Expect a few road works before getting closer to Nagpur. If you can start early from Hyderabad around 4 AM at least, you finish this leg comfortably during the day light.
  11. Having faced no issues so far with the Paytm Fasttag which is very easy to use, I would want to know if there is any added advantage with the ICICI Fasttag from any of the users here ?
  12. Thanks much for the update @Zander89 And yes, The Chorla ghat is closed after 6 PM is what I've heard offlate. Please do share the road status pictures if any..
  13. As per the very recent update received, the tourists are being sent back by the officials from the Srinagar airport and are cancelling many flights towards the place. I would recommend you to take a direct flight from Delhi to Leh and you can do your road trip from Leh to Drass or Kargil which is enroute Srinagar. Followed by Leh to Nubra valley and Leh to Pangong Tso.
  14. sagar

    Route to Mahabaleshwar

    Thanks much for updating us back on the latest road status to Mahabaleshwar @Johney. Do share a short and crisp log on your trip if possible..
  15. sagar

    Hyderabad to Singur dam roadtrip

    Surprising to see the water levels so low during this season.. Looks like the dam gates have remained shut for a long time at this place.. :O I decent restaurant or a dhaba close by this dam can grab good number of weekend visitors