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  1. sagar

    Car Insurance Renewal

    Schemes wise, Acko and Digit showed up the best quotes when compared to the other insurance companies but, lack of reviews online made be step back and go for the reputed ones instead. Also, I have a small query which I have noticed while choosing options amongst the insurers. My 2018 IDV was renewed for 8.8 L and 2019 was renewed recently for 7.7L ~ While choosing for my renewal this year, I have noticed a few companies proposing an IDV value of 9.7 L and numbers greater than my IDV of 2018. I have always known that the IDV value depreciates by year and this unusual scenario puts me to doubt. Please clarify..
  2. If you are referring to the Nagarjunakonda Island, Yes.. the boat ride would be functioning if the gates are closed. But, I don't think they would be running it if the gates remain open this weekend..
  3. sagar

    12 days trip across 6 South Indian states

    Except your first day's drive between Hyderabad to Goa, rest of all the other roads are great.. you would surely enjoy your drive.. List of beaches to be covered if you are going there on a tour: North Goa: 1) Calangute 2) Candolim 3) Anjuna 4) Baga 5) Aguada 6) Chapora 7) Arambol 8) Dona-Paola 9) Vagator 10) Morjim South Goa: 1) Colva 2) Palolem 3) Agonda 4) Varka 5) Cavelossim List of places to be covered if you are going there on a tour: 1) Chapora fort 2) Aguada fort 3) St. Freancis Xavier's Church List of few known places to party and good food: 1) Curly's (Anjuna) 2) Cafe Mambo (Baga) 3) Infantaria (Calangute) 4) Tito's (Baga) 5) Lasagna (Vagator) 6) Bora-Bora (Morjim) 7) Beach side seafood shacks (Prawns, Squids and Crabs are a must try) Few things to do when you are in Goa: 1) Always try to keep your bikes or cars full on fuel. 2) Try all the Goan cuisines possible. 3) It is known that Alcohol is cheap there but let us be civilized. 4) Keep the beaches clean and preserve the beauty.
  4. I am sure you will love the drive in it. Do share your trip details with some pictures and essentials once you are done with it. Would be helpful by a lot for all the fellow roadtrippers. Drive safe and Good luck
  5. Hey, this was done about 4 years ago and my recent visit around this same route happened last year. The roads were absolutely good. Pretty narrow around Kerala and be cautious while you do the ghat region (suggest you to do this during the day hours) You will love the drive on the ghat and on the coastline while doing this circuit. Can I know which car will you be driving to do this trip and how many people ?
  6. sagar

    Day Trip to from Hyderabad to Bhuvanagiri fort

    Yeah it was a fun drive meet as we were in a good number. We made our visit in the month of February before the summer kicked in.. This season should probably be the best time for an early morning trek up the fort
  7. sagar

    Car Insurance Renewal

    Nice share @Ranger. I have faced the similar confusion last week while renewing my car insurance too. Digit and Acko have attracted me with their decent values when compared to the reputed insurance companies. But, I couldn't risk it and chose to end up with Oriental Insurance for which I was given a NCB of 45% and IDV of 7.7L.. Amount paid for the insurance was 20K. Any first hand reviews on Acko or Digit insurances ?
  8. sagar

    Hyderabad to Mahabhaleshwar

    Nice share @Anil4909 When was this visit made? What all places have you covered ?
  9. sagar

    Day Trip to from Hyderabad to Bhuvanagiri fort

    Lovely pictures accompanied with some amazing information which can be very helpful @LoneRanger. Thanks much for sharing your log and I thoroughly enjoyed reading through. Your log reminded me of our past breakfast drive meet to this place. Sharing it here again if you had missed out to see this
  10. I believe, Car covers which we get in India are just to protect from the dust but definitely not rain. They say it water proof but it really doesn't work in the practical cases
  11. @Musafir You can absolutely do it. It is going to be all green and beautiful. I'm sure the reservoir that you come across will also be full with water in it. But, expect good amount of crowd in the region being a festive season..
  12. Great Post @SK01.. Brilliant review on your ford freestyle which is a gem of a car. Thanks a lot sharing your ownership experience. But, it is so heartbreaking to hear that Ford is going to exit India.. But I am still waiting for an official announcement to believe if it is real or not.
  13. sagar

    Planing to Road trip in October 2019

    I would recommend you to check for some exotic BNB stays which are sighted at beautiful locations.
  14. sagar

    Hyderabad to Coimbatore

    If you are planning to cross Bangalore by 4 AM, Kurnool is possibly your last best stop for late dinner or to use washrooms.. Food Pyramid or Amazon kitchens or Kritunga are few decent options on the highway that I would recommend
  15. sagar

    Waterfalls in Telangana

    Waiting to see some logs on a new place in Telangana. Do share your experience on the waterfall exploration when you are done..