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  1. sagar

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Thanks a lot @Dhananjay, for sharing your feedback about the current road status on the route. Much helpful.
  2. Hi @krantee, We are glad to know that we have been of good help to you during your drive to Goa. Also do share your feedback on the latest road status and accommodation details through a separate post so that it would be helpful for a lot of co-travelers. Regarding Koilsagar camping, Yes there are permissions are required to do camping in that area especially when it's a large group. As far as you finish your camping without creating any havoc among the villages you pass through.. it won't be a problem until they don't bother you. I personally don't recommend to ask for permissions with the authorities during this Co-vid chaos. Regarding drive meets, Since you are already registered with the website, you will be getting notifications on your email when there any announcements. Cheers!
  3. sagar

    Hyderabad to Shirdi road condition 2019

    Hi Saty, Would recommend you to take Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Naldurg (Divert towards right after Naldurg)- Osmanabad - Jamkhed - Ahmednagar All the roads are good except for about 20 kms before Naldurg you will pas through a road construction zone. Update us back once you are done with your drive. Safe Drives. Cheers!
  4. sagar

    Hyderabad to Varanasi route update

    Hi Anmol, Since you are doing this drive in a Creta, I would recommend you to take the Route 2 from the options mentions above. Between, Hyderabad to Lucknow I would suggest you to break down for a night at Jabalpur, You would be passing through a forest region after Nagpur and beyond that the roads are pretty much isolated involving some risk during the night drives. Also, the time to be taken at the state borders during thee Covid circumstances is imaginary.. Hence, I would recommend you to avoid risk and do this in 2 days time.
  5. Hi, I would recommend you to do this from Hyderabad.. You can take the route below as you will be doing this on a bike.. Hyderabad --> Nagpur -->Jabalpur --> Varanasi
  6. sagar

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Hi Pranav, Thanks a lot for updating.. Could you please mention the route taken and road status in detail.. ? Would be really helpful. TIA..
  7. sagar

    Surat to Nagpur route query

    Hi @Raj122 Would recommend you to take the route below which is best Surat - Nandurbar - Sendhwa - Khargone - Torani - Khandwa - Betul - Nagpur This route has good roads is usually longer by 50 kms but takes lesser time compared to the route via Amravati.
  8. sagar

    Hyderabad to Varanasi route update

    Hi Shakeb, I would suggest the following route to reach Varanasi from Hyderabad. Route 1 Hyderabad --> Nagpur --> Chinndarwada --> Narsighpur --> Damoh --> Allahabad If you are driving a sedan/hatchback stick to this route. This route is somewhat better than Jabalpur route but it is longer by 200 kilometers Route 2 Hyderabad --> Nagpur -->Jabalpur --> Varanasi If you are driving an SUV or don't mind potholes stick to the above route. It is the shortest route. PS: Bad patches are common in both the sections. Route 1 is marginally better Avoid night drives in these sections as you tend to pass through the forest regions which is risky. Also, I am not sure about the current interstate transfer conditions due to the covid.
  9. Hi MSB, I would recommend you to take the below route Vizag - Vijayawada - Hyderabad ------DAY 1 Hyderabad - Solapur - Pune - Mumbai ------- DAY 2 All the routes throughout are excellent except for a small road construction work for about 20 kms between Naldurg and Solapur. PS: I'm not sure about the current interstate transfer conditions due to COVID'19 between the three states that you would be crossing
  10. sagar

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Hi @PankajUpreti. Your drive would really be a hectic one considering the current situation of interstate transfers. The roads all the way are good except for a bit around hinganghat. If you start at 3 AM you would reach late in the night.. Quick tip: Keep filling up to full in Nagpur when you enter the city. Try to avoid the fuel stations on the highways. I would suggest you to break down at Nagpur for a night and continue your journey the next day to Katni.
  11. sagar

    Hyderabad to Belum caves and Gandikota camping

    This is super expensive! 6000 per tent.. :O And if that includes food for dinner and breakfast, It would have been atleast sounded decent..
  12. sagar

    Kolkata to Hyderabad road condition

    Here is a guide by @SK01 which would be very helpful for you before starting your drive.
  13. sagar

    Kolkata to Hyderabad road condition

    Hi @bagchi14, I am sharing a very recent update of Mr. @Sekhar who had done this route. I hope this information would help you better on the recent road status of this route.
  14. sagar

    Hyderabad to Belum caves and Gandikota camping

    Excellent report @mit1682. Great pictures and very informative post. I just hope the tourists take responsibility in keep the place clean unlike breaking the beer bottles to the rocks all around the place. I've always experienced a lot of littering all around this place.
  15. sagar

    Hyderabad to pondicherry road condition

    The recommendations for either ways remain the same, You can enjoy the Pulicat lake enroute on Day :1. If you still decide to do more miles on Day : 1 after crossing Nellore, Next big town to choose your stays would be Ongole. But, Nellore is a better town when compared to Ongole.