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  1. sagar

    Hyderabad to Belum caves and Gandikota camping

    This is super expensive! 6000 per tent.. :O And if that includes food for dinner and breakfast, It would have been atleast sounded decent..
  2. sagar

    Kolkata to Hyderabad road condition

    Here is a guide by @SK01 which would be very helpful for you before starting your drive.
  3. sagar

    Kolkata to Hyderabad road condition

    Hi @bagchi14, I am sharing a very recent update of Mr. @Sekhar who had done this route. I hope this information would help you better on the recent road status of this route.
  4. sagar

    Hyderabad to Belum caves and Gandikota camping

    Excellent report @mit1682. Great pictures and very informative post. I just hope the tourists take responsibility in keep the place clean unlike breaking the beer bottles to the rocks all around the place. I've always experienced a lot of littering all around this place.
  5. sagar

    Hyderabad to pondicherry road condition

    The recommendations for either ways remain the same, You can enjoy the Pulicat lake enroute on Day :1. If you still decide to do more miles on Day : 1 after crossing Nellore, Next big town to choose your stays would be Ongole. But, Nellore is a better town when compared to Ongole.
  6. sagar

    Hyderabad to pondicherry road condition

    Yes, the route is 4 way between Nalgonda and Ongole. You anyways get on to the amazing NAM expressway after Addanki near Ongole. You will come across a few congestions near Piduguralla and Addanki. Few very small stretches on these roads are bad to break speed but the rest of the roads are very good. Also, I would recommend you to break for a day at Nellore. Nellore has got some really decent hotels for a night stay. I would suggest Minerva Grand, Seasons Inn and Athithi Grand hotels at Nellore. Safe rides!
  7. sagar

    Trip to Badami

    Your trip plan sounds well looks like a tour to the ancient architectural monuments. Be sure to pay a visit to Aihole and Pattakadal during your visit to Badami. Heritage resort is the best place to stay in Badami. You can take the route visa Solapur while traveling towards Kolhapur and in the end, after finishing up Gadag, do not take the route via Sindhanur. It would be great if you are including Hampi in to your plan after Gadag whice is very close to Hampi.. Hampi ---> Ballari ----> Kurnool ---> Hyderabad is the best route to take on your way return..
  8. Refer to the link below for more information on a complete log about Wayanad from Hyderabad.
  9. Early Morning drive to this place during this season is the best way to do it. You can probably plan this during some weekend for a sunrise trek. Make sure to reach there between 6 or 7. Many decent food joints have also come up for good breakfast post the trek. Available options are Vivera, Palle ruchulu, Sankalp, and Coffee Day (if you are planning to do this post 10 AM)
  10. sagar

    Hyderabad to Hampi Road Trip

    Welcome onboard @Rajaravib. There are usually 2 routes to reach Hampi from Hyderabad. Route 1: Gachibowli --> Mahbubhnagar --> Raichur --> Sindhanur --> Gangavati --> Hampi (370 kms) Gachibowli - Mahbubnagar --------------> Excellent road Mahbubnagar - Raichur - Sindhanur ---------------> Road construction work in progress, Mix of Good and bad roads, Too many speed bumps. Sindhanur - Gangavathi - Hampi ---------------------> Excellent 2 lane road, few bad patches. Route 2: Gachibowli --> Mahbubnagar --> Kurnool --> Kodumur --> Ballari --> Hampi (420 kms) Gachibowli - Mahbubnagar - Kurnool ---------------> Excellent road condition (Bangalore highway) Kurnool - Kodumur - Ballari ---------------> Good roads with a few bad roads (patches). 80 % of Good roads. Ballari - Hampi ----------------> Mix of Good and Bad roads. Roads after crossing the Ballari town are bad. Both the routes have almost the same drive time and so we chose the route which was longer having the same drive time. Route Taken: Hyderabad (Gachibowli) --> Mahbubnagar --> Kurnool --> Kodumur --> Ballari --> Hampi You can refer to the link below for more information on Hampi.
  11. Those are some really impressive numbers..
  12. sagar


    Thanks much @BORNDRIVER, Appreciate that!
  13. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience here on the forum so quickly @PareshBhinde. Information is really helpful for members planning their travel in the future. Appreciate it. Please share any pictures if possible
  14. Amazing travel story @kvm. Very well detailed. Shravanabelagola has been one of my favorite temples in terms architecture with really beautiful details in carving. Great going so far. Waiting for more. Also do share your driving experience with the KIA Seltos
  15. Hyderabad - Kurnool - Yaganti (Famous temple to visit) - Orvakal (Rock garden) - Gandikota (Gorge) - Kadapa - Tirupati