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  1. sagar

    Join the WhatsApp Hyderabad group

    Hi @Samkit, Please post your pictures as asked for.. We will surely add you in once we find space as the group is running full at the moment
  2. sagar

    Share your best mobile picture

    A few from my latest trip to Hampi 🙂
  3. It has been a wonderful time being along with these road trip enthusiasts.. Thanks everyone for making this drive a grand success.. Cheers for the Hampi drive and many more to come. I am sharing a few more pictures of the drive shot on my mobile.. Will share the rest in the drive report which will be out soon in a week’s time.. 😊
  4. sagar

    Hyderabad to Hampi road trip questions?

    Hey @Mack, as told by ranger, the below is the best route from the 2 options you have. Hyderabad --> Kurnool --> Alur --> Bellari --> Hampi This route is a little longer by about 50 kms but takes the same drive time. Roads between Alur - Bellari has got a few short bad stretches but it's still better than the route via Raichur. Accommodations in Hampi at the moment are very high compared to the usual time due to peak tourist month. You would get a decent hotel during this month if you can shell out 3000 to 3500 INR per night. Royal Orchid Kireeti and Clarks Inn are decent options which you can count on in Hampi.
  5. sagar

    Pune to Bhubaneswar

    Do check out the link below for a detailed review on the Hyderabad to Pune highway road conditions.
  6. sagar

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    We shall most probably have our next drive meet scheduled in January - 2019. Please do stay tuned to the forum to get an update on this Yes, We do car pool for the drive meets
  7. sagar

    Hyderabad to Udhagamandalam (Ooty) Drive

    Hotel Astoria residency, Accord highland, Sinclairs retreat, Lake view hotel are a few good options
  8. sagar

    Hyderabad to Ooty drive

    Hi @kishorerao Do check out the thread below for all the details regarding the drive to Ooty from Hyderabad.
  9. That's pretty much a detailed review of the current road conditions between Hyderabad and Goa. Thanks a lot for sharing your recent update on the route to Goa @ADARSH
  10. sagar

    Pune to Bhubaneswar

    Day 1 : Pune - Solapur - Zaheerabad - Hyderabad - Vijayawada or Suryapet Roads are good all the way except about 50 kms road construction work in progress between Solapur and Zaheerabad (around Naldurg) Day 2 : Suryapet - Vijayawada - Rajamundry - Vishakapatanam or Vizianagaram Day 3 : Vizianagaram - Bramhapur - Bhubaneshwar Roads are good throughout the journey except for 50 kms on your 1st day's drive
  11. sagar

    Share your best mobile picture

    Waiting for more information on the essential details and itinerary on your road trip in Nepal
  12. sagar

    Hyderabad - Sikkim - Hyderabad

    This is so crisp and perfect.. Super good
  13. sagar

    Nagarjuna Sagar Drive

    A weekend definitely not wasted though your Hampi trip got cancelled. Nagarjuna sagar drive is anytime a peaceful destination to do on a short weekend from Hyderabad. This is something new that I've not known around this region. Any more details on this?
  14. sagar

    Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    thanks a lot for updating us back on the recent road status @Shekar