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  1. sagar


    @BORNDRIVER Very well detailed on all the important information needed to visit Puttaparthi. Any person who would want to visit Puttaparthi will need no extra information to make up their plan. I've been to this place a couple of time but that was almost about 10 years ago. Thanks again for sharing the log.
  2. sagar

    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip

    I think @Ranger has already shared all the details of the stay with pictures of everyday. He is yet to finish up the post of their drive to Bhutan or is that all?
  3. sagar


    Awesome work @BORNDRIVER, You never leave a person in doubt by keeping posts in details with pictures. Kudos to that. Thanks a lot for sharing the recent road status on this route.
  4. sagar

    Share your best mobile picture

    Brilliant pictures @mit1682 Keep Sharing
  5. sagar

    Join the WhatsApp Hyderabad group

    Welcome onboard @GKiran, Your pictures look very impressive especially your monsoon visit to Sakleshpur. Could you share your travelogue about this drive to Sakleshpur with a few details and pictures
  6. sagar

    Hyderabad to Leh Ladakh Trip 2018

    Chitkul was a winter trip done during December in snow but, Spiti was done during July I guess..
  7. sagar

    Hyderabad to Leh Ladakh Trip 2018

    It is the same one as we did Spiti together..
  8. sagar

    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip

    Ofcourse it can do this trip. All you need to have is a good presence of mind, experience and confidence in handling tricky situation
  9. The spotting is usually seen high at the Moharli gate to enter Tadoba. Refer to the thread below for more detailed information on the gates at Tadoba.
  10. sagar

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    We are planning to do a night camp in the premises close to Hyderabad at the moment. We are in search for the places less travelled around the city limits for now. The plan should hopefully roll out soon
  11. sagar

    Hyderabad to Himalayas road trip video

    Our initial plan was to do the Spiti winter drive but, our failure in finding the snow chains in Delhi and the zip tags that we carried from Hyderabad failed at Chitkul and this made us realise that doing spiti with the minimum equipment we had would become impossible. Hence we dropped out from doing Spiti and drove back from Chitkul.
  12. sagar

    Automotive photography.

    Some professional stuff @faizan4345y. Great clicks.
  13. sagar

    Automotive photography.

    Brilliant pictures @ARAY Keep Sharing!
  14. sagar

    Share your best mobile picture

    Lovely pictures @Ranger. I am hoping, this pace would look even beautiful post monsoon until the month of January
  15. sagar

    Hyderabad ORR

    Great pictures shared. I came to know about the water stream or the musi river existence across the ORR only after seeing these pictures. Never knew this earlier. Thanks for sharing.