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  1. Gratitude: At the very beginning I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Admin and all other people from forum who provide valuable inputs in finalising the whole journey . I would like to Appreciate their quick responses and inputs to complete the trips. Dream: There is only one thing that comes close to my passion for cars, my love for travel. I dream of covering every nook and cranny of this country, by road. Being a frequent reader of India-Drive Team travelogues, I hope to write about my dream road trip to the Himalayas someday. I am one of lurkers on the forum here and I enjoy reading the travelogues the most. About Water falls: Note: I have copied some lines from google search and I have added some lines by my own.Please excuse Typo Error.. Mutyala Jalapatham or mutyam dhara or Veerabadhram Waterfalls is located near venkatapuram mandal.it is a hidden waterfall recently explored by locals. Unknown to many, this will be the country’s third highest waterfall could be hidden away in a remote corner of Jayashankar Bhupalpally district. According to Dr Dyavanapalli Satyanarayana, explorer, the water falls from an estimated 700 feet at Gaddalasari. If confirmed, this could be India’s third highest after the Nohkalikai falls (1,100 feet in Meghalaya) and Jog falls (Karnataka, 830 feet). The waterfall can be reached after walking 9-11 km (to reach waterfalls)from village Veerabadravaram. There is no proper road leading to the spot. “The waterfall height can be some 700 feet. If it is confirmed by taking measurements, it can be on par with the highest waterfalls of India,” “It is so high that the water does not fall to the ground directly. The flow of water is affected by the wind so that it appears like a long snake,” Forest Walk and Trek along streams (Total around 20kms of Walk in forest ) Open to Anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast expecting no luxury/comfort and can adjust with basic amenities. Trek will be little difficult in water due to slippery surface and uneven stones. Route: Before 6Kms from Bogatha Waterfalls you will find a Right turn to Venkatapuram Village From Highway to Venkatapuram village, it is around 20Kms and from their drive Exactly 5Kms. You will find one small village, can ask any local people about the waterfalls Mutyala Jalapatham or mutyam dhara or Veerabadhram Waterfalls. For simple route from highway take road to venkatapuram village, go straight till 25.3Kms and you will find small sign board of waterfalls on your left.(Can confirm from local people) Road condition is very good till Venkatapuram village. Lucky: I never expected i am having this much luck, I parked my car near one small hut and started walking into Forest to reach Waterfalls. We moved around .05 KM into forest and finally we got a lift to waterfalls by some local people who also came to visit the falls. Only Tractors can go into that forest road, muddy road with full ground clearance . It took us 1 Hour 30 mins to reach waterfalls. After Parking Tractor, we walked around 1KM to reach Waterfalls as even tractor cannot go beyond that Point. Safety: 4 Wheeler can be parked near the road or talk to any shopkeeper and pay him some money for keeping eye on our vehicle. We cannot take our 4 Wheeler on the waterfalls road as there are very big stones or Muddy area. I would suggest to go in a group as this place is very lonely and you can also take any local people as guide if you need. 2 Wheeler can go to some extent around 3-5 KMS depends on driving. Phone signals are not available once you start walking into the forest. Only BSNL network will work. Water depth is expected as 70+ Feet, for enjoying take tyre tube. Places to Stay: Laknavaram Lake – 4 Cottages & Couple of rooms available, we have to do advance booking. Tadvai Forest Camp : 6 Cottages available, We have to do advance booking. If you are not able to book any cottages or rooms in the above mention place, then you will find one lodge in Mulugu Town(Warangal) AC & non AC. From Mulugu – Laknavaram Lake is 20kms approximately From Laknawaram Lake - Tadvai Huts is 30Kms approximately Route: Hyderabad – Warangal – Mulugu – Laknawaram – Tadvai – Venkatapuram village – Muthayal Jalapatham Hyderabad – Warangal – Mulugu – Laknawaram – Tadvai – Bogathawaterfalls Places covered: 1000 Pillar temple. Bhadrakali Temple. Ramappa Temple or Ramalingeswara temple Note: Haritha Tourism is constructing new cottages with Lake view and will be mostly open for public soon(no confirmation). If people are not able to get accommodation in Laknavaram Lake or Tadavi Forest Cottages, they can book here in Ramappa Temple. Laknavaram Lake Sri Hemachala Laxmi Narsimha Swamy Devalayam (Malluru,Mulugu Mandal) About Temple: Malluru famous for Sri Ugra Narasimha Swamy temple, is located app 90 Km from Bhadrachalam(famous Sri Rama Shrine in south India) and app 130KM from Warangal City. This temple has many specialities, the height of mollaviraat Sri Narasimha Swamy is upto 10 feet. It is located in the midst of forest. The Belly part of Moolavirat idol is soft as human skin.The dwjasthambha here at the temple is nearly 60 feet in height. There is a rock formed Ugra Anjaneya Swamy Statue near to the temple. There is a continuous water flow near the temple, which flows from the top of the hills. No one knows from where the waters flows and the water flow is always same through out the year and continues same. Muthyala Jalapatham Waterfalls (Details written above) Bogatha Waterfalls Warangal entry 1000 Pillar Temple Bhadrakali Temple Bhadrakali Lake Warangal Fort : Not sure why this is called as Fort.It looks like a park with collection of ancient stones. Ramappa Lake Ramappa Temple Laknavaram Lake Tadvai Forest Sri Hemachala Laxmi Narsimha Swamy Devalayam (Malluru,Mulugu Mandal) Mutyala Jalapatham or mutyam dhara or Veerabadhram Waterfalls Bogatha Waterfalls I am not able to upload Videos, will try to share in Whats app Group or please suggest me how to upload the video. It will show clear picture of forest and road condition and waterfalls. Thanking one and all for reading My Respects & Best Regards Anand Singh
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    Hyderabad to Mutyala Jalapatham Waterfalls (Warangal)

    Please share your email id, i will send you the videos. I am not able to upload videos here
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    Rajasthan - Place of Sand, Forts, Mahals, Kings and Queens.

    Did you drive you Jeep to Rajasthan @ksa171983. Pictures looks beautiful.
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    Hyderabad - Spiti- Hyderabad

    Congratulation on complete the Beautiful road trip .Waiting for more pictures and details @ksa171983
  5. Dear friends, This is my very first travelogue in India Drive. Though I have made several trips, I didn't write anything up here. Travel Date 03/31/2018 – 04/02/2018 from Hyderabad to Gokarna & Murdeshwar in Ford EcoSports. This must have been one of the most exciting and in a way unplanned vacation, I had with my office team. Though we had marked the dates almost a couple of days ago, we were a little unsure till the last minute whether we wanted to really go to Gokarna or not. Finally, on Thursday we decided to go and informed my team to come to office on Friday along with their luggage. Friday Morning, I had a good Sleep so that I can drive in night. My team works in EST timings, so we planned to start our trip by 1AM but due to some work it got delayed to 3.00AM and Finally we hit the road at 3.15AM. Route Taken: Hyderabad - Mahbubnagar - Raichur - Sindhanur - Hubbali - Sathoddi Falls - Shivapura Hanging Bridge - Yellapur - Gokarna - Murdeshwar – Raichur -Mahbubnagar – Hyderabad. Total Distance: 1600 kms Day 1 : Sathoddi Water Falls and Shivapura Hanging Bridge. Day 2 : Gokarna & Mudeshwar Night Stay at White House Beach resort (Tent Accommodation) - Gokarna River Kali Murdeshwar Beach Shivapura Hanging Bridge Sun Set time at Murdeshwar Beach Murdeshwar Night view
  6. Anand Singh

    Hyderabad to Sathoddi Water falls - Gokarna & Murdeshwar.

    Thank you @LoneRanger. You can cover this while going to Gokarna. Start Early around 3.00 AM and you will be their at waterfalls by 2-3 PM and From waterfalls it will take 3 Hours to go to Gokarna
  7. @Pralay It was wonderful reading this Travelogue.Beautiful Pictures and Excellent written with all details.I didn't see who the author is of this blog as i was busy in reading it and at last i came to know that its you. Thanks for sharing that wonderful pictures . Especially that Kargil Picture .
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    Hyderabad to Sathoddi Water falls - Gokarna & Murdeshwar.

    Thank you @Pralay
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    Hyderabad to Sathoddi Water falls - Gokarna & Murdeshwar.

    No.Camping site is at Gokarna Beach.This was taken from Murdeshwar beach.
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    Weekend Trip to Belum Caves & Gandikota

    Very good Pictures and Writing. Until we don't have a couple of days trip with friends ,it's like missing something .
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    Hyderabad ORR meetup

    Updated Confirmed list 1. Ranger (Civic) 2. Pralay (Grand i10) 3. Sridhar Tandra (Tiago) 4. SaiKishor (ev2) 5. Naveen Gummadi 6. Saurabh mishra (XUV 300) 7. Shiva (compass) - tentative 8. Amit (Baleno) - tentative 9. Allwyn (Octavia) 10.LoneRanger (FordFigo) - Tentative. 11.Anand Singh (EcoSports) - tentative
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    Hyderabad to Srisailam Drive + Drone Footage

    Wonderful Photos and Video !! One of the best Video of Ecosports. Good Work on Editing :)
  13. I am Starting now from Hi-tech City @ 2.00 AM
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    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip

    Road looks beautiful and also Driving in this type Weather is bliss. Every Pic looks Fantastic @Ranger, Keep Smiling
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    Hyderabad- Munnar-Hyderabad

    Very hectic trip but pictures look awsome and I know Chandu personally and he loves travelling so that’s not a big deal for him to cover it in 3 days.I saw him travelling all over south with his bike. .. beautiful pics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip

    These road remind me of some horror serials or movies and it looks scary too. Nice Pictures.
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    Gandikota exploration drive meet and camping

    RSVP 1. Ranger +1 (Civic) 2. Sagar +1 (Creta) 3. Maroti +2 (Tigor) (Interested in joining)  4. Rajesh +1(Creta) 5. Sridhar Tandra +1 (Tiago) 6. Jagannadham +3 (Will confirm shortly on Car) 7. Bhargav +1 ( Vento) 8.Vinith +1 (Duster) 9.Anand Singh +1 (Ecosports) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip

    Good Clicks.. Waiting for the next one
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    Bidar Fort an Half full filled Thirst

    Thank you so much for sharing heavy information @Shekar.It was very interesting, reading full travel Story.Unfortunately i was there on Dec 28th & 29th in Bidar AirForce Station and as usual visited only Gurudwara. Until i saw your post i was not aware that Bidar fort is this much big. Next time will try to cover this Fort.😄
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    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    I am at village Aharam
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    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    I will join[emoji3][emoji3]
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    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    I am happy to join. Add me in the list. Anand Singh
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    Hyderabad to Mutyala Jalapatham Waterfalls (Warangal)

    Did u visit recently? Yes, I was their on Sep 30th 2018.
  24. Anand Singh

    Hyderabad to Mutyala Jalapatham Waterfalls (Warangal)

    Thank you so much @Ranger. Yes, trip was very adventurous. It will be beautiful to visit when their are heavy rains and Should carry umbrella or rain coat. I know some local people their, so i can help you with their contact numbers when ever you want to visit.
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    Hyderabad to Sathoddi Water falls - Gokarna & Murdeshwar.

    Yes, We need to Walk around 1/2 KM to reach the water fall and their is an entry ticket or Parking ticket, i don't remember exactly because one of my colleague Paid. Their is a good Walk way to reach near Waterfalls along with some tiny bridges and forest view.