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  1. Shik

    Favourite travel picture.

    Thanks mate! It was hardly used in the initial years. It clocked 50k when I sold it in December [emoji51]
  2. Shik

    Favourite travel picture.

    Location : en route to Hamsaldeevi Car : Maruti Suzuki Swift Model : 1.3L petrol 2007 make
  3. Shik

    Automotive photography.

    My Sunshine! Location: Tirupati Vehicle: Skoda Rapid
  4. 1) Sagar +2 2) Gowtham +1 3) Harshita 4) Saran 5) Kaushik + Tej + Sruthika Tentative: 1)Ganesh+
  5. Amazing travelogue @sagar... Beautifully captured & meticulously documented .. This needs to be sipped slowly not gulped... thoroughly enjoyed reading the travel story
  6. It's been quite a while since I visited Hampi... the roads leading to the place were in terrible state when I visited.. May be the tourism department can look into it to make it more accessible..
  7. Amazing travel story.. Well described and the details are just perfect for anyone who would like to attempt the same route or a part of it.
  8. Thanks a lot for sharing this..Really helped in understanding the route.. Few pics are really good and looks interesting... Am looking forward to a good trip ahead.
  9. Amazing journey and an equally amazing description
  10. Reading such travels is what keeps me inspired and helps take away the dullness of my day job... Great narration and pictures.
  11. Excellent narration and photography.. Your pics made me open up the travelogue again n again.. WAiting for the next
  12. You finally took the plunge of this beauty of a place.. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful travelogue with us
  13. RSVP: 1.Sagar +2 2.Gowtham +1 3.Bhargav+1 4.Uday +1 5.Vijay +1 6. Gautam 7. Ravi Teja+2 8. Rachana+1 9. Varun 10. Kashyap+2 11.Kaushik
  14. Updating list Please add yourself to the list 1. Gowtham +1 2. Uday 3. Vijay+1 4. Venky 5. Varun 6. Pratheek 7. Sagar +1 8. Gautam a.k.a. Kumsi 9. Ravi 10. Kaushik