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    Hyderabad to Varanasi route update

    I have done this leg 3 months ago and have taken the foillowing route. Hyderabad -- Nagpur -- Jabalpur -- Maihar -- Satna -- Chitrakoot -- Allahabad -- Varanasi . This rote is usually longer by approx . 100 kms but is in much better conditions than the other routes. Note: Allahabad to Satna must be done during the dat time as this goes through the forest region and has no facilities enroute at all. Pandhakawda, Hinganghat and Pench section is in much better shape and can be easily done. I would recommend the Pench section over the Chindwada route. Drive safe and dont forget to start early every morning.
  2. superb pictures there.. The weather looks very perfect in this summer to camp by the water bed and of course super clear sky. Great night sky photoshoot.
  3. mayank

    Chikmangaluru.. A perfect weekend retreat from Bangalore

    Superb information in the post buddy, I think you missed out on Hebbe falls which is a must go place when u been to Chikamagalur, You are supposed to do a Jeep trial from the main road deep into the forest to reach this falls.
  4. Great post Pralay, The way you have explained your trip had given me a feel to visit Goa again.. Really a stressbuster .. Thank you for sharing