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  1. Hi guys, I have booked my tickets to Srinagar last month to do my road trip to Leh from Srinagar. But, due to recent rough phase at Srinagar, Is it allowed to do my road trip as I would be travelling next week to Srinagar.. ? Can somebody throw some light on the current conditions in Srinagar for the tourists...? Thanks and Regards Mayank.
  2. Superbly drafted @sagar Just one stop on this page and the plan is set for one to do this road trip in Iceland. A special mention to all the details by you and mind blowing pictures by @Omik. Kudos to you guys. Never thought of doing this earlier and now I badly want to do this with my better half. Your story looks just like a fairy land. Thanks again for sharing
  3. mayank

    Love of Photography

    That's so adorable... Good to see such enthusiastic parents letting the young one's experience what travel and nature feels like
  4. mayank

    Hyderabad to Gandikota - Camping

    Excellent work on the log @sagar. Feels so good seeing all the happy faces I'm hoping to join the next drive meet. Any hint towards when would the next drive meet be.. ?
  5. mayank

    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip

    Wow, your stay at mirik looks fabulous and the price is so unbelievable. I wouldn't mind staying there for a month. Is it like an airbnb stay? Do they have a kitchen to serve the guests or do we have to prepare our own food?
  6. @Ipsmuk Hi, I am planning my trip to Hampi next Friday, The stays seem very expensive. Could you please share your stay details with price. Pictures of it would be more helpful. Thanks in advance
  7. mayank

    Hyderabad to Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

    Hi team, Have you guys visited Chadrataal lake during your Spiti drive? I heard there are camping spots beside Chandrataal lake. Can we drive till the camping spot or does it require any trek to reach the spot?
  8. mayank

    Hyderabad to Nagarjuna Sagar

    Awesome pictures @Shekar.. Keep sharing
  9. mayank

    Hyderabad - Sikkim - Hyderabad

    Excellent information ... Superb post @Tapahasu Does Safe Express help in transportation of cars too ? Any more inputs about such vehicle transportation to Hyderabad from Bagdogra or Siliguri ?
  10. mayank

    Share your best mobile picture

    Did you drive to Nepal from Hyderabad.. ? Please do share your experience.. waiting
  11. RSVP List: 1) Sagar +1 (Creta) 2) Ranger +1(wife) (Civic) 3) Pavan Bandari 4) Sreekanth +3 5) Raja Gopal (2+2) Ameo 6) Anil +2 (Audi A4) 7) Shiva + 1(Prasad) (Compass) 8 ) Mayank + 1 (Tentative)
  12. mayank

    My new Ford Freestyle

    Congratulations @Krish.. Very well written. I have heard that Fortune ford is much better than the Mody ford in terms of servicing from my friends.. Be watchful on this
  13. mayank

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    Got it after a of digging into my brains.. It was seen in one of the very few telugu movies i have watched.. Arundati.. Googled it and it's Banganapalli fort
  14. mayank

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Thanks a lot for sharing the information about this place. Looks like a paradise But, can't dare to go here for a night stay alone with my wife. Will wait for a drive meet organised by the admins When will be the probable dates for having this meet ?
  15. mayank

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    Not the Gandikota pic @Sridhar Tandra.. I have been to Gandikota earlier.. I was talking about the pic which you have shared after mentioning the Day 2 continuation .. Looks like a stone palace.