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  1. Lovely log [mention=616]abhinay1189[/mention] I am shifting to Bengaluru next month, Will surely add this place to my check list one weekend. Please keep adding up a few more less known places as such so that i can cover up after my transfer  TIA 

    Sure Vivek, There are so many lesser known places. I need to make a list and will add in some days.

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  2. Brilliant captures mate.
    lovely pictures. 
    I can see the mad Bangalore - Mysuru traffic in your picture.
    It simply need multiple routes.
    I felt like driving inside city limits. 


    Thanks Uday, Yeah Bangalore to Mysore traffic is terrible in weekends. Alternative route is via Kanakpura road which is scenic to drive but little long.

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  3. Brilliant pictures.
    I have been to this place in 2012/2013, en-route to Mysuru.
    It was small stop over, the walking path around the lake is very refreshing.

    Crowd was very less during our visit, it is week day and little drizzle made the place look heavenly. 
    We did not do any boating due to time constrain. 
    We never knew about crocodile part.
    We literally stood in water. 

    I heard their are lot of crocodiles in water but people say it is safe to go inside water and crocodiles attacks here are rare.

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  4. Nice pictures [mention=616]abhinay1189[/mention], Could you throw more light on the location of this waterfalls and the distance from Hyderabad and Bangalore?

    The waterfalls are 721 kms from Hyderabad(11 to 12hrs Journey time) and 145 Kms from Bangalore(3hrs journey time).

    This waterfalls is not naturally​ formed but it is scenic waterfall stretch along a small dam. I can call it a ideal picnic spot .

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  5. Ride for the trip


    Layout of the Sanctuary of Ranganathittu bird sanctuary.


    Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary


    Maps Link:



    It is located on the outskirts of Srirangapatna, about 16 Km before Mysore.
    Where to Stay:

    Both Mysore and Srirangapatna are convenient places to stay to visit the sanctuary. Besides, there are also home stays and farm stays away from the city, and near the sanctuary.
    How to Reach:  

    This sanctuary is 135kms (3 Hrs) from Bangalore on Bangalore-Mysore highway (NH275),Take a right turn after Srirangapatna (This road also connects to KRS and Coorg road)IMG_20170604_150421068.jpg.bed01f83f1c379c784bfa7d3040a19ad.jpg



    Price of Entrance and Boat ride:

    The entrance Rs. 60 per person and for children it is Rs. 10 (Age-5 to 12 yrs). No charges for children below 5 years. 

    The best way to see birds is to take a boat ride inside the sanctuary. The normal rate is Rs.60 per head, but these are short rides, with a boat load of people. A longer ride (Special boat service) costs around Rs. 1000, The experience is worth it.





    Park Timings and Best Season:

     The park timings are from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Go early in the morning, or in the evening, just before sunset, for the best experience. Tourist footfall increases after 10 AM and continues through till 5 PM. The times just before and after are best for watching the most birds and enjoying the peace and solitude!The best season to watch birds is winter, but we can see birds here throughout the year. Which birds you see depends on the season though. 



    Painted Storks



    Egret in breeding plumage





    Stone Plovers





    Crocodile- up close



    View point



    View of Lake









    While one day is more than enough for the entire circuit, if you are an ardent birdwatcher or wildlife enthusiast, you might enjoy staying somewhere near the sanctuary and making multiple visits.


    The next destination was Balmuri Falls, Which is 11kms from this sanctuary.


    Balmuri Falls:


    Maps link



    It is a popular picnic spot. In this area Cauvery river flows wide over a rocky bed.


    This is basically a check dam runs across the river more like a wall trying to stop the flow.It is a man-made reservoir.When the check dam is filled to the maximum, water overflows in a neat long cascade.



    Youngsters and nature lovers adore the place because of its isolated location. One can bathe in the shallow waters of the fall.One of the major attraction is to get into the water where it cascades down. And then there is the seasonal boat ride. The scenery is great and the general ambiance is relaxing. So that makes its an ideal picnic spot.


    There is a old and ancient Ganapati temple. This location is a popular backdrop for song scenes in many Kannada movies. The weak hearted can always use the bridge that is built across the river or sit on the ghat and enjoy the scenery. I couldn't capture more pictures as it was dark and raining.




    Note:The only annoying thing it seems are those cheeky monkeys ever trying to snatch food stuffs.


    It is ideal one day trip from Bangalore. Total distance covered 2 way is 300kms.


    Few more random pictures from our drive











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  6. 4 hours ago, Ranger said:
    Nice, quality is good in the price range.
    I am impressed by night quality.

    Did you tuck the wringing through roof and A-pillar.
    How much does it cost(latest price)?

    I have routed the wiring through the A-pillar and it costed me Rs. 3700 from (Aliexpress)

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  7. Thanks Karthik, It was only 2 days trip. It was a bit tiresome but overall it was good. Hyderabad to Solapur road is smooth in some places and their are continuous diversions. Better to stick to safe speed as their is lot of confusion if it 2 way traffic or 1 way traffic in some places. Speed bumps and potholes at multiple places.

    Outer wall of the fort looks majestic and huge.

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  8. Hi Gowtham, The fort has a river inside. It is worth a visit. I would rate the place 4 out of 5. Plan your trip post Monsoon.You need to climb around 50 steps that will lead you to the entrance. From entrance need to walk a bit to reach the burj which is the highest point, their are multiple viewpoints and Dam cum waterfalls. Entrance fees is 20 rupees per person and timings are from 8 am to 5 pm. You will get nice photo clicks. Take enough water and snacks as there are no stalls inside.

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    This is a Family trip to holy places in Maharashtra and Karnataka.


    Route taken

    We have taken the Hyderabad-->Vikarabad road and reached Ananthagiri hills.


    Ananthagiri hills, Vikarabad:

    There is a view point at Ananthagiri hills. To reach their take the road opposite to Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple.

    Maps :



    View point is very good. No crowd as it was weekday. Their is ample parking space available. People are littering this place.

    You can enjoy cool breeze, see the nearby mountain and a far away lake from here.









    Spent around 1 hour here and continued our journey.


    Gangapur, Karanataka:

    We have taken Tandur--Sedam road. Road is good but their are lot of speed breakers.


    Sedam to Kalaburagi road is very good. Take ring road in Kalaburagi and left exit after High court complex and enter Kalaburagi - Afzalpur road. It is state highway 22. Ganagapur is 35 Kilometers away from here.

    We reached Gangapur and taken Darshan of Lord Dattatreya.




    Shreekshetra Ganagapur, One of the most famous Dattatreya Peethas, is associated with Shri Narasimha Saraswati Swami, an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. It stands on the bank of the river Bhima.




    We left for a visit to Sangam- Audambar (Fig / Kalpavriksha) Tree on the banks of River Bhima. This place is around 5KM from the main temple. It is said that Narasimha Saraswati's presence is felt at this place in Nirguna Rupa and so, many people sit there and read the Guru Chirtra.





    Akkalkot, Maharashtra:


    We continued our journey and reached Akkalkot via Afzalpur. The road is pretty bad shape after Afzalpur. Road widening is going on in entire stretch.




    We reached Akkalkot and visited Swami Samarth ( Vatavruksh)Temple.



    Pandharpur, Maharashtra:


    Post Darshan we took Akkalkot-- Solapur road.

    Solapur to Pandharpur road is very good. It is Pune highway. At Mohol we need to take diversion to reach Pandharpur. It is 75kms away from Solapur.


    Visited Vitthal Mandir and Iskcon Krishna temples.


    The Pandharpur temple was built in the middle of the thirteenth century by King Visnuvardhana of the Hoysala dynasty.



    Solapur, Maharashtra:

    Next day morning started our journey towards Solapur.

    Visited Shri Siddheshwar Temple in Solapur. This temple is in middle of lake and we can see a bhuikot fort beside the temple.


    Google maps








    Tuljapur, Maharashtra:

    Visited Tulja bhavani temple in Tuljapur which is 46kms from Solapur.This temple is dedicated to the goddess Bhavani. It is considered as one of the 51 Shakti pithas.


    Google maps 









    Naldurg fort, Maharashtra:

    We continued our journey and reached Naldurg fort which is 35kms from Tuljapur on Pune-Hyderabad highway.


    The Naldurg fort is the biggest land fort in Maharashtra. It has 3 km long fortification wall and 114 bastions. ‘PaniMahal’ is the most attractive monument on this fort. It gives amazing view from inside of this ‘PaniMahal’, when water from ‘Bori’ river flows down from the top of this ‘PaniMahal’. This view can be enjoyed more at the end of the monsoons. Presently the water was little less.


    Google maps link












    We started our journey back to hyderabad via Omerga, Humanbad and Zaheerabad route. Due to road work there were lot of diversions.Better to avoid this route in night.


    The total distance covered in 2 days is 900kms.


    Note: Fuel price in Maharashtra is slightly higher compared to Telangana and Karnataka.

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