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  1. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Jaipur and Udaipur!

    thank you so much
  2. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Jaipur and Udaipur!

    i don't know much about hotels, I've stayed in a hostel in jaipur, plenty of hostels in whole Rajasthan. Nahargarh,Jaigarh and Amer forts are must visit and don't miss sunsets
  3. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Jaipur and Udaipur!

    Mine was a 10 day trip.. It was more of a relaxation trip so I have covered place by place very leisurely taking my own sweet time
  4. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Munnar, Valparai, Athirapally.

    yes that first picture is long exposure, rest of them are normal
  5. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Lakshadweep islands

    canon g7x mark ii
  6. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Sikkim travelogue.

    it's hard to break up the costs for everything but It costed me around 55k for me and my wife, that trip was 11days long though.
  7. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Lakshadweep islands

    thank you sagar, I felt sea sickness for the first day and later got used to it, About the accommodation you've to stay in ship cabin, it has Ac and all other facilities.
  8. arifismyname

    Exploring the Land of Fire & Ice - Road Trip in Iceland

    So dreamy! Speechless pictures accompanied by flawless elaboration on the details.. Best travel story I had come across.. Reading through the whole post made my day and I’m waiting for such another one from you.. Thanks a lot for sharing this 😅
  9. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Lakshadweep islands

    Rendezvous at the Coral Paradise - Sun kissed beauty of nature Lakshadweep islands are undoubtedly India’s best kept secret. Having 36 coral islands stroked with a picturesque landscapes and amber kissed beaches, this is a nature lover’s paradise. Lakshadweep is a group of islands situated some 400 km off India's west coast in the Arabian Sea. It is India’s smallest Union Territory and is an archipelago consisting of 36 islands with an area of 32 sq km. You are guaranteed a soothing vacation muddled only with long walks on never ending shorelines in this aqueous jewel - Lakshadweep islands. How to reach Lakshadweep? Getting here is not much of an issue. The islands are well connected by regular flights and ships from Kochi. Well, I chose to do the seaways. The package I chose was a 5 day plan which was priced around 25000 - 26000 INR per head for a shared AC cabin which includes Food (Veg or Non-Veg ), and Transfer to Islands. More information on various packages? Do check out www.lakshadweeptourism.com Best time to Visit Lakshadweep? With a typical tropical climate, I’d suggest the best time to visit the islands is between October and March when it is comparatively cooler and drier. Language they speak in Lakshadweep They have a separate language called Jasiri although these days spoken in major parts of the island group. Jasiri is a mix of Arabic, Malayalam, Hindi and Mahl. My 5 day Itinerary to visit Lakshadweep Day 01 - Kochi to Kavaratti Island Day 02 - Kavaratti Island Exploration Day 03 - Minicoy Island Exploration Day 04 - Kadamat Island Exploration Day 05 - Cruise back to Kochi Port. This place is best discovered drifting on foot and taking a drive along the shores, basking away in nature’s glory.
  10. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Sikkim travelogue.

    Exploring the Splendours of Sikkim Wanting to explore the unexplored India, Sikkim had been on my bucket list for a while. Sikkim might be one of the smallest states in India but it offers a wide enough range of destinations and activities to launch a thousand trips. On 5th of April, I finally got to see the dreamy landscape of the state. I landed in Bagdogra but Gangtok was still approx. 125km away. There are prepaid taxi services that can be availed at the airport itself. You can either hire an exclusive one or go on a sharing basis. Unlike rest of India, reaching North Sikkim requires a proper permissions. Because of close proximity to China and Tibet Border, Inner Line Permits are required to visit North Sikkim. Permits were quite specific to the traveller here which I had obtained in Gangtok after reaching there. You need to submit copies of your photo ID and two recent photographs at the tourism office. You can also submit these at any authorized tour agency and they will get your work done. I am here sharing with you my 10 day Itinerary which might help you plan your trip to this beautiful state. For this suggested Itinerary, Gangtok will act as the base station. April 5 Hyderabad- Bagdogra flight, same day to Gangtok Night stay at Powring Guest House, Gangtok April 6 Gangtok to Lachen Night stay at Lachen Paradise, Lachen. April 7 Lachen to Gurudongmar lake and back to Lachung. Night stay at Apple Valley Inn, Lachung. April 8 Lachung to Gangtok Night stay at Mintokling Guest House, Gangtok April 9 Sightseeing in Gangtok Night stay at Mintokling Guest House, Gangtok April 10 Gangtok to Tsogmo lake aka Changu lake Night stay at Mintokling Guest House, Gangtok April 11 Gangtok to Pelling via Ravangla Night stay at Delight hotels touristo, Pelling April 12 Sightseeing in Pelling Night stay at Delight hotels touristo, Pelling April 13 Pelling to Bagdogra Night stay at Marinas Motel, Bagdogra. April 14 Back to Hyderabad Follows up a short Photolog of my whole trip
  11. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Kochi, Kerala.

    Thank you @Ranger and @karthik
  12. Lovely meet up post @Saran, Missed this coz of my Lakshadweep trip.. will make sure I join in the next time 😃
  13. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Kochi, Kerala.

    Beaches are amazing creation of nature where people can relax, enjoy beautiful moments and feel freedom. Fort Kochi beach, Kerala is one such calm and a beautiful place. A cargo ship passing through the shipping channel of Kochi Port. Few pictures clicked at the Kochi port area. Kochi is one of the best places to spend time in the city and provides an amazing view of the sea. It is a picturesque promenade and is built facing the backwaters.It is a popular hangout place for the local people. Pickup a walking tour map from the Tourist Info centre, I hit the road to explore the streets of Kochi. Prince's Street at Fort Kochi. Getting done with the day, I have walked back to my hotel to get ready for my cruise ride to Lakshadweep islands the next morning. Will post more pictures and details about the Island in my next travelogue. Cheers
  14. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Kochi, Kerala.

    It was during my trip to Lakshadweep, I have planned to check out the city of Kochi from which my cruise ride to those beautiful Islands was suppose to start. Kerala, this state on the Malabar coast has everything to offer for a tourist right from serene beaches to scenic hills, from tea & spice plantations to dense forests & calm backwaters. Having covered most of the places in this state during my previous trips, I decided to explore the city of Kochi. Kochi, the largest city in Kerala, has historically been an important port city right from the 14th century - colonised by the Portuguese, Dutch & British at different times in history, the city still preserves an intriguing mix of architecture from its varying colonial past. The fort Kochi area has it own quaint charm, It is buzzing with tourists, but each at their own pace - this part of the city has a ‘homestay’ in every corner! We chose to discover this area on foot since all the places we wanted to see were close to each other. Constructed in the year 1505, this Catholic Church located in Fort Kochi is famous for its Gothic style of architecture and Portuguese interiors. Fort Kochi is a small village along the Arabian coastline and is famous for the Chinese Fishing Nets, Dutch Cemetery, Synagogue and Churches. Bearing witness to the entry of Chinese into Kerala long ago, legends tell that these nets were a gift of the famous Chinese King, Kublai Khan. Fishermen even today use these elaborate conventional fishing nets, making it the only other destination other than China to have and use these fishing nets. It was my first ever only-on-foot town exploring and I was not disappointed at all. Just have an umbrella ready for the sun or the rain. The Sunset Cruise on the Arabian waters is an amazing 2 hour journey beginning from Marine Drive in Kochi during the time of sunset. Located on the north end of the Vypeen Island, the Cherai Beach offers a beautiful view.
  15. arifismyname

    Hyderabad to Papikondalu, Andhra Pradesh

    Thank you @karthik. November, December would probably be the right time according me.