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  1. karthik

    Hyderabad to Vikarabad breakfast drive

    Wow Difference is huge. I missed the trip. @Ranger did not inform me.
  2. karthik

    Road Trip to Leh From Hyderabad

    Don't take a guide, plan well in advance. The whole point of visiting Himalayas with your family/friends is to spend quality time. I am not saying that taking a guide makes things bad but IMO it is not required. Drive your car and plan well in advance. Nothing beats the confidence you build specially when you do things on our own. All the best for your drive, hope it turns out to be life time adventure.
  3. karthik

    Trip from Hyderabad to Coorg or Ooty by road

    Don't visit Coorg in summer. It is like any-other city. On the up side resorts are cheap in summer. Also for Ooty visit, try to reach Ooty on a weekday. It is have less crowd. Summer holidays + weekend is a dangerous combo. Plan accordingly. Bangalore to Mysuru road will have high traffic. Keep safe distance and drive cautiously.
  4. Read this log again. Two solo drives stories doing rounds on the forum may plant a drive bug in my mind. Keep inspiring.
  5. karthik

    A solo road trip to Hampi!

    Fantastic report, liked each and every bit of the information and pictures. keep posting and motivating lazy (never did a solo drive) bums like me. White i10 looks awesome in those backdrops.
  6. Awesome details, I missed the message in our group. I could have joined. I have two question for you. Will they allow our personal cars on the track? Do they provide any jeeps to explore the track?
  7. karthik

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Anyone interested in Go-Karting meetup this weekend/next weekend? May be dinner + Go-kart will do. https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/1049-best-go-kart-track-in-hyderabad/
  8. karthik

    Best Go-kart track in Hyderabad

    Thank you for the information. I am always not sure about the timings of the Go-Kart. Lets plan a Go-Kart meetup at Shamshabad on some weekend?
  9. karthik

    Essential and safety kit required in car

    I can add offline google maps to the list. Can be handy when you are driving during the night in remote areas.
  10. karthik

    Hyderabad to Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

    Between Leh and Spiti which is a better place for road tripping people like us.
  11. karthik

    Automotive photography.

    good one. Is there any manual mode to control the shutter speed? Hill and clouds in the background 😍
  12. karthik

    Hyderabad to Rajahmundry route

    lol, then what about the sections between Hyderabad to Delhi that we drove on. They have charged us for no roads and single lanes. This one looks much better. Is it available during our Sikkim drive? Because I remember we couldn't a proper hotel between Vijayawada to Rajahmundry .
  13. karthik

    Hyderabad to Suryalanka beach, road trip

    Thank you. Please try to visit Hamasaladeevi beach. Also try to go only on weekday. Early morning is the best time to visit. If you need any more details, comment here.
  14. karthik

    Hyderabad to Araku valley and Vizag.

    Visited Vizag during end of December. I have very less expectations on the City. I was blown away by cleanliness and well organised roads around Vizag. Even beaches are clean and good. Many new resorts are available around the beach.
  15. karthik

    Hyderabad-Jogg Falls-Murudeshwar-Gokarna-Hyderabd

    Very less water flow in December. It is best during monsoon/post monsoon. December is too late. Why not places like Chikmagalur?