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  1. karthik

    Hyderabad to Suryalanka beach, road trip

    Thank you. Please try to visit Hamasaladeevi beach. Also try to go only on weekday. Early morning is the best time to visit. If you need any more details, comment here.
  2. karthik

    Hyderabad to Araku valley and Vizag.

    Visited Vizag during end of December. I have very less expectations on the City. I was blown away by cleanliness and well organised roads around Vizag. Even beaches are clean and good. Many new resorts are available around the beach.
  3. karthik

    Hyderabad-Jogg Falls-Murudeshwar-Gokarna-Hyderabd

    Very less water flow in December. It is best during monsoon/post monsoon. December is too late. Why not places like Chikmagalur?
  4. karthik

    Share your best mobile picture

    Wow, Excellent composition. Love the angles.
  5. karthik

    Hyderabad - Sikkim - Hyderabad

    It was like a guide for us. We are starting on December 15th (hopefully) Is it difficult to get permits on own? Should we go via agents?
  6. karthik

    Amazon Eco Auto in India

    More details in this video. Added advantage for cars with only Aux support (no usb and bluetooth) A device from Google will be much more user friendly. I am using Eco dot, it is just average. No where close to Google.
  7. karthik

    Favourite travel picture.

    Super pictures, waiting for my drive in December.
  8. karthik

    Driving through Forests in India

    We break this rule all the time. It is the excitement that makes us stop. I think as long as we don't disturb them, it is fine to pull over and enjoy the view of wild life.
  9. karthik

    Best phone for travel photography?

    Missed on the focus points but the image itself is very impressive. Please share some more night shots. Heard it is great feature from the YouTube reviews. If it can it give 50% of DSLR, it will be a great achievement.
  10. karthik

    Hyderabad to Bhutan Trip

    Very helpful and great information. We are planning a similar trip this December. I will follow your inputs. Once again, Thank you a lot for sharing the information.
  11. karthik

    Planning trip from Hyderabad to Varanasi

    May be he can push a little and halt at Jabalpur. I think Jabalpur is a big town, they will have some hotels?
  12. karthik

    Planning trip from Hyderabad to Varanasi

    Hyderabad to Nagpur is easy. You will reach by dinner time, If you start at 2PM. If you halt at Nagpur, next day you should start at 4AM. It will easily take around 18 hours from Nagpur to Varanasi.
  13. karthik

    SCAM ALERT in Hyderabad.

    My father lost his mobile a year back, Two bikers distracted him at a signal. (saying he ran over his feet) They were able to get away with his mobile, which is in the passenger seat. He did not understand till he reached home. They are too smart and handled the heist very smoothly. We tried to track but it is turned OFF, no luck.
  14. karthik

    Road trip Hyderabad to Coorg-October

    In Bandipur you will mostly find Elephants, Tiger spotting chances are very less. How many days you are planning?
  15. Hills and Valley Resort is very average now. Kayaking is still fine. But contact before you go. Some times, it is not operational.