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    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    No idea @driveking we did not get time to gather information on Camping this time, but then when we were returning and stopped at a road side shop for coffee after Gandikota visit at about 730 pm. Couple of guys came and asked if we would like to camp. There was a big group of RE riders came in to the place, maybe they were camping. But I am sure it must be conducted by the Haritha guys there. You may get some information if you check with them!
  2. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    Thanks Buddy! @driveking I would say it was average when we have gone there at about 4pm but then it started getting high by about 530pm. By ten we clicked enough number of pictures!
  3. Sridhar Tandra

    Bangalore to Hyderabad, Places to visit

    Will do soon @sagar 🤟
  4. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Srisailam road trip and guide

    This is new to me, never happened to me at least when I have driven down and took a quick pit stop in my last couple of drives to Srisailam. Maybe situations changed now.
  5. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Interested members add yourself to the list: 1. Ranger (Civic) 2. Vinith (Duster) 3. Shiva (Compass) 4. Anand (EcoSport) 5. Apuroop M 6. Sagar (Creta) 7. Akhil(Jazz) 8. Seshendra (Fiat Punto) 9. Sridhar Tandra (Tiago)
  6. Sridhar Tandra

    Bangalore to Hyderabad, Places to visit

    Ahobilam is a little extended detour! I have done this stretch last weekend! Initial plan was Hyderabad - Jogulamba Alampur - Gandikota (Night Halt) - Ahobilam - Mahanandi - Kurnool - Hyderabad But then due to time constraints and we also wanted not to rush around, plan changed and actual circuit completed was this -> Hyderabad - Jogulamba - Banaganapalle - Gandikota (Sunset & Halt at Jammalamadugu) - Banaganapalle - Yaganti - Banaganapalle - Nandavaram Choudeshwari Temple - Banaganapalle - Orvakal - Kurnool - Hyderabad (Banaganapalle is the center point to Yaganti and Nandavaram by 11kms on either side so had to pass through this village twice) Started at 5am Saturday and reached home by 6pm Sunday.
  7. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad Weekend Getaways under 200 kilometers

    We have done it in August 2017. Refer below link for full details of that drive
  8. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad Weekend Getaways under 200 kilometers

    Water level is very good! looks like you have had a lot of fun!! we did have super duper fun while rafting in Kundalika in our last year Monsoon trip, water level in Kundalika at that point was at peak. Relived those moments after watching your video today!
  9. Sridhar Tandra

    Best phone for travel photography?

    My preference after using series of OP phones, wait and go for One Plus 6T. Heard 6 has some issues
  10. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Pune, Lohagad, Lonavala and Matheran

    He always does!! 😉 nice report man!! I missed all this 😞
  11. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Western Ghats drive meetup

    oh yeah! I think I will be on top of the list for who missed this trip badly, waiting for pictures and report while cursing my manager!
  12. Hyderabad to Coorg / Kodagu Exploration Drive - Pre-Monsoon drive meet up - July 07/10, 2018 Start point - Gachibowli (ORR) End point - Coorg Start time - 5:00 am Total Distance - ~800 kilometers (one way) Objective - Drive to thank the monsoon showers and explore self while being in raw nature away from Luxuries Participants: 1) Tata Tiago (Expresso Brown) 2) Volkswagen Polo (Red) 3) Maruthi Suzuki Baleno 4) Hyundai Creta (Star Dust) 5) Hyundai Creta (White) 6) Renault Duster (White) Route Taken: Hyderabad (Gachibowli ORR Entry Point) ---Bangalore --- Mysore --- Coorg Places covered: 1) Tribal Style Stay in Coorg 2) Irrupu waterfalls 3) Mandalpatti Peak Plan: Day 1 (July 07th, 2018): We start off from the meet up point (Gachibowli ORR Entry Point) towards Mysore Stop by for breakfast at Food Pyramid, Kothakota We stop by for lunch just before entering Bangalore at Amaravathi Gardenia, Devanahalli We reach Mysore to break down for the day Day 2 (July 08th, 2018): We start off from our Mysore accommodation towards our Resort in Coorg Have breakfast en-route and reach Evergreen County Resort, Virajpet, Coorg We will check in into our resort, explore the resort and places around, Camp Fire & Dinner and break down for the day Day 3 (July 09th, 2018): Coorg exploration drive, check out Irupu Waterfalls Drive back to Mysore by End of the Day and break down for the day Day 4 (July 10th, 2018): We start early to escape the Mysore - Bangalore traffic and proceed towards Hyderabad Things to carry: 1) Carry umbrella and rain coat (Must)2) Toiletries, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Mosquito repellent cream and Glucose / Electrol (personal medical kit)3) Camera kits and Telescopes if any star gazing enthusiasts or night photography enthusiasts4) Most importantly loads of energy and positive attitude I will let pictures speak more than words from here on, watch and enjoy! Evergreen County Team welcoming India - Drive Team: Exploring the Resort, It is a treat to eyes and nestled in to Nature! We have planned to explore Irupu falls after exploring the resort, we understood from the locals that there is a huge Tea Estate on our route to Irupu Falls, Couple of cars went ahead to check it out (Polo & Tiago) and we were the only one's to look at this beautiful View! We had to go back to the convoy with a bad news "Visitors are not allowed" We continued our drive towards Irupu Falls, One should not miss this falls in Monsoon! Reach the falls, close your eyes and surrender yourself to the Mother Nature!! ❤️ We have reached back to the resort by the time light faded and gone for the Nature walk around the Resort and had a wonderful time with India Drive Members introducing themselves at the Camp Fire session followed by delicious Dinner at the Resort Restaurant (Secret Spices, Rest O cafe)! After a Sumptuous Breakfast and an unforgettable Morning Coffee (Pictures Below) we checked out of the resort and headed towards our exploration drive towards Mandalpatti Peak (Heaven, I call this after exploring the place). We came across a Landslide en route Mandalpatti and we could not take our cars any further, for a moment it was a disappointment but that's when we got to know from the locals that we have to hire 4x4 vehicles to be able to reach Mandalpatti Peak. Without wasting any time, we parked our cars, hired those beasts and started enjoying some pure off roading fun and reached the Heaven!! We have spent considerable amount of time exploring the place with literally zero visibility and clicking pictures. We have reached the car parking location back by about 5 pm with a super Maggi break (Special Thanks to our Instant Chef Bhargav) and started our drive back too Mysore! Like all the other Drives, we had to end this Drive too wishing if we could have continued it for another Infinite number of days!! Aideu from Sridhar Tandra until next Drive Meet!!❤️❤️
  13. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Bhutan Trip

    🤔 oh wow! this is a news? what's this now? A solo trip or something? You keep talking about December December and never talk about something like this?
  14. Sridhar Tandra

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres

    Agreed! why risking life for about 5k? When you are changing your tires, just get rid of all of them!
  15. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Bhutan Trip

    Nice pictures and crisp write up buddy @Tapahasu Can you please provide an approximate overall cost of the trip and stay option at the places you halted with costs and inclusions! This will help a lot of our members planning to drive the entire circuit / just few places on the list better!
  16. Sridhar Tandra

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres

    where exactly is this located?
  17. Sridhar Tandra

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres

    yes it is Diesel XZ I am at 29600 on ODO at the moment and I do not feel any noise at the moment so far!
  18. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad City road updates

    I have observed traffic is being streamlined with this move! Specially I have observed the JNTU signal before and after this change!! What a mess it was before, it is far better now! But I feel Lane separators need to be installed wherever they are doing this. Have seen so many Idiots who want to head straight using the extreme Right lane until they approach U turn and then proceed towards Left all of a sudden, increasing the number of vehicles who actually want to take a U turn driving on the Right just because of these Idiots and then coming towards Right causing a X blockage! I have been going through this issue at the Y junction everyday where I am supposed to take U turn almost immediately after taking one U turn at the Y junction to come back to the road towards IDL lake! All the vehicles coming from Kukatpally will continue on extreme Right and for someone like me coming from Balanagar and proceed towards IDL lake, need to make immediate move towards extreme Right from extreme Left causing serious blockage at this junction! I feel the U turn have to be moved a little forward towards KP Bus Depot
  19. Sridhar Tandra

    Detailed Discussion on Tyres

    I have got Good Year on stock for my Tia and I absolutely do not see any issues when maintained them with correct Air Pressure whatsoever, they are butter smooth and take rough roads too with super comfort, very good at high speeds as well! Planning to go with Good Year again when I change them!
  20. Hey @seemant Please refer to the below link for the latest updates on this route!
  21. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad ORR

    Here is the latest update to it, progression on this is fast at the moment with super clauses provided by central government! https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/centre-okays-turning-330km-rrr-into-express-highway/articleshow/65497634.cms
  22. Sridhar Tandra

    Kondaveedu fort photo log

    Stunning tarmac to drive on with beautiful hairpins and excellent pictures! Iniviting!! will cover this in my next visit to Guntur, @JaganM please note! Thanks for bringing this place up @Ranger
  23. Sridhar Tandra

    Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad preferred route?

    This is a good news in either case irrespective of deciding on the route to take between IRR / regular route. At least this move will ease the traffic on both the routes and kind of divides the traffic in to two routes instead of creating congestion on one road. Most of the times people try and take regular route at least to see what has changed in that route (After all we are all humans )