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    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Only good option for stay in Chirala is Sea Breeze. It is even more famous and popular than the APTDC, Suryalanka. Since it is a weekday, try to see if you get accommodation! Prefer taking Beach facing stay. Also, check out for recent Cyclone impact in that region before going.
  2. Sridhar Tandra

    How to handle a tyre blast?

    I vote for both options on the poll. Both these actions could be dangerous, you need to think instantly and need to gradually slow down your vehicle.
  3. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip planning

    Look at me, I have declared holidays for these days in Deloitte and cannot make it! 😑 Swamy Sharanam
  4. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Finally! Here are few pics from my end, including two of the youngest members of the group!
  5. Sridhar Tandra

    Share your best mobile picture

    All the pictures Shot On One Plus 5 at various times of the day! I have no plans of changing my phone anytime soon ❤️ Night Shot on ORR Broad Daylight Shots at Yaganti, Gandikota & Surroundings Few Dawn, Sunset and Zero Light Shots taken at Home on Diwali night & Gandikota
  6. Sridhar Tandra

    My new Ford Freestyle

    haha! I do Remember, I did not realize you were behind until you PM'ed me on WhatsApp 😣
  7. Sridhar Tandra

    My new Ford Freestyle

    You forgot to mention that members are now able to spot you often Kidding! Congratulations @Krish on your new Freestyle. I hope I will spot you someday at Suchitra signal
  8. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    Hola All, I have driven down to Gandikota on November 3/4 2018 weekend and covered below circuit which is usually not done by all. Gandikota is always paired up with Orvakal / Belum Caves / Ahobilam / Mahanandi by most of us. However, we do not want to do Ahobilam / Mahanandi to avoid rush in our 2 day (Sat / Sun) schedule and hence decided to stick to the same route that we have taken while going to Gandikota and covered a couple of major temples when returning and happily reached Hyderabad back by 615pm on Sunday. So, here it goes without wasting any more time. Day 1, Saturday (November 03, 2018) 5am: Start Point, Gachibowli ORR Plan was to start by 4am and as usual we had starting problems with crew not able to get up after Friday evening parties! We have reached Jammalamadugu (Location of our Night halt for the day) by 130pm with very leisure drive down with multiple pit stops (Including Jogulamba Alampur Temple & Darshan) for clicking pictures. We checked in to our hotel (Sri Ashwath Narayana Lodge, Near Fire Station, Jamalamadugu) and I dozed off for a quick nap since I was driving alone while crew explored a nearest restaurant, had lunch and bought me something to eat. We headed towards Gandikota at 330pm sharp to ensure we do not miss Sunset and were there at the Grand Canyon until 730pm. I will let pictures speak the rest for Day 1. First Pit Stop for Tea & to capture Surya ji rise! IDPL Toll gate Shot on OnePlus5. No Filters. All the below pics from here are shot on Nikon Coolpix P510 & OP5 together Some more pics shot on Nikon enroute Jogulamba! And the evergreen NAM with always awesome Tia baby!! Trying to click few snaps for ID and got caught by crew!! I wish Rayalaseema remain like this all the time! It was a bliss watching lush Green fields all along. My Love posing ❤️ First glimpse of Grand Canyon from the Shiva Temple! And the much awaited Sunset for the day Crew got a little creative! We did not want to stop clicking post Sunset too and it goes on! End of Day 1 at Gandikota and we proceed to our stay and dozed off after a couple of Drinks (after all it was a long day we had). Day 2: Jammalamadugu - Banaganapalle (Not going to forget Breakfast at Krishna Reddy Tiffins, Banaganapalle. Unforgetabe breakfast it was) - Yaganti - B. Palle - Nandavaram (Choudeshwari Temple) - B. Palle - Betamcherla - Kurnool - Hyderabad We started little late than scheduled again at 630am and reached Hyderabad (Shamshabad ORR Entry) by 610pm. Pictures speak rest! Akhanda Deepam will be lit on top of the hill that you see below and it is said to remain against wind and light rains until next day morning spreading light and peace to the whole world from this peak! Only 1 priest who conduct pooja at Shiva temple in Yaganti will climb this peak manually to lit this Deepam, he has been doing it since last 20 years! It is said that this Deepam uses about 3 liters of Sesame Oil and priest will carry it along with him. Wonder here is there is no path / stairs or anything that will take you to the peak. Priest will Crawl all over to this peak to perform rituals. 😮 😮
  9. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    Exactly! Taking Orvakal - Betamcherla - Banaganapalle - Yaganti is better than going all the way down until Dhone and coming back to Yaganti via Pedda Malkapuram
  10. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    I will start my Ayyappa Maala by then @Vinith, December it is! I am not available for drives between Nov 23 until Jan 08
  11. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    😭😭😭 You can't do this to me @sagar That too Koilsagar!
  12. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    This is what I came to know too, in spite of being private vendors all these guys are under command of Haritha, Gandikota. May be they have this internal links with each other depending on accommodation availability in Haritha and then direct rest of the folks to these guys. But first priority will be Haritha always, King of the Hill.
  13. Sridhar Tandra

    Cleanest rest rooms between hyderabad to bangalore

    Hello @Jyoti garu, please refer to the below link. You may get an idea on the list of best hotels with neat washrooms on Hyd - Bangalore stretch.
  14. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    I am unsure of the camping location buddy! will get this information when I go there next time for sure!
  15. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    Anytime @uday Fantastic until Orvakal (Hyderabad - Kurnool is Bangalore highway and then Kurnool to Orvakal is NAM), Once you turn right towards Betamcherla roads are good with few speed bumps, a little ghat section and then pass through villages. You can always maintain about 80kmph without issues except for when you are crossing villages, be cautious. Nothing to worry / alarming on this stretch. avoid starting in the afternoon and prefer starting in the early morning to avoid driving on this Betamcherla ghat section late in the evening. Can can, but please avoid starting in the noon.
  16. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    No idea @driveking we did not get time to gather information on Camping this time, but then when we were returning and stopped at a road side shop for coffee after Gandikota visit at about 730 pm. Couple of guys came and asked if we would like to camp. There was a big group of RE riders came in to the place, maybe they were camping. But I am sure it must be conducted by the Haritha guys there. You may get some information if you check with them!
  17. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    Thanks Buddy! @driveking I would say it was average when we have gone there at about 4pm but then it started getting high by about 530pm. By ten we clicked enough number of pictures!
  18. Sridhar Tandra

    Bangalore to Hyderabad, Places to visit

    Will do soon @sagar 🤟
  19. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Srisailam road trip and guide

    This is new to me, never happened to me at least when I have driven down and took a quick pit stop in my last couple of drives to Srisailam. Maybe situations changed now.