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  1. Sridhar Tandra

    Avoiding Fatigue During Long Drives

    I always start at around 3.30-4 am for any long drive to that matter. 1) I can easily pass through city traffic 2) Drive at this time after a nice nap will be fresh and will not feel tired at least until snack time, by then I will usually cover off the distance and reach my destination usually for the day (Anything around ~600-700 km's). No tiredness means no fatigue! Also, the main benefit by starting at this time (since I do VJA / Anantapur most of the times) avoid heavy vehicles to the most. Buses reach their destinations already or the city outskirts which means no heavy traffic / head lights oncoming and very less truck traffic at this time. Fantastic Topic to discuss! Thanks @SK01
  2. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Thanks for the update @Dhananjay This is helpful
  3. Sridhar Tandra

    HYDERABAD to GOA - Best route at present?

    I did Hyderabad to Goa on October 09, 2019 in Bus. Jadcherla while going in VRL and Zaheerabad while returning in Paulo. Please avoid Jadcherla - Raichur road at all costs!! Zaheerabad - Kalburgi - Sindagi - Bagalkot is the best route currently.
  4. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Kandlakoy / Medchal Exit, there are no decent stay options here in this zone (Not for families at least) @Ranger Instead like you said best bet for @Dhananjay would be to halt around Gachibowli, take ORR again next day early morning and exit through Medchal exit and proceed towards Adilabad - Nagpur!! But the best possible itinerary would be halting at Hyderabad instead of Nizamabad so that you have plenty of options for decent stays / Breakfast joints and you will actually reach Adilabad for Lunch with current road conditions between Hyderabad - Adilabad. Please do update us once you are done with the trip! Happy and Safe Driving!! Hope this helps.
  5. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Varanasi road

    @Indrasen Looks like you got the answer already, hope this helps
  6. Got it, so this is the toughest part!
  7. Fantastic log with some good latest updates on road conditions @SUBBU1 Thanks for sharing the information back to the group! Instead you should have taken Banaganapalle - Nandyal - Kurnool, it would have been even better, Internal roads between Banaganapalle - Betamcherla until you take left on to Orvakal is not so good with so many villages! Is this the same trek that leads to Ugra Stambham inside Forest? If yes, how tough was the trek level? can this be easily done by kids too? Heard mixed inputs on trek level for this destination.
  8. Sridhar Tandra

    Drive to Akka Mahadevi caves

    As of today yes, there is a constant in flow of water without a break is what I heard of
  9. Sridhar Tandra

    Drive to Akka Mahadevi caves

    Arre convince kardo na, gates opening expected hence let's go! will start early and come back by post lunch
  10. Our plan was to travel to Goa on Aug 24 wala weekend but we pushed it to second weekend of October 2019 because of severe weather!
  11. Sridhar Tandra

    Drive to Akka Mahadevi caves

    Want to see these folks taking pictures at this place, I am ROFL by imagining them at the Side walk / Crawl zones!!
  12. Sridhar Tandra

    What are top monsoon destinations from Hyderabad?

    On the cards @RajG we shall update you the details well in advance once we materialize the plan. It will be sometime in September!
  13. Sridhar Tandra

    What are top monsoon destinations from Hyderabad?

    This is the best that I have done so far out of the list above and then comes in the Coorg down South along with Araku Valley