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  1. Sridhar Tandra

    How to handle a tyre blast?

    I vote for both options on the poll. Both these actions could be dangerous, you need to think instantly and need to gradually slow down your vehicle.
  2. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip planning

    Look at me, I have declared holidays for these days in Deloitte and cannot make it! 😑 Swamy Sharanam
  3. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Finally! Here are few pics from my end, including two of the youngest members of the group!
  4. Sridhar Tandra

    Share your best mobile picture

    All the pictures Shot On One Plus 5 at various times of the day! I have no plans of changing my phone anytime soon ❤️ Night Shot on ORR Broad Daylight Shots at Yaganti, Gandikota & Surroundings Few Dawn, Sunset and Zero Light Shots taken at Home on Diwali night & Gandikota
  5. Sridhar Tandra

    My new Ford Freestyle

    haha! I do Remember, I did not realize you were behind until you PM'ed me on WhatsApp 😣
  6. Sridhar Tandra

    My new Ford Freestyle

    You forgot to mention that members are now able to spot you often Kidding! Congratulations @Krish on your new Freestyle. I hope I will spot you someday at Suchitra signal
  7. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    Exactly! Taking Orvakal - Betamcherla - Banaganapalle - Yaganti is better than going all the way down until Dhone and coming back to Yaganti via Pedda Malkapuram
  8. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    I will start my Ayyappa Maala by then @Vinith, December it is! I am not available for drives between Nov 23 until Jan 08
  9. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    😭😭😭 You can't do this to me @sagar That too Koilsagar!
  10. Sridhar Tandra

    Hyderabad to Gandikota road trip

    This is what I came to know too, in spite of being private vendors all these guys are under command of Haritha, Gandikota. May be they have this internal links with each other depending on accommodation availability in Haritha and then direct rest of the folks to these guys. But first priority will be Haritha always, King of the Hill.