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  1. Excellent information alongside some wonderful pictures Jay. Will definitely visit this place soon.
  2. Great pictures shared. And good to hear about the camping update. I hope this won't get spoilt by any commercial crowd as the country is known for it. Sent from my Nexus 6 using India-Drive mobile app
  3. venu

    Leh, Ladakh & Glory

    Absolutely Glorious, very well written [emoji3]
  4. Superb article@sagar.. Very much in relative to a true road tripper's life
  5. venu

    Hyderabad to Laknavaram

    @sagarSS Great information shared buddy.. Thanks a lot for sharing the information and details
  6. venu

    Automotive photography.

    @gowtham Superb pics buddy
  7. venu

    Leh, Ladakh & Glory

    Beautiful pics@ravi and awesome details covered.. good one
  8. Great points covered@krish Appreciate it!
  9. Thanks a lot for sharing the information@krish Good one
  10. Superb post@vinz .. I have tried Myles quite a few times and it's very much better than the zoom cars. They have really good conditioned cars.
  11. venu

    Love of Photography

    Awesome pics@saran.. Can't believe that they are captured from a mobile
  12. Superb information on the post.. Thanks a lot for sharing
  13. Superbly written@krish.. such things come to mind only by experience.. Thanks a lot for sharing [emoji3]