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  1. Lovely travelogue with some beautiful pictures. Sikkim is one of my favourite places and your pictures reminded me of some of the places I visited. You are an inspiration to do a drive there from Hyderabad to Sikkim in this weather. Hopefully 2017 will be the year that I will drive down.
  2. anil

    Best fuel station in Hyderabad.

    Even I was surprised at the fact that people saying Reliance was giving more mileage. But, From my experience, I felt considerate increase of mileage on my bike with Reliance petrol. I haven't noticed any performance difference though. Or is it because Reliance stations have more accurate meters is what I felt
  3. Brilliant and a very useful post @sagar bro.. Thanks a lot for sharing In reference to the above article, I would like to add another point which may not be a case in all the cars generally.. If your car has a roof rack, remove it while not in use. If the entire unit can't be removed, take the cross bars off to reduce frontal area and drag. This in turn will improve the mileage of your car.
  4. anil

    Hyderabad to Kolkata -Part #1 - East India

    Great details provided on the whole trip.. Thanx a lot for sharing..
  5. Beautiful pics there, I guess, this can be covered in 1 day from Hyderabad. Any Idea how Undavalli Caves are ?
  6. Pocharam looks quite a bit like an exploration site.. Never knew there existed a santuary in pocharam apart from that dam. Nice post @gowtham
  7. anil

    Hyderabad to Konaseema!

    The pictures look so beautiful and the place looks so serene.. Wonderful details in the log.. Thanks a lot for sharing this info.