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  1. Hyderabad-Dandeli-Goa-Chikmagalur-Hyderabad Road Trip

    @sagar @Ranger Is it safe to drive at night to Goa from Hyderabad?
  2. Hyderabad-Dandeli-Goa-Chikmagalur-Hyderabad Road Trip

    Thanks Ranger
  3. Hyderabad-Dandeli-Goa-Chikmagalur-Hyderabad Road Trip

    Thanks B@r@n
  4. I'm planning a 9 days road trip along with my wife. I have these places in my mind but not sure that the days are sufficient to travel these distance and explore the places. We are planning a stay at Dandeli for 1 or 2 days, & at Goa for another 1 or 2 Days. Your suggestions and feedback will be very helpful. I'm driving a Volkswagen polo 1.2 comfortline. Dhoodsagar & Jog falls are the few place,s I'm looking to explore on the way. Thank you.
  5. Hyderabad to Ooty road trip - Report

    Thank you guys for the feedback.. This coming weekend we r going to Pacherla jungle camp. and from there Srisailam.. any suggestions regarding must visit places..?
  6. Hyderabad to Ooty road trip - Report

    hi guys.. is this right time to visit Bandipur & Ooty..? Thinking of a road trip this coming 30th, 31st & Jan 1st.
  7. What is your best Mileage?

    Yes..its diesel
  8. What is your best Mileage?

    My Polo 1.2 comfortline Best is 23kmpl, Avrg is 21kmpl on Highways, City 13 to 15kmpl