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  1. kkkumar

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    The road between Kurnool and Kadapa is in good condition with three tollgates. you can reach kadapa in 6 hours from Hyderabad From kadapa to tirupathi is two lane road with many speed breakers.
  2. kkkumar

    Hyderabad to Wayanad road trip.

    I did this in jun 2016. One of my friend did in December 2017, he said roads are good.
  3. Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary - Kerala, India
  4. kkkumar

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    Via Rajempet Kadapa - Rajempet - Kodur - tirupathi Kadapa - Rayachoty - Pileru - tirupathi (Long route)
  5. kkkumar

    Favourite travel picture.

    Yes, you can carry but till will be extra luggage for you and you need to deposit money for every thing, they will return back if show the wrappers. if you throw your empty packets or bottles you wont get your money back.
  6. Good road to reach wayand via bandipur foresh. we need to drive slowly in the forest area. and we need to be little careful in ghat section with the opposite vehicle mainly ksrtc they will drive rashly.
  7. kkkumar

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    Hyderabad -> Kurnool is excellent. Kurnool to Allagada -> 4 lane road with on going work Allagada to Kadapa -> excellent 4 lane road . Kadapa -> Tirupati pathetic 2 lane road.
  8. kkkumar

    Hyderabad to Tirupati road trip guide

    If you are driving into kadapa. you can find may restaurants between kotireddy circle and NTR circle. and if you are driving into kadapa town it will make minimum of 20-30 mins difference with ring road. If you want to have non veg try Chennur biryani approximately 10 km before kadapa exactly after crossing Penna bridge. this is special in kadapa
  9. Yes, I did, Started around 4.00 AM reached Wayanad(maymorn holiday home) by 6.00 PM Hyderabad - Bangalore - Mysore - Wayanad. If you struck in Bangalore traffic it will take time.we spend more 2 hrs in Bangalore traffic.
  10. kkkumar

    Favourite travel picture.

    Hi, We have done this trip last year and we make sure to cover Chembra peak, so we booked holiday home near to the location (maymorn holiday home) approximately 15 km to Chembra peak. We have started our journey around 7 AM form the room to peak in our own vehicle(Scorpio), but in the middle we find a taxi stand and they suggest us not to take the vehicle upfront because of the road condition. so we hired a commander jeep from there for 700/- and after seeing the road condition we thought that we made good decision. Permission is not a big deal. just we need to give our head count and contact details.They will charge 500/- and send one guide with you for the trek and he will guide us the route. (Need to pay extra for Camera) we can not carry any plastic to the location. if we are carrying any water bottle we need to pay 100 for each and they will give it back when you come with same count of empty bottle. Total trek will be approximately 4 km in the middle it will be bit difficult as it was raining and slippery. I am sure that you will forget all the difficulties you faced once you reach the top.
  11. kkkumar

    Favourite travel picture.

    chembra peak, wayanad