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  1. [emoji108] Thanks for the new route admin Went through Vijayawada Twice..got confused twice... This new route definitely helps Sent from my Galaxy S8+ using India-Drive mobile app
  2. Is this a 2 way route ? Sent from my Galaxy S8+ using India-Drive mobile app
  3. @Vinay** Your Travelogue almost made me cry [emoji28] Beautiful write up.. Awesome pictures And a breathtaking place I couldn't wait till i completely read the travelogue to express this... You gave me a life goal... Sent from my Galaxy S8+ using India-Drive mobile app
  4. @mansur Glad that our posts helped Sent from my Galaxy S8+ using India-Drive mobile app
  5. I guess that is what exactly happened... The point till i reached...its regular road...some fly over works were happening on the way..but weren't a major obstruction nor traffic jams... Sent from my Galaxy S8+ using India-Drive mobile app
  6. I will post my Travelogue in under a month... DudhSagar waterfalls is closed for our cars... They have some cabs which provide Up & Down service for 400/- ( I mentioned 300/- in my earlier post....it is 400/-) That Dharwad road is beyond repair [emoji58] They should lay a Bypass road for that stretch.
  7. Yes, that was one good vacation Explored a lot. My travelogue is still due. Haven't even started writing it yet. Let me give you a small gist about Goa to Hyderabad route : We started off at 8 am from Baga Beach to DudhSagar Falls but unfortunately we dint make it to the falls as private vehicles weren't allowed to enter that route. We have to take a cab 15 km away from the falls which costed us 300/- per person + 50/- for car parking. We were quite disappointed on missing out on the falls but the road from dudhsagar falls(15 km away) to Karnataka Border was one hell of drive. The route goes through mountains. It has got the excellent views, the drive, the experience was GREAT. Road condition is very good, two lane national highway road. After entering Karnataka it's very much boring, sucks the life out of you, takes all your driving enthusiasm and throws it into the crapper Once you enter Bangalore highway and Hyderabad ORR, it is like a heaven. The road condition is good, 70% of it is two lane road, less traffic, so cruising over 100 is not an issue. But let me warn you, Once you enter dharwad, road condition is worst. Worst road of my entire trip. Some potholes are so bad, even a SUV can take under body hits. Bad stretch is around 8 kilometers, be cautious you will be fine. From raichur the road condition is very good. I've hit some bad patches near mahboobnagar as some road works were going on. From Jadcherla you enter the National Highway Big 4 lane highway *Refer google maps for better understanding ***Please have good playlist as Karnataka will drain you good mood :-/
  8. 4GSK

    Tips to plan a perfect road trip

    A very much helpful post... Thanks for sharing@sagar Sent from my D2502 using India-Drive mobile app
  9. I agree, movie stars and cricketers (&Mukesh Ambani [emoji16]) can bring change in road safety Virat Kohli endorses TVS, he could definitely teach some Road safety rather bragging about TVS' super bikes [emoji1] Salman Khan SHOULD spread awareness so that nobody makes a mistake that his DRIVER made [emoji111] Sent from my D2502 using India-Drive mobile app
  10. 4GSK

    Best car for long drives.

    As far as my expiriences go... 1) I Own a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Best comfort in class, can accommodate four 6 foot guys easily... Great boot space (510 litres) Great mileage 20 kmpl and above on highways High speed stability & breaking is questionable after 140 >140 is good Definitely not a car for a performance enthusiasts who like to cruise over 150 on highways... Very practical car in terms of cabin storage with lot of cubby holes and bottle holders Leg room, best in class. Most comfortable to drive with 4 people on board. Recently did a 3500km drive with zero strain. 2) Skoda Rapid From Hyderabad to Vizag Did this trip few years ago (2014 I guess) So impressions are based on old version of the Skoda rapid A far better highway cruiser than my Ciaz. High speed stability, breaking, handling, overtaking, power were exceptional but the suspension was very boucy..we could even feel the slightest patches on the road Mileage was around 17-18 kmpl Leg room was OK Boot space around 450 litres Rapid has a better insulated cabin than Ciaz. This comcludes my expirience [emoji5] Sent from my D2502 using India-Drive mobile app
  11. Thanks for Sharing [emoji2] Sent from my D2502 using India-Drive mobile app
  12. 4GSK

    Sunsets and Sunrise

    Sunset from Laknavaram Lake
  13. 4GSK

    Automotive photography.

    Facelift Rapid Looks Too cool Mistook for an Octavia