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  1. Why : Monsoon drive Where : Warangal and Laknavaram Lake Distance : 220 kilometres Ride : Fiesta 1.6 Fuel : Petrol Mileage : 15KMPL Best Route from Hyderabad to Warangal 2019: (updates) Hyderabad--> Ghatkesar --> Bhuvanagiri -->Jangaon --> Hanamkonda --> Lanknavaram Lake https://www.google.co.in/maps/dir/Hyderabad,+Telangana/Laknavaram+Cheruvu,+Telangana/@16.8273845,78.7899481,8.25z/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x3bcb99daeaebd2c7:0xae93b78392bafbc2!2m2!1d78.486671!2d17.385044!1m5!1m1!1s0x3a3375164120b7ab:0x9bc96a7ca0f462!2m2!1d80.0618743!2d18.1488657?hl=en Note : Warangal to Laknavaram Cheruvu is at a distance of 80 Kilometers. There is some other place called Laknavaram. Search for Laknavaram Cheruvu if you are using google maps. Places to Visit Laknavaram Lake Ramappa Temple Phakal Lake 1000 Pillar temple (Warangal) Warangal Fort (Laser Show) Temperatures started to dip in the second week of August and we started planning for a monsoon drive. We heard about a place called Laknavaram Lake, which is close to Warangal and decided to visit in a single day and come back. We started in the morning around 7 AM from Hyderabad. The road condition between Hyderabad to Bhuvanagiri was excellent as it was a newly laid 4-lane road with smooth tarmac and we lazily cruised at 120 km/hr. Once we crossed Bhuvanagiri, the road condition started to change as the 4-lane road merged into a 2-lane road. Bhuvanagiri to Hanamkonda road condition is good with some patches in between. It took us around 2 hours 40 minutes to reach Hanamkonda from Hyderabad and the Laknavaram lake is around 80 kilometres from Hanamkonda. The road condition is good, surrounded with greenery and hills. We had some good lunch at Telangana tourism Haritha hotel which is located just before Laknavaram Lake on the highway. It costed us 80/- per head for unlimited meals. After the lunch, we headed to Laknavaram lake taking a diversion towards the lake which is at a distance of 6 kilometres from the main road. Once we reached the lake we parked the car at a designated parking lot and bought an entry ticket. The first view of the lake is breathtaking as it was surrounded between hills, lush green islands and a bridge. Lake is spread around 10,000 acres with a bridge which connects two Islands offering a scenic view. It is around 160 meters in length and is the main attraction. There are rooms available on this island which can be booked in advance online. Boating facility is also available at the lake which includes both speed boats and normal boat rides. Due to the high waiting time, we decided to skip it for the next time. After spending 2 hours at the lake, we headed back to Warangal to visit the 1000 pillar temple and the Warangal fort. Unfortunately we missed the Ramappa temple which is situated near the lake. Warangal fort has a Light show at 6:30 PM, which explains the history of Warangal. We stayed for the Light show and headed back to Hyderabad.
  2. Car covers = Scratches, Inevitable!!
  3. driveking

    Day Trip to from Hyderabad to Bhuvanagiri fort

    Trek is easy. A beginner car do it without any problems. As LoneRanger suggested, you need to take good pair of shoes, last section can be slippery. Don't go during rain.
  4. I regularly commute on Hyderabad to Vijawayada highway, almost once in a month from the past 10 years. Hyderabad to Vijayawada distance :275 kilometers Year :2006 It is a single lane road, not enough to fit 3 vehicles at a time. It used take me 7 hours to travel from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. Blind curves. Highest accident ever occurred in the country. One of the busiest, mostly filled with trucks. Worst road condition, filled with unlimited potholes. Driving at night is a suicide.(zero visibility with those high beams) Some overtakes used to take me at least 15 minutes, Imagine 10 trucks trailing each other with no space between them, on a single lane! No proper hotels and washroom Worst fuel quality But I used to enjoy the drive, it is challenging and fun. Year :2017(after a decade) Now it has a 4-lane road, truck lay by lanes, emergency lanes and bridges across villages. It is taking me 4 hours from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. I am saving 3 hours. Many good hotels available, no issues with washrooms. Toll road, with road assistance and standby ambulance for safety. Continues patrol across the highway, last year a huge industrial truck was stuck on highway while taking u-turn. Patrol guys arrived within 15 minutes and took the situation under control. Hotels between Hyderabad to Vijayawada 1. Village Aharam : Malkapur First decent hotel on the highway 2. Highway 9 Restaurant : Nalgonda Good for break fast 3. Hotel Vivera : Nalgonda Recomended, If you are planning to diver towards Nalgonda. 4. Maa palle ruchulu : before suryapet Village style hotel, don't expect luxury. 5. Hotel 7 : suryapet Best in quality, very good washrooms. Recommended for families. 6. Numerous hotel in Suryapet. You get all types verities over here. 7. G-hotel : Suryapet 8.Once you cross Suryapet, you won't find any proper hotels, though you can find many road side dhabas. Please correct If i miss anything. Fuel stations You can find then in every 20 kilometers radius. Tolls It is a complete toll road, elevated 4-lane, on an average you pay around 1 rupee per kilometre, so it should be under 250/-
  5. driveking

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls Distance : 260 Kilometers Drive time : 6 hours (including breaks) Route: Hyderabad --> Jangaon --> Warangal --> Mulugu --> Peddagolla gudem --> Bogatha waterfalls Hyderabad to Warangal road is a mix of both 4-lane and 2-lane. Road condition is above average. Warangal to Bogatha waterfalls : Average road, 2-lane. But the drive is enjoyable as you go through forest. Bogatha waterfalls is a beautiful place. Water is very clean and fresh. Waterfalls is located in the middle of the forest. How to reach Bogatha Waterfalls? You need to walk down at least 2 kilometers to visit this place. The walk itself is fun as you go through the forest. It is not accessible via road. (less crowd ) Other places to cover en-route? You can cover Warangal and Laknavaram Lake which is en-route. Any stay options at Bogatha waterfalls? None, nearest stay is at Warangal or Laknavaram (Telangana tourism) Food(Restuarents) options at Bogatha Waterfalls? No proper hotels. I would suggest to carry your food. It will be fun having a small picnic. You can pack the food from Warangal. PC: Girish
  6. driveking

    55th Birthday Drive -Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar

    Love your travel reports. Great skill behind camera. At this age you are inspiring many young souls. Wish you belated happy birthday Like to see more travel stories, every year.
  7. driveking

    Hyderabad to Bidar - Maruti Ignis

    Lovely pictures, Can I know which camera is used?
  8. driveking

    Dash Cams in India

    Agree with your points, China is way ahead in technology now. We have to accept that fact. Their quality improved a lot, they are value for money. YI, OnePlus..list goes on. They proved that they can provide quality at a decent price. Unlike overpriced American brands.
  9. driveking

    Trip from Hyderabad to Coorg or Ooty by road

    Coorg is too hot summer. My suggest is to visit only Ooty and skip Coorg.
  10. driveking

    Hyderabad to Vikarabad breakfast drive

    Looks like a Africa, so much contrast. Any official summer drive meetups in Hyderabad?
  11. driveking

    A trip from Hyderabad to Warangal in Summer!

    Love the Baleno in blue shade. Pictures came out very well mate. Temperatures in Warangal are high compared to Hyderabad? What is the best time to visit, two days good enough to cover all the places?
  12. driveking

    In search of Big Cat, Hyderabad to Tadoba drive

    Wow lovely pictures. Any cheap stay options available in Tadoba?
  13. Evenings and mornings are good. Don't expect greenery. Grass is completely dry during our visit on feb. If it is a relaxing drive. Book a resort with view and enjoy. If you are planning to explore, avoid till monsoon. Hyderabad to Solapur is excellent except for 40 kilometres patch, road work under process. Solapur to Mahableshwar is not so great. Most of it is a single lane road. But roads are manageable.
  14. driveking

    Places to visit around Hyderabad for foreigners

    Excellent plan Sagar. I have to execute this plan for myself on some weekend. Except for Faluknama palace. Golconda fort is a must visit. If it is on weekend, try to visit on Saturday. Sunday it is over crowded. Reach the place by 8:30AM. Fort opens at 9AM. Crowd will be very less and it will be peaceful.
  15. driveking

    Hyderabad to Chirala route , seabreeze resort

    It will be too hot in March.(my home town ) Evening and early morning will be cool, mid will be unbearable. (humidity) Would suggest you to consider it before mid of February.
  16. Excellent pictures Sir, Fantastic details. Gone thorough the full post. You covered all the temple/architectures related places around Hyderabad in a single shot. I think your next destination will be Yaganti.
  17. driveking

    Amazon Eco Auto in India

    Amazon launched Echo Input. I am planning to consider it for my car. Any one used it? Can we use it in car? I also need an Echo input for my home theatre system. If this doesn't work out in my car. I will use it at my home.
  18. driveking

    Hyderabad to Hampi, Exploration drive meet.

    My Hampi trip is pending from years. Sadly, I have a client visit on that week. Can I add myself to the tentative list? Accommodations are booked in advance?
  19. Thank you for sharing the feedback. It will help a lot for our readers.
  20. driveking

    My new Ford Freestyle

    That 100PS machine is a rocket. Engine is very practical and less turbo lag.
  21. driveking

    Share your best mobile picture

    Which road is this one? Is it possible to create any competition?
  22. driveking

    Hyderabad to Bhutan Trip

    Super review. You covered most of the required information. hoping to see more logs from your end. Keep inspiring fellow members.
  23. New angle to look at. I think pictures is very blurry. How did you capture it? Did you take it in low lighting?
  24. driveking

    Hyderabad to Gandikota Camping

    Gandikota changed a lot since my last visit. I went there in 2014, Place is almost empty, we are the only people in Harita resort. Now it is very difficult to find an accommodation during a weekend. It became very commercial. Camping is exciting. Hope ID team plans a meetup to Gandikota.
  25. driveking

    Tips, suggestions and issues

    New Home page looks better now. 😀 Search on home page is a good move. It will be easy to navigate for the first timers. I know it is still under construction, because I can see updates every hour. 😛 Can you add a help section, like password reset, how to join drives, how to subscribe for alerts etc.