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    Hyderabad ORR

    Haha, All the fun on ORR came to an end. So 100km/hr decision is good in one way. Those poorly maintained cabs used to do 120km/hr on ORR, which is dangerous. With the increase in traffic during the recent months, it is good decision. With many IT cabs taking this route regularly, I won't mind 100km/hr limit. So how consistently they are checking? Are there any fixed cameras?
  2. driveking

    Singur Dam, India-Drive meetup

    Pictures are too good guys. I don't know this place even existed A visit in monsoon is on cards Nice work and from the pictures, I can tell you guys had an excellent day.
  3. driveking

    Steeplechasers, Off-road trails!

    Excellent post Ranger. Nice work done by steeplechasers. If I have 4x4, I would have jumped in right away. Do they provide any rental options at the venue.
  4. driveking

    Hyderabad to Kasol , Himachal Pradesh

    In one day and 8 hours, that is some serious driving. How many drivers in the car? How the road condition from Hyderabad to Delhi? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  5. driveking

    Hyderabad to Adilabad and Pochera water Falls

    Nice pictures sir, Perfect timing. With monsoon kicking in, many of our members will be driving to Kuntala waterfalls. I never heard of Pochara waterfalls. I will add a stopover at Pochara this time. Pochera waterfalls look small compared to kutala, my observation from pictures. Any other waterfalls around this area apart from 1. Kuntala waterfalls 2. Pochera waterfalls
  6. driveking

    Hyderabad Weekend Getaways under 200 kilometers

    Good to see more places adding up to the list. I will try to add few more places, when I get time. Will be very helpful for the road trip lovers.
  7. driveking

    Hyderabad to Singur dam roadtrip

    You guys are exploring very good places. Personally I have never heard about Singur Dam. Nice set of details ranger saran your pictures came out very good.
  8. driveking

    Hyderabad to Srisailam road trip and guide

    Nice pictures, wish I could join the group on some weekend. Few questions for you guys. Should I wait one more month, or the monsoon has already arrived? Is it crowded during weekends? Tiger Safari is worth the money/time?
  9. driveking

    Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Agree with you, Zaheerabad road is most unpredictable road in the country. Highway traffic combined with construction work [emoji5]️
  10. driveking

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Nice drive. Great captures@ranger. Weekend planning and meetup is for every weekend? Good to see a single topic for weekend drives. Is there a way to subscribe, so that we can get updates.
  11. driveking

    Hyderabad to Ahmedabad best route

    Most of the hotels and fuel stations between Hyderabad --> kalaburgai --> Solapur section does not have card facility. We had a tough time during our last drive. It is always better to carry enough cash when you are driving on State highways.
  12. driveking

    Hyderabad to Ahmedabad best route

    Avoid zaheerabad route, not worth it. Take a break at Pune. Day :1 Hyderabad to Pune Hyderabad to Solapur is in bad shape. Copying the details from Hyderabad to Pune post. Hyderabad --> Parigi --> Sedam --> Kalaburgai (Gulbarga) --> Solapur --> Pune Hyderabd to Parigi : Average Parigi to Sedam : above average (mix 2-lane toll road) Sedam to Kalaburgai : Excellent (2-lane road) Kalaburgai to Akkalkot : average (few bad stretches near to Akkalkot) Akkalkot to Solapur : average ( some bad stretches) Few tips: Carry enough cash Breakfast stop at Gulbarga (Lumbinis grand hotel, neat washrooms) Lunch stop at Solapur. (You can find plenty of dhabas from Solapur to Pune) Day:2 Pune to Ahmedabad Road condition is top notch, it is completely 4-lane. Can be easily done under 8 hours in a fast car.
  13. Get VXI mirrors from Maruti service center. It will cost you little high but it fits perfectly. We have done this in our old Swift.
  14. driveking

    Roads to select from Mumbai to Kolkata

    Which car you are driving? Are you with family or friends? If you are driving with family, I would suggest the following route. Mumbai --> Hyderabad --> Vishakapatam --> Kolkata I have updated Hyderabad route in the above post.
  15. driveking

    Roads to select from Mumbai to Kolkata

    Going to take 3 days, if you want to do without stress. I have done Nagpur to Kolkata, road is mix of 4-lane and 2-lane. It took me 2 days to cover. Your plan should be Day-1 Mumbai to Nagpur OYO rooms are available at Nagpur for good price. No idea about road condition. Day-2 Nagpur to Sambalpur Roads are bad, your average will be 50~60 km/hr without breaks. Day-3 Sambalpur to Kolkata Again bad roads, similar to Day 2 We stayed in road side hotels, accommodation in Sambalpur are average. Makemytrip has recently added new hotels, you can check them. If you have time, this is the ideal plan. Day :1 Mumbai to Hyderabad Mumbai to solapur : 4-lane Solapur to Hyderabad : 2-lane Day: 2 Hyderabad to Vizag (Vishakapatnam) Excellent roads, 4-lane all the way. Stay in a beach side resort. Day: 3 Vishakapatnam to Kolkata 4-Lane, Excellent roads with some coastal drive. Explore Pori beaches, If you have time.
  16. driveking

    Hyderabad to Udhagamandalam (Ooty) Drive

    Are you planning to do it in single day? Or Planning to halt at Bangalore/Mysuru?
  17. driveking

    Hyderabad to Cochin route

    You can comfortably do it in two days. Don't push it in a single day. It is going to be very stressful. Day-1 Hyderabad to Bangalore. If you are going on a weekday you can cover Nandi hills enroute. Day-2 Bangalore to Cochin. Complete road is 4-lane you will enjoy the drive in Vento. Get ready to spend around 1300/- on tolls. [emoji14] All the best and drive safe. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  18. driveking

    How to skip Vijayawada traffic, bypass road.

    Vijayawada IRR means inner ring road? I think I have driven on this road. They have constructed new flyover right?
  19. driveking

    Hyderabad ORR

    Almost 10 years. Paradise for car lovers. Hyderabad members can enjoy long drives in circles. Two circles is good enough for a weekend. [emoji14] Least price is under 20/- You can drive 160+ kilometers with 20 /-? I think they will keep some checkpoint?
  20. No words man, very passionately penned down review. saran andranger Haha You guys are planning to drive in civic? 40k is too high. vinay** What is the EcoSport mileage?
  21. driveking

    Go Goa Gone..!!! Hyderabad to Goa

    It depends on which part of Goa you are planning to enter. North Goa route is good compared to South Goa. Let me know which area you are planning to visit. Currently south Goa has very less activity due to summer heat, better to stay at North Goa.
  22. driveking

    Hyderabad ORR

    Yesterday night a swift did two 360 degree turns on ORR due to tire blast. He was driving 120+ can't judge the exact speed, must be around 140 km/hr It came to a halt after hitting the side barricade, no injuries to anyone. Luck guy. Guys please inspect tires before hitting ORR, high-speed runs will generate lot of heat, poor tires will lead to tire burst. Any new update on Hyderabad ORR. Now the circuit is almost complete. Anyone got a chance to complete 160 kilometers in a single stretch? New Street lights are added near the curves and exits. I hate those poles which disturbed the view.
  23. Drone footage and pictures are amazing guys. Which drone did you guys use? Great going guys, waiting for more of drives which is close to nature.
  24. driveking

    Mumbai to Hyderabad road condition and route updates

    Helpful information. Once solapur to Hyderabad road is completed, Mumbai to Hyderabad is going to be a stress free drive. Would love to see some pictures of Skoda Yeti, please click them on the return drive. Beautiful car which is neglected by Indian market.
  25. driveking

    Love of Photography

    Man that Eagle picture is amazing, what is the zoom, more than 200mm? You should upload pictures using mobile chrome for full clarity. Those pictures need a full resolution. App is compressing the images by default, less clarity in desktop. Looks good on the mobile though. Keep posting.