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  1. driveking

    Favourite travel picture.

    Good share kkkumar Never heard about this place n Wayanad. Can we carry food during such treks?
  2. Love the beach drive pictures. Did you install sunroof? How much does it cost? Any issues?
  3. One of the best/honest travel story. Loved reading your experience. Swift is an all rounder. I was impressed with Petrol mileage of Swift. What is your cruising speed?
  4. If your car is new. You will loose the electrical warranty in case of any electrical issue. I don't see too many advantages, Manual is good enough. But you still are planning to get one. Minister road is best place as @ravi688 suggested.
  5. driveking

    Spiti Circuit

    Wow, Spiti is a beautiful place. Roads will be closed by this month end. It is a dream destination for many road tip lovers like us. Thank you for sharing the information sbhamidi. This topic is will be very helpful during my drive. Will book mark it.
  6. driveking

    Mallela Thirtham waterfall / SriSailam

    I don't think dam Gates will be opening this year. May be we will get some clarity by this weekend. Quoting times of India article dated 4th October. HYDERABAD: Giving relief to both states, water level in the Srisailam reservoir is fast reaching full reservoir level (FRL). For the first time in the current year, the dam is receiving huge inflows from Jurala. Following copious rains in the upper Krishna basin, Srisailam has been receiving more than one lakh cusecs of flood water every day for the last few days.The water level at the dam has reached 880 feet against the FRL of 885 feet. According to irrigation officials, if the present flood continues for another two days, the reservoir will be full.
  7. driveking


    Excellent write-up mate. Fantastic pictures!! What is the maximum capacity of resort? Are they full during weekends?
  8. driveking

    HYDERABAD to GOA - Best route at present?

    Hyderbad to Goa has multiple route options. Once we ended up on a mud road for 50 kilometers. We missed few turns and the route was horrible. Don't trust Google maps. Mark each and every town en-route and use Google maps. This way you won't miss the route. Gangavati is the safest option. I have driven to hampi on that route. Road condition is good.
  9. driveking

    Kashmir tourism

    So nice to watch. Hope Kashmir tourism will be back. Nice share Ranger
  10. I had a following conversion with my colleague. Him: I got a full tank of bad fuel. Me: What is the issue? Him: Pick up is down and engine sound increased. Me: Any jerking, smoke? Him: Nope, only less pickup. Me: Frankly speaking from the past 10 years, I was never able to distinguish the difference between fuel stations. Him: You will understand, observe closely. Me: I tried BP, HP, shell and Indian Oil, all performed same for me. Him: Are you able to understand the difference between normal and Power petrol? Me: No, I tried power petrol, felt it is not worth the money. Him: You don't concentrate on your car while driving. Me: Frankly speaking, I never understood the difference between fuel qualities. What is your opinion guys?
  11. driveking

    Best fuel station in Hyderabad.

    Great, It is helpful. Any idea about which Indian cars can use Speed 97.
  12. Don't you guys think 3M is on the expensive side?
  13. driveking

    Best fuel station in Hyderabad.

    What is advantage of using speed97? There will be any performance/mileage difference?
  14. Beautiful pictures and narration. Brezza is missing in the list [emoji3] Which car performed well, obviously leaving THAR aside [emoji14]
  15. driveking

    Use of HAZARD LAMPS in India

    Good intiative Krish. Got to understand many important points. You post will definitely and discussions enlighten many.
  16. driveking

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

    Current status of bogatha waterfalls. This year water flow is little low. But still worth a shot for a quick getaway.
  17. driveking

    Hyderabad ORR

    So the speed limit increased to 105km/hr We have a 5km/hr buffer for people drive at 100km/hr, previously it was very difficult to maintain 100 km/hr 110km/hr would be more perfect
  18. driveking

    Vikarabad trails, off road

    Wrong car at the right place. I guess a hatchback can easily do it? Excellent pictures and great location. Civic is not meant for such roads. But appreciate you guys for the urge to explore.
  19. Perfect timing! I think Sub 4M rules should be implemented in a country like India. Indians love big cars. If the rules is not in place, all the cars would have bloted by now. Just my opinion! Excellent post Pralay. Very short and informative. Great writing skills [emoji108]
  20. Is it really Nallamalla Forest? Great write-up and crisp pictures. Driving Punto on those roads will be a drivers dream. How much does the resort cost? Is it including food?
  21. driveking

    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    You guys are back from monsoon drive? Any meetup plan this weekend?
  22. Taken from OnePlus 5? I'm impressed. I cannot take such pictures even from my DSLR. Honest and crisp review mate. All green, I should visit konaseema. I have underestimated this place. If I go to maredumilli, will I come across these fields.
  23. driveking

    Shankarpally, Hyderabad weekend getaway

    I guess, this place is around Pragathi resorts. Nice find guys. Will visit this place early in the morning. Any precautions to take? Is it very slippery?
  24. driveking

    A photolog, Dubai

    Those pictures are eye candy. Excellent write-up Kumsi, very inspiring. Waiting for more adventures. Please keep updating the post.