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  1. We cannot buy insurance from Bajaj without this device?
  2. driveking

    Hyderabad to Srisailam road trip and guide

    Anyone recently visited Srisailam? Need information for accommodation and road condition. I couldn't find any accommodations online.
  3. driveking

    Ananthagiri Hills, Vikarabad, Monsoon Magic

    Fantastic pictures. Apt title..Vikarabad definitely has monsoon magic. In summer it is very average. Monsoon, converts this place from barren land to green carpet.
  4. driveking

    Why this Struggle?

    Poor condition of the tire may not be true. From the video, I can see that it is new EcoSport and has decent grip. We don't need offroad tires for such scenarios. In this case it is clearly excess revving, heck he is even stalling the car. He is not able to get the sweet spot..😵 One should balance clutch+accelerator+traction and gain momentum. There are some cases where the traction is extremely low. Example in Vikarabad during rains it is very difficult to drive. Even in a 4x4 Pajero, we felt it is very tough. I think it is something to do with kind of mud.
  5. driveking

    Hyderabad to Chikamagalur road trip

    Wow, I missed this log. Fantastic information and pictures are marvellous. Justice for a monsoon getaway. I love the resort. If I am not wrong this resort is located enroute to waterfalls right?
  6. driveking

    India-Drive stickers

    NH7 for sure. For me it looks like Hyderabad-Bangalore highway.
  7. driveking

    Hyderabad To Omkareswar And Mahakaleswar

    Very good information. Thank you for sharing!
  8. driveking

    Hyderabad to Maredumilli Forest Road trip

    That will be a fantastic plan. Temperatures are still high around Rajahmundry. Last weekend, i thought of exploring the place but decided to drop out due to high temperatures. That route map is definitely in my to do list. As far as i know these places are still untouched..very less commercial tourism.
  9. driveking

    Hyderabad To Ethipothala Water Falls

    lovely captures. Your camera skills are excellent.
  10. driveking

    Hyderabad to Kohir hills, road trip

    You can find plenty of options on the highway.
  11. I am planning to drive down from Hyderabad to Nagpur on the coming week. Anyone has done this route recently. I drove this route 3 years back. I remember about some bad stretches once we cross Adilabad.
  12. driveking

    Hyderabad to Gottamgutta road trip

    So this destination is ideal during monsoon? Is it safe for trekking? Place looks very isolated from the images. I don't think this is family safe place! Interesting to see such a place. I guess it is Karnataka boarder.
  13. I agree on it. Picking up people from bus stops/crowded places doesn't make sense. But when you are highway or an isolated place. If someone needs help, I would be personally ready to help. Giving them lift or any other way. Last year when we are on the on the way NagarjunaSagar. A swift was stopped on the road side. They flagged me stop, I stopped and found out that their tire is flat. They asked me, If I can lend my spare tire, since there is no air their spare tire. Initially, I was bit reluctant but later..I gave them the spare tire. I followed him to the nearest tire shop. They got the patch work done and gave my tire back. Entire family thanked me multiple times. Usually, I'm little paranoid to help people on road. Even though I lost an hour+ time, his experience made me feel good.
  14. driveking

    Trip to Malaysia:: Langkawi->KL->Genting

    Nice information about Malaysia. Regarding Google vs Waze, it will be never ending debate. Google maps are way ahead when it comes to overall usage. But Waze is fun. It is very interactive and you get lot of necessary and unnecessary information. Waze has been official launched in India, but I don't see any progress, very few users. For Indian roads Waze will be very helpful with regular updates. We have never ending road closures/road work, Waze can help in providing updates. It is more like a community of maps.
  15. If this is true, App's like SRide are illegal? Few years back I read an article asking to help road victims. Source These rules are very contradicting. I don't understand where we are heading. I feel very sorry for the person who faced this harassment. Never knew that helping someone on road will be crime!
  16. Which is the best month to visit? Is it safe during monsoon? One of my colleague is planning to go down on this month end. He is tensed about rains.
  17. driveking

    Hyderabad airport parking details, RGIA

    There is construction going on at Airport. Some of the parkings towards McDonalds are closed.
  18. driveking

    Car Customization In Hyderabad

    All car accessories can do anything. Most of them source the work to freelancers. Now-a-days it is matter of contacts.
  19. haha, I think drain system must be implemented. The whole layout looks very modern, they must have some drain-out solution. Last week I passed via Raheja underpass during a moderate rain fall. I did not find any trace of water logging. Hope this helps!
  20. driveking

    Top 3 drives you want to do with ID family

    😍 Any information on destination? I need to plan my leaves in advance, can you please share some details?
  21. All the fast-tags on Hyderabad to Bangalore highway are in working condition? Im planning to drive down on this month end.
  22. So no one ever spotted tiger in this place?
  23. driveking

    Hyderabad ORR

    Very well said. I used to crib a lot about speed limit. But as the age is catching up, safety became a very important point. Remember the poor Honda Jazz owner who paid around 1.8 lakhs fine on Hyderabad ORR? He crossed speed limit around 127 times, poor chap. Is it lack of information or negligence? Speed guns on Hyderabad ORR are capturing around 5000 vehicles per day. So it turns out they are earning around 20 lakhs per day 😲 Increase numbers is due to increase in speed guns.
  24. driveking

    Hyderabad to Suryalanka beach, road trip

    Pictures are too good. Loved the planning on how to beat the crowd. I think govt. should give permissions to more resorts at different locations. They should spread the crowd. Problem with Suryalanka is only one approach road. Place became very commercial. Even Hamsaladeevi is in same state. It is getting crowded. Source: article Gollapalem Island. I am very interested in exploring this place. Anyone has explored this place?
  25. driveking

    Hyderabad to Leh by road

    Things to carry is already summarized by Ranger.(related to car) Carry torch, it is a must. Towing ropes, you can source them from Secundrabad(Ranigunj). Ask for 2 tonn+ sling ropes. Buy two ropes and 4 shackles. If you are not able to source towing ropes you can collect them from @karthik. These guys bought them during their winter drive to Himalayas. Medical: 1. Diamox 2. Avomine 3. Regular stuff(cold,fever,headache) Clothes: Carry winter wear,specially for the kids. Communication 1.Power bank is a must 2.Offline google maps 3.BSNL postpaid sim( good to have, I heard even Jio is doing good) 4. Car charger 5.Torch light Food: 1.Carry as much water as possible, always stock at least two liters per head and drink as much as possible to stay hydrated 2. Carry chocolates and biscuits