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  1. Superb stuff Sagar.Some pictures are just mind-blowing! So you sold your Honda City?
  2. driveking

    Hyderabad to Goa, Doodhsagar, Dandeli and Hampi

    Nice work Santosh. Very informative post. You have covered some of the toughest routes in a single trip.:eek:
  3. Planning to do Hampi from past 3 years but it has never been finalised. Now your picture tell me it is worth a drive. Log is very informative for the first timers.
  4. Laknavaram to Warangal took us 1 hour 30 minutes Thousand Pillar Temple was built during the period of the Kakatiya dynasty It stands out to be a masterpiece and achieved major heights in terms of architectural skills Tremendous architecture After the 1000 pillar temple we headed to the Warangal fort The fort was then the capital of the Kakatiya dynasty Preparations for the light show begun at 6:30 PM Show gave us the historical information about Warangal After 1 hour we bid good bye to Warangal and headed to Hyderabad
  5. The bridge measures 160 meters in length Thick forest on either side of the road During our return drive from Warangal
  6. Surrounded between the hills. First view of the beautiful Lake Lake surrounded by hills and forest Small Islands in the Lake Bridge connecting the Island is the main attraction
  7. Newly laid 4-lane road between Hyderabad and Bhuvanagiri Shots captured on the way Once we crossed Bhuvanagiri, the 4-lane road merged into a 2-lane road A chain of beautiful green hillocks There is a sign board on the main road for a diversion pointing towards the lake.
  8. We spotted elephants, deer and fox in Bandhipur forest during our return journey. Elephants Mother and its baby elephant Bandipur Forest road Pack of elephants Furious Fox After some breaks of photo session in the Bandipur forest, we started heading towards Mysore Palace of Mysore It is the official residence and seat of the Wodeyars” the Maharajas of Mysore As it started to get dark, first phase of lights turned ON After some time they turned ON all the lights Soon it turned dark and We started to head towards Hyderabad via Bangalore. We were back in Hyderabad by early morning. We covered a good amount of ground Chasing the Volvo B9R bus which is cruising above 120 kilometers per hour. Picture of the Toll tickets of the drive.
  9. Next day we drove towards highest point in Ooty Spot the house on hill top, We tried to get the details of the place, Falling short of time we decided to skip it for the next trip. A perfect place for the bird watchers Doddabetta is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Hills at 2,637m (8,650 feet). An observatory at the top of Doddabetta has 2 telescopes available for the public to enjoy the magnificent view of the whole district. Pictures from the return Journey Down hill drive towards Bandipur forest Quick tea break One of those random hair pin bends We reached Bandipur in 2 hours including breaks
  10. Where : Ooty (Udhagamandalam) Why : Hills and fresh air Ride : Swift Fuel : Diesel Mileage : 17kmpl Distance : 1800 kilometers Route : Hyderabad ---> Kurnool ---> Bangalore ---> Mysuru ---> Theppakadu (Take a left for 36 hair pins) ---> Ooty Road condition Hyderabad to Bangalore : Excellent 4-lane road (Toll) Bangalore to Mysuru : Good : 4-lane road (No tolls but heavy traffic) Mysuru to Theppakadu : Decent : Single lane road Theppakadu to Ooty : Decent : Single lane road (Ghat roads with excellent views, inexperienced drivers avoid this route) It was Friday afternoon and there was some strike in the Hyderabad city and most of my team mates were on leave. Have done all sorts of circus to kill the time. Get a coffee (multiple rounds) Check Mails Check account balance online Read news Online shopping (Check for good offers) Bookmyshow Read movie reviews Whatsapp, Social networking Roam around Play TT Browse Job portals Inline, i have started searching for the short weekend getaways. After some financial calculations engrossed on Srisailam i have decided to drive down the coming weekend. Having checked with friends, everyone were up for it and one of them ignites to the thought of starting off right then. Put up a quick request to my manager at work and he let me go for the day. We started off by 2 p.m. from Hi-tech city and cruised lazily on the beautiful ORR. One of my friend is not interested in Srisailam as he had visited the place just two weeks back then and started to change the plan as everyone got convinced and agreed to explore a new place. Next question, which place? and none had a clue of where to head. We exited the ORR and took the Bangalore highway. Having no other option we decided to enjoy the drive down to Bangalore and return back by Sunday. Traffic got thin as we crossed Jadcherla, and we hit the pedal to metal drive style and reached Bangalore by 11 PM. None of us had a clue on what to do next, and some one pitched in the idea of Ooty, with nothing much to do in Bangalore, we hit the Bangalore-Mysore highway and headed towards Bandipur forest. In Bandipur forest we spotted many deer, elephants and fox on the roads. After some photo sessions, we crossed Bandipur forest and took a 36 hairpin route and started to gun towards Ooty. Reached by 11 a.m. and checked into a hotel which costed us around 2000/- per night. We relaxed for some time and headed out for a local sightseeing. Now, i will let the pictures do the talking Tea break between Hyderabad and Bangalore. Thin traffic on the Bangalore roads is a rare sight. Bangalore to Mysuru 4-Lane Road Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary which is also known as Pakshi Kashi of Karnataka. We took some pictures at the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Bamboos We spotted an silent lake in the sanctuary Boating at the lake In Bandipur forest we spotted many deer Surrounded by a thick forest until Ooty Bandipur to Ooty, Next is up an hill drive with 36 hair pin bends Peacock As we reached Ooty, we headed out for local sightseeing. Pictures at Ooty Our drive for the tour
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    Go Goa Gone..!!! Hyderabad to Goa

    We started to trek up the Chapora fort from the Anjuna beach in the South. As we reached the top most point of the so called 'Dil Chahtha Hai' fort (Chapora fort). Close view of the fort as we got close to the fort The trek path we took to Chapora fort. Break during the trek with breath taking view of the Beach. Untouched beach very far away from the crowded beaches of Goa Anjuna beach A random click of our Ride A grey evening at the Anjuna beach Big old banyan tree Goa Jail Anjuna Beach Valentino Hotel at Calangute costed us 2k INR per night (A/C) which included a sitting lounge, a kitchen and a bedroom.
  12. driveking

    Go Goa Gone..!!! Hyderabad to Goa

    Palolem beach in the south of goa is far away from the commercial crowded North. If you are a nature lover who is looking for a less crowded beach, clean water and Islands, Palolem is a must visit place. Boat Journey from Palolem beach to the 'Butterfly Island'. View of the Palolem Beach from the Boat. Small Islands en-route to Butterfly Island. First view of the Butterfly Island. Butterfly shape of the hill is the reason it was named so The boat guy gave us 3 hours of time to spend which totally seemed private and a lonely beach The water seemed clear and non-polluted The boat that got us down to the Island. We started to explore the Island Returned to the Palolem beach after 3 hours Sunset at the Palolem beach.
  13. driveking

    Go Goa Gone..!!! Hyderabad to Goa

    We were charged us around 1k INR per person for the water sports. The price varies from season to season and u need to be hard on bargain as you might get cheated. Bumper ride for 2 The 'Banana' ride is one of my favourite rides. I will leave the best part of the ride in suspense until you experience it Parasailing was fun too
  14. driveking

    Go Goa Gone..!!! Hyderabad to Goa

    As we walked by the beach side the next morning Fort Aguada and the light house is a well-preserved 17th century Portuguese fort standing in Goa. View of the water body from the Fort Sinquerim Beach Taj stands by the Sinquerim Beach This ship probably stays there for ever as we always watched it every time we had come here. Historical constructions at the Sinquerim Beach
  15. driveking

    Go Goa Gone..!!! Hyderabad to Goa

    Breathtaking view at Amboli en-route Goa Google maps directed us to this short-cut which would save us a a drive of 40kms. Definitely a Fiat and Ford territory. After 20 kilometers the degrading phase of the road started to take a toll The next 30 kilometers took us around 3 hours :eek: But the views were damn scenic Once we reached Goa, checked into a hotel and headed to the beach. Beautiful Sunset One last pic by the end of day :cool:
  16. driveking

    Go Goa Gone..!!! Hyderabad to Goa

    Amboli is a hill station in the south of Maharashtra, India at an altitude of 690 meters. It is the last hill station before the coastal highlands of Goa and a relatively an unexplored one. Divert from NH4 to Goa via Amboli Ghat Clouds, greenery, villages and cool breeze on the ghat. Clouds, hills and forests left an impression Sahayadri Hills of the Western India Drive through the Cloud's. Water falls at the Amboli Ghat section Very less water flow during the right season
  17. driveking

    Go Goa Gone..!!! Hyderabad to Goa

    Early morning sunrise En route to Goa We spotted a mob of deers crossing the highway. Wind mills en-route Single lane roads are always fun to drive when there is smooth tarmac and less traffic. Flawless 4-lane road, NH 4A Reliable work horse En-route to the 'Amboli' Ghat