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  1. Pinaki

    Some Memories from Dubai

    @sagar planning for Dubai in Sep . This time will take safari pictures for sure.
  2. Pinaki

    Some Memories from Dubai

    Coonoor in April end . Probably Sri Lanka, Lakswadeep and Philippines.
  3. Pinaki

    Some Memories from Dubai

    @sagarYes, if you read my article and if I speak of something about Dubai.. its a the desert Safari! I am planning to revisit in Sep again and the only thing I want to repeat from the first visit is Safari! The experience is so so different and it was indeed first time for me to have a safari! .....I could not click much pictures but would love to click this time.
  4. @sagarnow see my Dubai post
  5. Thank you Thank you
  6. Pinaki

    "See" the "Sea" at Chirala from Hyderabad

    Looking forward! See my other write up on Andamaan too.
  7. Pinaki

    "See" the "Sea" at Chirala from Hyderabad

    @RangerSea Breeze. I would recommend give a try in Sep/Oct once the season starts and the weather gets cooler.
  8. Pinaki

    "See" the "Sea" at Chirala from Hyderabad

    @sagarLooks like finally someone is back.. are we expecting overnight camp now?
  9. Pinaki

    "See" the "Sea" at Chirala from Hyderabad

    You are right! Considering there is almost nothing around, the place is very decent. I did give a try with Lotus Buddha... I would not go back though the staff and management were pretty decent and good. Sea Breeze is trying its best to cope with the footfall of visitors and the littering committed by the same tourist group. I don't blame the management alone however yes there are scopes for improvement for sure.
  10. Pinaki

    "See" the "Sea" at Chirala from Hyderabad

    @Rangeryes we did that route. The plastics are all over now. Last Sep and Oct, it was all clean. The three resorts on this route are Sea Breeze Palm Hotel Lotus Buddha.
  11. Pinaki

    "See" the "Sea" at Chirala from Hyderabad

    @Rangerwow you were in Chirala. Fantastic. This looks amazing. Where did you put up? Did you find any interesting spot that you want to share with us?
  12. Pinaki

    "See" the "Sea" at Chirala from Hyderabad

    @Sridhar Tandra Kotappa Konda was really great! If I had no height issue, I would have trekk from new Temple at the top to the old temple at the top most. The place has some kind of mystery and adventure hidden around the hills of the old temple at the top! I wish if we have accommodation available. A night stay would not be a problem. I am keen with Kolleru Lake and Machilipatnam Beach. Do they have options for stay?
  13. Pinaki

    A Mini Travelogue, Hyderabad to Suryalanka Beach.

    @RedCruiser at Miriyalduga , we stopped and had lunch at Vishnavi Hotel. It was pretty decent. In summer one can stop for Lassi at this restaurant. The glass is so tall, it will fill up for long.
  14. Pinaki

    "See" the "Sea" at Chirala from Hyderabad

    @Ranger you made my day! If I don't have any commitment, I promise to be on this drive at any cost. Only thing is - we need to get the booking done asap for a good crowd visiting the resort. I guess two months in advance should help.