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  1. Wow!! Nice post with beautiful pictures!!
    Seems you had a very great family time!!
    That accommodation looks really good!! I never knew that there were fun water games too!! Is there any package for all these water games included along with the accommodation?

    Thank you for sharing

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  2. Action cam pictures from my side, ignore the quality. Photo log from Village aharam to Rachakonda Fort.

    Breakfast time, village Aharam guys consigned a separate dining area for India-Drive members


    After having a yummy organic breakfast and tea, we headed towards the fort.


    Narrow village roads cutting through the beautiful hillocks.


    For a minute stay calm and look at the sky and contemplate how amazing Life is ---.


    Soon the roads became narrow and dusty.


    We reached the destination in no time.

     Even if you guys are not interested in forts, I would suggest you take a drive on these beautiful village roads.



    Thank you.

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  3. ₹1200 for a tent. 4 per tent. If you want to go there take a proper off-roader 4*4 is not a necessity there unless you do heavy off-roading. Take a vehicle which can manage bad roads, sharp turns, u turns in a single lane road and which can sometimes Cross a bad road with small wooden logs because there near some area you can even come across wild animals in the morning. Go with a group of people who are prepared to take risk if you want to explore some beautiful, lonely, lush green, dense forest.
    The name itself brings excitement in my heart.

    Thank you for the info and suggestions@krish!! Will definitely go to this place with my friends
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  4. On 1/25/2017 at 9:42 PM, TDI said:

    Wow!! Amazing and perfect click !! How much time it took for you to capture this moment??


    14 hours ago, Krish said:
    Sunrise at RK Beach Visakhapatnam. View from Tenneti Park view point.

    One more perfect click!! Beautiful

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  5. Nice post with lot of information and good review though!

    I agree to the point that there are lot of accidents on ORR. Especially to the people who travel early in the morning with high speed and also to those who Drives all the way through bumpy roads and once the tyre touches ORR, changes their driving mode to relaxed driving and falls asleep!!

    I have been to movie towers and I say it's a very good spot for photo shoot and then hangout with friends in penalty box for a quick tea break!

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  6. Very informative post!!
    Hotel 7 is our breakfast stop every month while traveling to my hometown!!
    Good quality food and apt service.

    Roads are really good that we could reach Vijayawada in just 4hrs!!

    Guys Please start off early especially during festival time!! You will reach 2hrs late if you are lazy enough to start early in the morning!!

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  7. We reached our first stop at the destination besides the Nagarjunasagar dam which seemed quite dry with no water around



    We got involved with our principle photo-shoot at the pit-stop


    Group picture.





    We paced up towards our next stop before we headed for lunch i.e, Boating point towards the Nagarjunakonda Island





    The roads throughout this place seemed quite good for a smooth drive



    All the 7 cars besides the dam



    Covering the entire convoy in frame is a tough job. Time to get a wide angle lens.




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  8. Our last meet-up of the year 2016 was planned a just 2 weeks ahead of our meet up and our excitement towards meeting all the new India-Drive men started to prevail. Well, it had finally happened on a Saturday i.e. 10th December-2016 which turned out to be more fun than what we have anticipated. 



    All the 7 cars who attended the meet have lined up for a short introductory session:)



    We set our own pace towards the destination by not missing out on 'India-Drive's' convoy 



    That's how you space up with the car ahead of yours :D


    Those long curves are fun to drive. But overall road condition is average.



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  9. 'Year end day drive' - Hyderabad to Nagarjunasagar drive meet - Report

    After a wonderful start of drive meetups this year, we're here again to celebrate our drive of the year 2016 together.


    When: December 10th 2016

    Where: Nagarjunasagar

    Distance: ~180 kms

    Start point : Gachibowli ORR

    End point : Nagarjunakonda Island

    Hyderabad to Nagarjunasagar Route
    Hyderabad --> Yacharam --> Mallepalli --> Nagarjuna sagar dam --> Nagarjunasagar

    In layman terms it is straight road(Hyderabadi: Highway pakkad ke seedha jaavo :D). Once you hit the highway no diversions required.


    Cover pic:




    1) Hyundai i20 Elite

    2) Ford Figo Aspire

    3) Renault Duster

    4) Hyundai Creta

    5) Honda Civic (Black)

    6) Honda Civic (Red)

    7) Skoda Octavia

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