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  1. We bid Goodbye to Island. And started our return journey to Launch station. Views en route Boat timings Clicked a picture at the Launch station. After some refreshments. We hit the road.
  2. Nature at its best. Exploring deep into the Island, We came to the edge of the Island and there was lone tree. Megalith Age Burial Area 2nd century A.D. Random Monuments. Buddha statue. Scary tree. Guide map of Nagarjuna Konda Island. Island exploration lasted for an hour after that we started waiting for the boat.
  3. Don't miss the goats in the background. We started going deeper into the river. First glimpse of the beautiful Island. Boat standing over there acts as a bridge. we got down quickly and started climbing steps. Museum,photos are not allowed inside. Views from the Island.
  4. Ethipothala Water Falls is a is a 70 feet (21 m) high river cascade. It is located at a distance of 12 Kilometres from Nagarjunasagar dam. We can see that it is bone dry due to less rains.It is must visit place during monsoon. After Eithpothala water falls visit, we started back to Narjunasagar. View of the bridge. We parked our car at a paid parking and headed towards APDC launch station. They charged us 120/- per head for a boat ride. Boat journey lasted for an hour (one way). The breath of fresh air and water surrounded by hillocks made our day. Views enroute to Island. First boat already coming after Island visit. Fisherman on coracle.
  5. We resumed our journey after 15 minutes break. Soon the scenery started to change from boring roads to a hilly terrain. Then slowly we started to climb the hills. Stop over for the lunch at A.P tourism hotel. View from the AP tourism resort. We quickly resumed our journey in order to catch the ferry which will take us to Nagarjunakonda Island. Neatly maintained dam road where the private vehicles are not allowed. We stopped over the bridge which is parallel to the dam to click pictures. View of the dam from the bridge.
  6. Bumper sticker speaks it all. After crossing the ORR , It is the single lane road for the next leg of the journey. Most of the journey is uneventful.We can easily maintain around 100 km/hr. Beautiful scenic roads surrounded by trees. Immensely enjoyable to drive on these long sweeping curves. We took couple of breaks to click few pictures.
  7. Trip meter set to zero and we are started off our journey In no time we hit the Outer ring road at Gachibowli. Cruise set to 100 km/hr we cruised lazily for the first 60 kilometers. At exit 12 we got down from the ORR and paid 50/- at the toll booth. We took a quick break and clicked few pictures. Slowly, the sun started to rise up. Outer ring road is arguably the best road to drive in India.
  8. Hey Kulmeet, Stay at Vijayawada is not a problem.There are plenty of OYO rooms available. Even though if you use Google maps make sure you go through each and every place given in the route. Let me know If you need any further information.:cooler:
  9. Thank you all. May be we can include this place for the next india-drive meet? Locals discourage you to take your own vehicle as they want to charge money for the trip. There is no problem as long as you follow the track. If you want to make your own road you defiantly need a 4*4. Any car can do the regular track.
  10. Our return journey pumped us with a small stream line with the beautiful greenery on either side. We were in awestruck by seeing this natural view with a combination of green and brownish red. Fisherman take their boats from here towards the river. Road to Vijayawada gave us "Stress free journey". This amazing fields on our way back to home, made our trip complete. Mr. Sun waving Good-bye to us
  11. Here we go, The beautiful Bay of Bengal The sand bed is at a same level for until 1 km, we haven't risked further though . It is a paradise for the swimmers. Mr.Sun welcoming us for a free tan on the beach. You can see people going a little further into the sea and still at a same height. Huge waves kicking in some fun. The other side of the beach has an extraordinary view. One of the best is, crabs building their homes by sand balls with beautiful designs everywhere.
  12. Capturing the leafy moments And the boats went deep into the ocean and faded away. The port area Have you ever seen a Honda city shying off at the river The sticks in the background are clear indicators of the water depth. Leafy moments II Random click. Can anyone figure out? All set to go on a beach drive
  13. Hamsaladeevi village welcoming us with the beautiful hay bundle We found ourselves so lucky on our way to the beach as this empty land had offered us a chance to sight the meeting point closer. Usually, it is filled with water during high tides and heavy rains. City showing off Getting ready for the drive on the sand bed. It is a 3 kilometers drive to reach the meeting point On our way to the river Krishna and Bay of Bengal meeting point This sandy land had some air to breathe As the port has heavy Tidal waves, we can see slight difference in water colour. But you can figure out the meeting point from a distance with the waves striking the river. Even our city wants to pose with the beach One more click please, says the city to the photographer Fishermen on their duty.
  14. We will join the meet. Thank you Sagar.
  15. Wow, that railway tracks seems to be really scary. Lohagad fort is amazing. Nice post Gowtham with beautiful pictures. How is the present road condition to Matheran?
  16. shammy

    Hyderabad to Goa, Doodhsagar, Dandeli and Hampi

    Nice post santosh. I heard a lot about doodhsagar and its beauty and your recent visit with all the details mentioned interests me more to drive down to the place. Any other places to visit in dhoodhsagar apart from waterfalls?
  17. Sagar, you have snapped the most beautiful pictures of 'LEH' with all the details. Reading your post planted an urge to plan this amazing trip next year. I think there are frequent landslides once in a while but sounds adventurous though. We are looking forward to join you guys from the next trip.
  18. Wonderful photography Karthik. We have covered all the places from the list except underground shiva temple. Your pictures explained everything what we missed.
  19. I heard a lot about this place but never been there before. Pics are beautiful with nice description Gowtham. Loosing the wheel traction on the soft mud sounds adventurous.
  20. shammy

    Go Goa Gone..!!! Hyderabad to Goa

    Driveking, You have richly explained Goa with astonishing pictures. We are planning to cover this place in our South India trip which is in December and thanks for the "places to visit" apparently we found what we are looking for. I heard a lot about "rent a bike" in Goa. Is it worth roaming in local on a bike and cover all the places? We are planning to travel in Innova the entire trip.
  21. Fantastic photography and excellent description Kumsi. Nice post pal. I been to Hampi recently and we took Route 2 and the road condition near ballari was very disturbing and the weather in Hampi gave us free tan for 5 years:p. But the place was amazing and worth visiting though.
  22. Remarkably attractive pictures. Sagar!! . Thanks a lot for making our trip more easier. We are 7 members planning to travel across south India this December in Innova. I found almost everything i need in this post - "The places to visit". I also need information regarding accommodation too keeping in mind, that there are 3 girls in our group. Do we need to book a hotel in advance, are there any specifics? or we can find easily when we reach each destination?