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  1. Thank you very much:). Best time to visit this place is during monsoon as the dams are opened at this time.
  2. Amazing pics Gowtham and nice write up!!! This is the Best time to visit ananthagiri hills and explore the forest!! I think there is one more kayaking from hills and valley resorts!! But Kotpally kayaking is far better than hills and valley due to it's water level. It is Worth visiting this place!!
  3. nice write up with detailed information Gowtham .
  4. Wow, this place is amazing!! Nice write up Nitin. how is the bamboo chicken . How safe it is for a family to visit this place?
  5. Ready to pose!! Here comes the poser with a celebrity look in his eyes!! Last picture to end the day in a good mood. Overall, I would rate this place average in summer. It will be better in monsoon for sure.
  6. This is the entrance for Pillalamarri mini zoo which has snakes, different bird species and deers in it. Our beautiful national bird "Peacock". Different animals caged inside the fencing. (its a small facility, don't expect huge variety ) Spotted a deer holding a disposable glass, proudly looking at his friends that he has found something. Can you spot his family at a distance chilling under the shade I love this tree, wish I could stand near it and click one of mine . Found few mini temples inside the zoo. On our way back to Hyderabad, found these bamboo like trees.
  7. This entrance gave us the feeling that we couldn't spend more than 10 mins. But our entire perspective has changed when we started searching for the parent tree as every tree seemed to be the same. Time flew like a comet when we finished the "parent root search game (The Great Banyan vs The Human)". After looking at the natural arch, I just had to muddle through wondering "How complicated it has grown!!" It was a big puzzle for us to find the parent tree. So we started our game and by looking at each tree, everything seems to be the parent and ended up losing with the Great Banyan. Thanks to Great Banyan for growing up so complicated and letting humans loose:cry: We can see the natural geometric shapes here and there. This looks like a wedding arch decorated with green leaves. I was shocked for a second by looking at this. It looked like a giant octopus with a human hand on one side and with multiple tentacles.:shock: Observe carefully !!
  8. Road condition update (2016): Good news for the people planning to visit Ananthagiri Hills. Recently we did a road trip from Hyderabad to Ananthagiri hills, New roads are laid and most of the potholes are covered. It took us only 3 hours from ORR to Anathagiri Hills. Want to update you guys as Monsoon is near by. It is must visit place during rainy season. Route : Hyderabad --> Chilkur --> chevella --> Vikarabad -->Ananthagiri Hills Map for the first time visitors. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n3441[/ATTACH]
  9. Distance : ~ 100 kilometers. Drive time :~ 2 hours. Road condition : Excellent from Hyderabad to Mahbubnagar, last 20 kilometers is average. Restaurants : Drive Inn on NH7.  Best Route: Hyderabad --> Shamshabad --> Jadcharla --> Mahbubnagar [ATTACH=CONFIG]n3619[/ATTACH] Pillalamarri is an 800 year old Banyan tree in Mahabubnagar. The branches of the tree are spread over an area of 3 acres. Some people claim that it can provide shade to around 1000 people at a time. Best time to visit is during the rainy season. Let the pictures do the talking. We took a small video of the place to give you better idea. Watch it in 1080P.
  10. shammy

    Hyderabad to Gulbarga Road Trip

    Poorly maintained roads inside the fort area Main entrance of the fort. View of the fort walls from the outside. We reached the hotel, Packed our stuff and Started back to Hyderabad. When we were lazily cruising back after a heavy disappointment at the fort, we found two peacocks crossing the road which got back a little charm on faces.. We took a small break and Started back after the peacocks left. We reached Hyderabad by 9PM. Visit Gulbarga fort, If you have covered all the other weekend getaways around Hyderabad.:fight:
  11. shammy

    Hyderabad to Gulbarga Road Trip

    Old artillery guns on the top of the fort. Some more pictures on the top of the fort. Temperature was soaring high in Gulbarga. Strictly avoid this place during summer. We took some rest under these tombs and started back to the Parking. Ruins at the fort Stair way at the entrance of the fort. Best view of the fort.
  12. shammy

    Hyderabad to Gulbarga Road Trip

    We started on a Sunday afternoon when the traffic was less. The road condition was average for the first 50 kilometers. We had a lunch break at Green lands dhaba, which has decent ambiance. Food tasted better than we expected. Post lunch break, we diverted from Vikarabad highway to Parigi. Road condition got better and we increased our speed. The last 80 kilometers of journey was on a 2-lane toll road which is very neatly maintained and the roads are arrow straight. Civic poses with 'india-drive' Toll road = 70/- Last picture for the day. We reached Gulbarga by evening and checked into the Heritage Inn hotel which was pre booked. Next day as the marriage got over, we had an hour of free time. With no 2nd thought in mind we visited the famous Gulbarga fort. ​Fort is very poorly maintained :angry:. There is no entrance or parking fee. View of Jamma Masjid from the top of the fort. Empty parking lot. We are the only visitors in the entire fort area. We did not even find a single person around.
  13. shammy

    Hyderabad to Gulbarga Road Trip

    Distance :~ 220 Kilometers Drive time : ~4 hours Road : 2 lane average. Food joints : Available only under first 50 kilometers, after that it is tough to find a proper place for families. Accommodation : Heritage Inn (one of the best and economical hotel in Gulbarga) Best Route: Hyderabad --> Chevella --> Manneguda (take left ) --> Pargi --> Sedam --> Gulbarga Hyderabad to Manneguda : Road condition is very bad. Need to be careful due to many unexpected potholes. Manneguda to Pargi : Road condition is improved and you will enjoy the drive on the twisty roads. Pargi to Gulbarga : Toll road. Road condition is excellent. Arrow straight roads. Toll price is 70/- INR. Places to visit : Gulbarga Fort On the first week of this month. We planned to visit a friend's marriage at Gulbarga which was a two day plan, Start on Sunday afternoon and return back by Monday evening. Obvious and convenient choice is by road. Gulbarga fort worth a visit for Hyderabad travelers? My answer is a definite "NO". Gulbarga has nothing much to offer. Fort is very poorly maintained and temperatures are very high during the summer. Let the pictures do the talking.
  14. Installed the RTA m-wallet, it is user friendly. Some issue with IOS and It is all ok, on my Andriod tab. What happens If the phone has got switched off :search: Good initiative taken by Telangana Govt. It should get implemented across India because we still need to carry documents if we are planning for a out of state trip. For the first version App is fine. But there should be lot of improvements on the next versions to make it better without errors.
  15. shammy

    Nearest beaches to visit from Hyderabad.

    You are welcome Hamsaladeevi will not get commercial until they start building some resorts. Accessibility is tough without a private vehicle.
  16. shammy

    Nearest beaches to visit from Hyderabad.

    Hamsaladeevi Beach : A hidden paradise for beach lovers. Distance : ~370 Kilometers Route : Hyderabad-> Suryapet-> Vijayawada-> Pedapulipaka-> Madduru-> Thotlavalluru-> Nimmagadda-> Avanigadda-> Nagayalanka-> Chodavaram-> Hamsaladeevi Beach Road condition : Hyderabad to Vijayawada 4-lane. Vijayawada to Hamsaladeevi beach 2-lane above average road to poor. Food Joints : En-route you can find many food joints at Suryapet. Would recommend hotel 7. Hotels : None at Hamsaladeevi Beach. Book a stay at Vijawayada. You can find OYO rooms for 1500/-. More details : http://www.india-drive.com/forum/mai...andhra-pradesh Important points Route : Following the above mention route strictly else you will be in soup. Do not follow google maps blindly, make sure you pass through each and every place mentioned. Carry your own food and water. Once you reach the Hamsaladeevi beach you need to drive down another 2 kilometers on the sand bed to see the river and ocean meeting point which is called as Sagar Sangamam. Locals discourage you to not to take your own vehicle on the lake bed. (as they run jeeps and autos). It a paradise for swimmers even for the amateurs .(shallow waters) Drive on the Wast lake bed. Distance is around 2 Kilometers. Follow the tracks. Don't drive on unknown paths. River meeting the ocean. Sagara Sangamam. Cleanest beach -- zero plastic. Beach is deserted during weekdays. Source of those leaves on the beach. Nature at its best.
  17. shammy

    Nearest beaches to visit from Hyderabad.

    Suryalanka Beach Distance : ~320 Kilometers Route : Hyderabad -> Suryapet->Vijayawada-> Guntur -> Bapatla-> Suryalanka Road condition : Hyderabad to Guntur 4-lane. Guntur to Bapatla 2-lane above average road. Food Joints : En-route you can find many food joints at Suryapet. Would recommend hotel 7. Hotels : AP Tourism with beach view. Book the rooms in advance. Zero chances of getting the room directly. More details :http://www.india-drive.com/forum/main-forum/hyderabad/1243-hyderabad-to-suryalanka-beach-bapatla-and-bhavani-island-andhra-pradesh Important Points Book the resort in advance. It is always full! Vehicles are not allowed on to the beach during Sunday and Holidays, due to heavy crowd(Except early morning). Ideal plan is to start on Friday and drive back home on Sunday. Make sure you get a wash after you come back home. Cars don't like salt water. Beach resort price list Nearest beach from Hyderabad Drive on the beach. Chances of getting stuck are rare. But do not drive deep into the water. Dry canals Drive on empty canals AP tourism hotel with beach view
  18. shammy

    Nearest beaches to visit from Hyderabad.

    Want to visit the nearest beach from Hyderabad? Want to drive on the beach? Want to drive on the Wast lake bed? Want to drive on the dry canals? Want to see the place where river and ocean meets? Who wouldn't love to feel the wet grainy sand beneath your bare feet and hear the whisper of splashing rhythmic waves crashing against rocks. Under the uncomfortable hot sun building a sand castle and knocked down by your friends, collecting the sea shells and put them into a bag. When you hear the word "beach", the nearest place that strikes in your mind is "Costal Andhra". There are very few beaches to visit and have fun with your pals and loved ones under 400 kilometers. To all the beach lovers out there, here are the two beaches closer to Hyderabad. Suryalanka Beach Hamsaladeevi Beach
  19. shammy

    Hyderabad Weekend Getaways under 200 kilometers

    Thanks for sharing this post Gowtham. This is very helpful for us to go on a short drive from our hectic weekdays. There are few forts like Bhongir, Rachakonda, Devarakonda near Nalgonda which are below 150kms I guess. And also Medak fort. Are these forts worth visiting? I think there are many forts near nalgonda, mahabubnagar, nizamabad.
  20. shammy

    Tips to plan a perfect road trip

    Nice tips guys. Will add some more points. Which helps in avoiding the issues when you are travelling with women. Avoid night journeys specially when you are travelling through rural areas. Never give lift to unknown people on highways. If there an emergency always call cops. Toll roads will have an emergency contact printed on the toll slip. Stop at decent food joints which has a proper wash room facility. Avoid making an eye contact with strangers on roads which may indulge in road rage. Always keep your car doors locked. ​Make sure your mobile is fully charged. Will add some more points later.:fight:
  21. Boat ride to the Island is amazing. A must visit place.
  22. Thank you. Nagarjunasagar is always a quick getaway place for many Hyderabadies. Hope this information is helpful.
  23. Thank you Nothing can stop the itch to scorch tarmac. Thank you. Island was the main reason to initiate the drive.:cooler:
  24. No trip is complete without the pictures of the car. Stopped at the bridge and had a refreshing juice watching the beautiful sunset. It took us 3 hours to reach the ORR. Took some pictures in the tunnel. And headed back home. Civic has split personality. Mileage varies from 8KMPL to 16KMPL depending on how you drive.Total trip :374 Kilometers door to door.