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  1. We reached our first stop at the destination besides the Nagarjunasagar dam which seemed quite dry with no water around We got involved with our principle photo-shoot at the pit-stop Group picture. We paced up towards our next stop before we headed for lunch i.e, Boating point towards the Nagarjunakonda Island The roads throughout this place seemed quite good for a smooth drive All the 7 cars besides the dam Covering the entire convoy in frame is a tough job. Time to get a wide angle lens.
  2. Our last meet-up of the year 2016 was planned a just 2 weeks ahead of our meet up and our excitement towards meeting all the new India-Drive men started to prevail. Well, it had finally happened on a Saturday i.e. 10th December-2016 which turned out to be more fun than what we have anticipated. All the 7 cars who attended the meet have lined up for a short introductory session We set our own pace towards the destination by not missing out on 'India-Drive's' convoy That's how you space up with the car ahead of yours Those long curves are fun to drive. But overall road condition is average.
  3. shammy

    Hyderabad to Kerala route query

    Hi guys, I will be traveling to Kerala with my family for new year. Has anyone been to Kerala recently? If so, please update the present road condition and also the route suggestions.
  4. Does these services react as soon as they get the call? I never tried!! But the post is really useful for everyone in need!!
  5. Did anyone use this when caught by the cops? I have seen no one who checks the docs through app!! All they want is documents hard copy!! Anyone had any experience?please let me know!! Very curious about how the app works in real time!!
  6. shammy

    Nearest beaches to visit from Hyderabad.

    wow!! Sounds cool!! Howz your experience there? Did you find any accommodation nearby? Waiting for more details and pictures!!
  7. pictures are very beautiful and the story behind the itenerary took me to an imaginary world as if I was visiting the places around in Pune!! narrated very well!! That off roading spot seems like a real adventure
  8. shammy

    Hyderabad to Guntur route updates

    Third route is a life saver!! If they lay proper road from kondamodu to Guntur, then third route is a complete drive relief to all the drivers!! Has anyone took this route? What is the present road condition from kondamodu to Guntur?we are planning to take this route this month!! We used to take first route and To cross the Vijayawada traffic It will atleast take 1hour near kanaka Durga temple!! Nagarjuna sagar route is very dangerous during nights especially!! All the private travels go on this route to save time!! Guys it is safe to avoid this route!!
  9. Oh God!! This is really dangerous yet very adventurous and most challenging road to show off the driving skills !! It will take forever to cross if there is any vehicle opposite I guess !! And also midnight driving on these narrow roads sounds very scary!! These guys are crazy!! video is very professional.
  10. beautiful pictures and written well!! What if the forest closes before we reach? Will you find any safe accommodations for families nearby to stay for one night?
  11. shammy

    Nearest beaches to visit from Hyderabad.

    Did anyone visit any of the beaches again above? I am little curious about your experiences!! I am planning to go for one of them before entering into 2017!
  12. Taking those 400 steps is one hell of a tiring job!! But definitely it's worth a visit to these waterfalls during monsoon!! How is the present road condition? I've been to this place long back!! Did anyone visit the place recently?
  13. Nice write up with beautiful pics and Videos!!! Forest route you took is really adventurous with lot of green trees around and definitely an big NO to families I guess!! Since its monsoon, did you spot any wild animal by any chance? Did you take any permission to go through this forest route? is there any camping spot nearby?
  14. Wow!! Very informative post!! Food plaza above toll is a very good idea but during rush festival seasons, everyone will try to fit into that food plaza which again blocks the traffic creating a chaotic situation near the toll road!! What do you guys say?
  15. shammy

    Dash Cams in India

    Dash cams are really helpful!! Long story cut short! We faced a situation few days back where a speedy biker(without helmet) suddenly appeared infront of our car(moving slowly. I can say gear 1) and started blaming us pointing that it's our mistake. We saved the video immediately from the dash cam and showed it to the people who surrounded us!! Everyone realised whose mistake it was and dispersed!! So guys dash cam is a must in every car!! Indian government should make it mandatory for every car makers to install the dash cam by default!!
  16. Paid toll through Paytm today for the first time and the Process seems very easy!! You just need to scan the barcode which was pasted on the right side of the box. Hope this cashless system stays forever
  17. Pictures are really beautiful!! Nice write up!! How is the present road condition from mysuru to theppakadu? Has anyone been to ooty recently??
  18. I heard from my friends that there is one hotel on top of the hills with beautiful view. Mayura pine. you can try this. You cannot expect much from this hotel but you can opt this for the view.
  19. I heard from my friends that there is one hotel on top of the hills with beautiful view. Mayura pine. you can try this. You cannot expect much from this hotel but you can opt this for the view.
  20. shammy

    Spiti valley drive in winter.

    Wow!! spiti in winter is a real adventure!! These guys are crazy.:eek: But this is one of the place's where your real talent in driving comes into picture . We did this in summer last year. It was an amazing adventure trip!! We faced many landslides and had to stay back one whole day without food and water!! But yeah one of the must visit best places. Has anyone been to spiti recently?If so Please share your exciting spiti travel stories here!!:idea:
  21. Road scraping Lamborghinis are likely to have highest damage of chassis and under-body in India. I have seen a black Lambo struggling to pass the speed breaker on Hyderabad roads recently. Probably, the owner should change his car's suspension system from (default)lower to higher to get a life :cooler: on Indian roads as well .
  22. Finally!! If this idea goes well, there won't be any long wait during festival season too. Time, energy and speed can be maintained as well . Good move NHAI!! Looking forward for this new electronic toll pay system. Thanks for the information @driveking
  23. shammy

    How to get Fast tag for highway tolls

    Somehow that detector failed to scan the tag and we made cash payment. I think position of the tag must be in the middle of the front mirror to work properly. Did anyone else try fast tag? If so please let me know the experiences with it.
  24. Nice write up @sagar!!! Truly it was an amazing drive !! Places are really worth visiting!! If it isn't for fog,we would have captured more view point beauty!! One of the most memorable drive's so far!!