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  1. shammy

    Automotive photography.

    Chikmagalur road trip
  2. shammy

    Singur Dam, India-Drive meetup

    This exploration drive was really amazing. Place was very peaceful and beautiful. Had so much fun with the India-Drive folks today. Found few dried crab legs here and there😜. Size of them is still a mystery to me. Due to my never ending storage issues, I couldn't capture much apart from the below HDR.
  3. shammy

    Love of Photography

  4. We finally made it during the first week of June and one of the memorable drives so far. It was really a fascinating experience in ooty. In a short period of time, we made new friendships in this meet. few pics from my side.
  5. Thank you each and everyone for making this drive an awesome and fun filled one. It was such a successful event and pleasure to meet everyone in person. It was one stress free trip. Apparently we had a great fun from drive till food. Indeed, We made new friends..and this was absolutely one of the best meet ups. Two selfies from my side:
  6. shammy

    Sunsets and Sunrise

    Father son beach time, Mandavi Gujarat.
  7. shammy

    Love of Photography

    Awesome click!! Amazing view!![emoji106]
  8. shammy

    Love of Photography

    Nice!! Where was this picture taken?
  9. shammy

    Love of Photography

    Super shot!!
  10. shammy

    An exploration drive on the Hyderabad ORR.

    Wow!!! Amazing photoshoot!! Especially parting shot pic is really cool!!! How much mileage did both the cars give?
  11. shammy

    Trip to Thatipudi (Vizianagaram Dist.)

    Nice post!! And your car's color is really awesome!! Pictures are beautiful!! Never heard of this place before!! If we want to stay, are there any nearest good accommodations in thatipudi?
  12. shammy

    Premier padmini 1986 model

    Car looks amazing!! Authentic stuff!! Can't take my eye away from the car!! And the color of the car was really cool!! Nice clicks
  13. Yes you will meet all the like minded enthusiasts and I am pretty sure that you will definitely gonna love this group!! You can check our website for more information and updates.
  14. View of the Warangal highway from the top of the hill during our trek A panoramic view of the whole Bhongir town There is a railing along the steps to support you during the trek And then we were almost there The fort on the top does not have much to offer as it is very old and ruined, but you are going to love these steep rocks while you climb up By the 18th century, the fort has fallen into decay, and until recently, it had just remained a silent fortification ruin. Tej + Sruthika - One of the most cheerful couples in the crew Don't forget to climb the roof! Mission Accomplished! We then rested between the human spoilt inside walls of the fort and trekked down back to the base Over all, It has been a wonderful drive and trek with a great crew of enthusiasts.. Looking forward to join you guys for the upcoming drives this year. Cheers!