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  1. Journey to a Mysterious Island in the backwaters of the Nagarjunasagar reservoir Where: Backwaters of Nagarjunasagar reservoir When: November 18th - 19th, 2017 Distance: 160 Kilometers from Hyderabad Objective: A small gathering with the 'India-drive family' in one of the Islands of NagarjunaSagar reservoir for an overnight camp under the beautiful night skies to study the star trials. Participants: 1) Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 2) Chevrolet Beat 3) Hyundai i20 Elite 4) Hyundai i20 Active 5) Maruti Suzuki S-Cross 6) Hyundai Verna 7) Renault Duster (Brown) 8) Renault Duster (Grey) 9) Hyundai Creta Route: Hyderabad - Pedda Mungal - Vizag Colony Little intro about Vizag Colony: Two dozen families migrated from Vishakapatnam district about 60 years ago to work on the Nagarjunasagar dam and today they have built up a village for themselves having 700+ members in Chandampet mandal in Nalgonda district and named it Vizag Colony. The place is surrounded by hills and irrigation lands having NagarjunaSagar reservoir on one side and the back waters on the other. Road Conditions: - Awesome single lane wide road from Hyderabad till Kondamallepalli. - Kondamallepalli to Vizag Colony it is a narrow single road in good condition. Google Maps: Vizag Colony - https://goo.gl/maps/DkxruhW2niu Important Points: Carry Water & snacks Carry Food preparation materials or take/buy prepared food which can last for days depending on your stay Carry life jackets & tents Mosquitoes repellent Torch lights Powerbanks Available network (Airtel, Jio) Food joints on Hyderabad - NagarjunaSagar Highway: Sai Annapurna hotels (veg), Google maps : https://goo.gl/maps/qK64agvUpqm Kaveri Family dhaba (Non-Veg), Google maps : https://goo.gl/maps/nQPLuhBck5A2 We started the drive around 12:00 PM from Gachibowli (ORR) in 3 cars picking up Dheeraj (Hats club) along with the tents and the life jackets. We cruised through the ORR and reached the NagarjunaSagar exit to gather along with other India Drive members. We quickly arranged the tents and the life jackets in all cars and started our drive towards the destination. We stopped at Kaveri Family Dhaba for lunch and hit the road again. We reached the destination by 4:30 PM. The road took us alongside the backwaters of NagarjunaSagar reservoir. We spotted few tiny islands and some fishermen in coracles. We reached the destination (Vizag Colony) in our cars. From here we took a book ride towards the Island. We parked the cars and took the boat packing all our stuffs and the journey took almost 20 minutes to reach the Island. And, we had a Pet participation (Heidi - German Shepherd) brought by Harshita & Neeraja. As the number of participants were more and so as their luggages, the boat had to do two trips. By the time the second trip got over, it got become dark and we were all up for a night trek :D. We started the trek carrying the luggages taking few breaks in between as it wasn't an easy task doing it through the thorny bushes. We reached the top by 8:30 PM. We quickly pitched in our tents at a desired location on the top of the hill. Once the tents were arranged, we all gathered at one place to watch the stars. And to our surprise, it was not just the stars but also the constellations which were quite visible to our naked eyes lying on the rocks. Dheeraj explained us about the stars and some astronomical facts as we asked few questions and he answered them without any hesitation. Thanks a lot Dheeraj for the wonderful stare gazing session. Once the session is over, we tried capturing some stars. Almost everyone were tired after a tiring trek and we decided to have our dinner near the tents. Few decided to sleep after the dinner, few sat together and started discussing about cars and road trips. Late in the night, Dheeraj assembled the telescope and few of us have witnessed a closer view of the stars. Also, we spotted a lot of shooting stars. We woke-up early in the morning to witness the beautiful sunrise. Ready to view the sunrise: The sun showed up in it's glory. (I missed to capture it from the beginning where it rised from the backside of a mountain) The higher it had raised, the brighter it had shined. India-Drive members started enjoying it from the top of the hill. The beauty shines to reflect over the water. By the time the sun went up, we decided to pack our stuff and trek down the hill. Everyone started clicking pictures as Heidi was just enjoying the early morning walk over the hill. A panoramic view from our camp site: Our tents setup: (Panoramic view) Fogs surrounds the mountains. Had few discussions before we packed the things. In the meantime, we made sure that we din't spoil the nature. We carried back all trash bags to keep it clean and disposed them after reaching the shore. We started walking down to catch our boat. Panoramic View of the Boat boarding point in the Island. We started preparing tea until the boat had come for the pickup. First batch boarded the boat to reach our car parking. Heidi was having some fun roaming around the Island Cranes everywhere, catching their prey Fisherman ON Duty: Not sure about the name. But, I think it's a grey heron. Boat arrives for the second pickup. Time to leave the Island (Didn't feel like leaving this peaceful place) We boarded the boat and set everything ready for the launch: Few birds chasing their prey. They look beautiful when they fly low. Tiny Island on the way. Cranes waiting for the fishes. And we finally saw our cars The location was so beautiful and peaceful. Definitely a must go place to enjoy the weekend. Thanks to Gowtham and Sagar for arranging such a wonderful trip. And a great mention to Dheeraj for finding such a beautiful place and helping us reach the place, explaining the stars. Thanks a lot guys! You guys rock as always. Huge Thanks to the participants. You guys are amazing! Showing great interest from the trip start to the end. Though the trek was bit tiring, everyone helped each other and enjoyed the trip. Thanks to Harshita and Neeraaja for bringing Heidi which we never expected. She was so beautiful and brave. I hope she enjoyed the trip. It was great meeting @sbhamidi @Sainath @Mahendra @neerjanath @kaustav @amruth @venu for the first time. The kids Sreshta & Arnav were so energetic and had a lot of fun. See you guys in the next India-Drive meetup. Cheers Saran
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    Love of Photography

    On a fine rainy day! β›± Sent from my S7 - Using India-Drive App
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    Hyderabad ORR

    if I'm not wrong, it must be more than 200kms if the circle is closed. i have done many drives in ORR covering all stretches except that 1 cut piece. it has come more than 190kms. I heard that the completion of ORR will have 220 kms.
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    Best contributors of the year - 2017

    I'm very happy to be a part of India-Drive family. @Admins, thanks for choosing me as one of the contributors for the year. Congrats to the winners!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I wish everyone safe drive & journey. Happy Drives. Cheers!!☺☺😊
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    Hyderabad to Kochi, Kerala.

    Awesome pictures@Arif.
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    Hyderabad to Gottamgutta road trip

    Thanks@Sridhar [emoji4] Place is very remote. So, good if there is 4 to 5 guys if you are planning a trip with family. We haven't seen any food venue there as we went in the early morning. But, there is a gated park. Seen a building inside. Might have a canteen type. However, not sure about it.
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    Hyderabad to Gottamgutta road trip

    Gottam Gutta is beautiful place. Must visit. Few clicks from my side.
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    Hyderabad international Auto Show 2017.

    Thanks for sharing your experience@Redcruiser. As@Sagar said, i also heard about the line up and also came to know that most of the display exotic cars are still same from 2015. It's high time for the organisation to upgrade and expand their show with more latest models. I think nowadays, more than Autoexpo we can see exotic cars on roads in action.
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    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Yep... i agree to you
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    Hyderabad drive Meetups

    Location backside of HCU. Near HCU helipad . Falls right behind Gachibowli stadium. Needs to go from the entrance of TNGOs colony before Q city . Ideal location for photoshoots and u can spot as many peacocks and few birds too.
  11. Thanks Arif. Looking forward for the future trip. I ll try to join as well[emoji4]
  12. They dont provide life jackets. We have to carry on our own. I think you are referring the fishing boats. They are safe. But it's suggested to go in group to this place. Atleast 10 people.
  13. Yeah@raman. Before this trip we took 2 civic and explored this place. Couldn't explore much due to ground clearance issue. So we decided to take these cars.
  14. Thanks@vivek. [emoji4] Happy to join you for the next trip[emoji4][emoji4]
  15. Yeah. It was a great experience we had.. beautiful morning [emoji4]
  16. Hey Raman.. Thanks bro. The island is pretty big which might take 2 days to cover completely. But surrounded by thorny bushes. Its a complete isolated island.
  17. Thanks bro. Yeah! We were very eager in our island trip. So not much of time for clicking car pics[emoji16] We had 9 cars this time. [emoji5]
  18. Hey bro.. Thanks [emoji4]. Yeah we missed you. The place was amazing...
  19. Hey bro.. Thanks [emoji4]. Yeah we missed you. The place was amazing...
  20. Me being in hyd, its the last trip. But will join India-Drive for any trip to Tamil Nadu. And, once I'm settled, will join any trip wherever it is. Will drive from chennai and join you guys for sure.[emoji4]
  21. Still not working.. it crashes everytime. Thanks
  22. Admins: Currently Whatsapp is not working. If there is any update regarding the drive, please update here. Thanks