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  1. I missed the beautiful nature.... Thanks for the detailed report...
  2. Hyderabad to Mulshi ghat and Tamhini ghat

    A beautiful journey to travel back with your post @Omik thank you for the amazing post. As @Sridhar Tandra said you induced the energy in to the lazy Tuesday.
  3. SOME moments you experience while travelling end up completely blowing you away, in ways you'd never have expected. They stay with you forever, and years later you still smile at the fond memories. The urge to stand at the edge and push yourself to try something that makes you conscious of being in that situation is what Adventure is.... The journey is never about the destination, it’s about the fun! I acknowledge each and every one who was part of the Drive, we added another memory for life....India Drive is all about experiencing Life and Celebrating Life.... [emoji120] [emoji120]
  4. Confirmed list:1. Ranger +1 2. Sagar +1 3.Prabhu+3
  5. Hyderabad to Kasol , Himachal Pradesh

    Wow. [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108][emoji108][emoji108]
  6. Hyderabad to Kodaikanal road trip

    Breath taking photographs. Nice work Arif.
  7. Hyderabad, weekend drive Meetups

    Bidar fort has massive ruins, would be under 150 Kilometers from Hyderabad. Bidar Fort, Bahmani Tombs, Choukhandi can be visited during the weekend.