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  1. TDI

    Automotive photography.

    Yeah...for sure... Please initiate.
  2. TDI

    Automotive photography.

    Yeah. We went Mominpet to find pitch dark place.
  3. TDI

    Automotive photography.

    Night photography star trails. #Premier Padmini
  4. TDI

    Automotive photography.

    thank you. Yellow 1999 black 2003 Thank you sagar. Location at Sultanpur. An abounded plots venture.
  5. TDI

    Automotive photography.

    Mitsubishi Lancer folks meet.
  6. TDI

    Hyderabad to Kohir hills, road trip

    It was a great meet with Gowtham, Saran and Varun. I really enjoyed the drive with you guys... The weather is so nice for this event. Yeah...It's our first meet and made memorable.... Thanks again Gowtham for invitation for this Automotive photography event.
  7. TDI

    Hyderabad to Varanasi route update

    Very nice info. Sent from my Iris X8 L using India-Drive mobile app
  8. TDI

    Automotive photography.

    Looks original yaar. Sent from my Iris X8 L using India-Drive mobile app
  9. TDI

    Automotive photography.

    Toy car [emoji15] [emoji15] [emoji15]
  10. TDI

    Automotive photography.

    Yeah [emoji3]
  11. TDI

    Automotive photography.

    Pleasant drive- Pleasant photography theme. At Kohir X road.
  12. Awesome .... And for particular no reason also there is a trip [emoji4][emoji4][emoji4] Sent from my Iris X8 L using India-Drive mobile app
  13. TDI

    Premier padmini 1986 model

    Yeah. Thankyou[emoji3]
  14. TDI

    Premier padmini 1986 model

    1984 bro. Our member@shiva satthiraju's cat it is. 1984 model it is.
  15. TDI

    Premier padmini 1986 model

    thankyou thanks gowtham