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  1. brteja

    Hyderabad to Kodaikanal road trip

    Brilliant stuff sir. Respect for the pictures that you have captured and the way you have potrayed your whole holiday. Vattakanal is one place I always wanted to visit. If I mauy ask, I have heard a lot about the magic mushrooms over there. Is it a fantasy or in real
  2. brteja

    Hyderabad to Wayanad road trip.

    Wayanad during monsoon looks awesome. I have been to Wayanad before but it was during the month of December. It was peaceful but rain is what i have missed at that place. Looks really beautiful and pleasant to spend a holiday.
  3. brteja

    Hyderabad to Singur dam roadtrip

    Awesome pictures @Saran and @Ranger The place so close to Hyderabad is the best part and definitely a peaceful one. I like it this way rather than developing tourism over here and spoiling the beauty of the place.
  4. brteja

    Go Goa Gone..!!! Hyderabad to Goa

    I have done both the above route in the last week of April and would suggest you to take the Hyderabad - Raichur - Bagalkote - Goa route which I found the best. Take the other route Via Belagavi only if you want to enjoy the scenic ghat of Amboli enroute
  5. brteja

    Hyderabad to Konaseema!

    @Ravi Brilliant stuff bro, I am getting to see your pics again after our Gandikota drive meet up. sagar and Kashyap, you pics are no less, Over all a superb post about the hidden paradise in Andhrapradesh. Thanks a lot for sharing all the information
  6. @gowtham great work on the post. I always thought there was nothing exciting apart from the church towards medhak and you have proved me wrong. Your photolog always inspires me towards exploring new places out of nothing. Thanks for sharing and i will soon checkout this sanctuary you have mentioned about
  7. @sagar @gowtham @saran @teju .. Awesome stuff guys, And I must say you guys are really good in showing up a whole compiled video of the whole whole drive. I still remember the time lapse of our Gandikota drive and trek you guys shared with me. Looking forward for the next drive to join you guys. Excited to meet the new members of the group
  8. Hi guys, I have recently done a road trip to Vizag and tried 2 routes.. would like to share the status update with you Route 1 - Hyderabad - Suryapet - Khamam - Devarapalli - dommeru - godavari 4th bridge - Vizag Route 2 - Hyderabad - Vijayawada - Gundugolanu jn take left - dommeru - godavari 4th bridge - Vizag Route 1 points - 26 KM less compare to route 2, Two way from Suyapet to Dommeru, Less Traffic compare to Vijayawada highway, Around 40 KM roads are full of potholes that can damage your cars, So you need to slow down and drive carefully. Except that 40 KM roads are good and you can maintain a safe speed up tp 80 to 90. You can save around 300 RS toll charage. Route 2 points - Streeless drive compared to route 1. Complete smooth 4 ways except 50 km from Gundugolanu jn to dommeru. This 50 KM two way road also in excellent condition and this is shortcut to avoid NH 5 distance. You need to take Vijawada by pass after Gollapudi junction NH 9 to avoid Vijayawada traffic till Ramavarappadu junction Eluru road..
  9. My pick will be to take the Bangalore highway.. the drive be a relaxed one..
  10. Good write up. Request you to give a heads up to all the members of 'India-Drive' before you venture out for these drives. I don't want to miss this next time..
  11. Beautiful pictorial report.. I've met few members of this drive during the previous drive meet to Gandikota. Amazing crew and it's fun to be around some like minded souls. I feel bad that I've missed out on this drive. Looking forward to make it for the next drive
  12. Wonderful meet up report sagar. You have made us relive our trip through this travelogue.. Reading this makes me itch to do this circuit again. Thanks a ton for sharing
  13. The main ingredient of this travelogue is the drive itself.. Excellent and meticulously planned drive.. Great work