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  1. mansur

    Bidar Fort an Half full filled Thirst

    Lovely travel story and nice pictures.. good information.. very helpful post. Thanks for sharing
  2. mansur

    Hyderabad to Mulshi ghat and Tamhini ghat

    Monsoon brings magic to the western ghats. I am seriously waiting to join a drive meet during this monsoon with you guys
  3. Hi @Judge Dred, Check the links below for more updates and queries on your requirement.
  4. mansur

    Hyderabad Weekend Getaways under 200 kilometers

    Kohir hills is another place I've heard of around Hyderabad which is unexplored. Please share a link if there is any in this forum. TIA
  5. Awesome drive meet at an awesome place. All the pictures look so perfect
  6. mansur

    Hyderabad to Mulshi ghat and Tamhini ghat

    Is the next monsoon drive planned yet? I am eagerly waiting to join the drive meet saving my leaves for it. Please do keep me updated
  7. mansur

    Apple IphoneX vs Road trips

    I would probably go on a road trip with my friends to Bhutan .. One of my most awaited road trips which is being stopped by my office commitments.
  8. mansur

    Hyderabad to Mulshi ghat and Tamhini ghat

    Amazing pictures.. amazing story.. and amazing people... I love this group. I wish I could attend atleast one among the upcoming drives
  9. mansur

    Exploring Mancherial district, Telangana

    I have been to the Kawal tiger reserve last month (June 2017) which was about 300km from Hyderabad, 70 km from Nirmal. It was a 2 day trip with an overnight stay at Harita resort in Kawal tiger reserve. Harita resort had to be booked online. The place was serene no doubt about it but the resort was very poorly maintained. Very disappointed with my visit. Not at all suitable for people traveling with families. Stained towels and bed sheets are untidy. Arrogant and irresponsible staff. Food was also bad. There is no compound to this resort and you would find the villagers with in the resort roaming freely around and playing in the resort play area which I felt was quite unsafe. The safari timings were between 9 am to 5 pm. The safari lasted for about 1 hour 45 minutes which we were taken in an open jeep. It was a nice experience. We could sport few deers and wild boars. Don't expect to sight any tigers as you would be disappointed. If it rains, the safari wont be available.
  10. mansur

    Hyderabad to Wayanad road trip.

    Lovely pictures @teju b. Wayanad looks absolutely beautiful during the monsoon. can these places be covered in a weekend considering Saturday and Sunday?
  11. mansur

    Hyderabad to Singur dam roadtrip

    Wow, some new place around Hyderabad to explore. Had no idea that Singur dam existed this close to Hyderabad. Will definitely be there soon with my crew
  12. I feel this is something to do with import parity when such process is being inculcated, it will be the cost of one importing oil for oneself. It does not account to the cost of production and distribution in the country but considers since intentional index. The cost of production and distribution in India is much lower than other countries. Still the oil companies insist on this parity price. This actually removes the companies in improving efficiency of their outrun and reduce the cost as they are already making huge margins. For instance, Reliance who imports crude oil, refines it and export it for sale makes huge profits. The amount of margin that these companies play with is quite evident here. The only beneficiary of the daily price would be the oil companies and no one else. The problem in this equals to a clear day light robbery by these oil companies.
  13. I have been there 2 weeks back.. even though it was not raining and the water content was suitable, we were not allowed to do it. Our trip to do Kayaking turned out to be a disappointment as I had gone with my family exclusively for that.
  14. mansur

    Hyderabad to Kohir hills, road trip

    superb stuff guys.. Do we have any drift videos lined up in this thread ?
  15. I have been following this forum for quite some months and the information available in these such posts and travelogs here are so brilliant and helpful. Would like to thank a few members whose information on things has helped me a lot during the past few months. @Ranger @sagar @Saran @sbhamidi @pralay @4gsk @siju @shiva @driveking @balag Thanks a lot guys. Looking forward for more logs which would be helpful. Thanks to the admins for creating such a good platform for information sharing amongst the roadtrippers.