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  1. Hi members, I’ve been to jog falls today. It’s so beautiful and mesmerising.
  2. Hi @ujwal, Lovely thread.. I am planning to this place for the August 15th long weekend. Would it be the right time and any idea about how the flow would be at Jog falls..? Any other inputs are welcome Thanks in advance.
  3. ullas

    Hyderabad to Coorg - Kodagu Exploration Drive

    Awesome meet up team.. pictures speak a lot of fun involved
  4. Road trip to Chitradurga Route taken: (530 kms) Hyderabad ---- Mahbubnagar ---- Kurnool ----- Ananthapur ----- Challekere ------ Chitradurga Car driven: Chevrolet Tavera Hotel stay: Hotel Aishwarya Fort - 1450 INR / room When we reached Chitradurga on a fine evening during our visit to the place for a friend's wedding. We had not much information about the place when we arrived there as we have not heard about the Chitradurga fort before. But, we decided to have a look of it. We were a bit apprehensive in the beginning but when we reached to Chitradurga fort, all our worries vanished. Chitradurga is a well known place in Karnataka. Someone looking for tourism in Karnataka will find Chitradurga fort as one of the top destinations which is 200 km from Bangalore city and is easy to reach by road. This Fort is also called as 'Kallina Kote' (Stone Fort). The region is closely associated with Mahabharata. Chitradurga fort witnessed history from the period of Chalukyas empire. This fort was built and expanded by different rulers such as Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas and Hoysalas but the golden era of this fort was between 14th to 18th centuries. I am sharing a small picture log of my visit to this place. At the entrance of the Chitradurga Fort A view of the fort from Tuppada Kola (a pond inside the fort) A tank built for rain-water harvesting during those times.
  5. ullas

    Hyderabad to Kochi route

    Hi team, I am planning to do my first long drive to my home town during a long holiday for Dussera at the end of this month. I am planning to drive down to Kochi from Gachibowli in the Hyundai i20 Elite. Can someone suggest me the best route which can be taken. If possible an Itinerary as well. TIA
  6. Hi I have done the Mahabaleshwar drive last week...The trip was truly satisfying and enjoyable. Sure will share the travelogue and photos sometime as time permits. Kaas was a bit of a disappointment, Though sceneries and vistas around are pretty good, we did not see many flowers as expected, nothing like coloured landscapes. I would suggest you to start early as the crowd multiplies by around noon.
  7. [uSER=298]raman[/uSER] [uSER=15]gowtham[/uSER] [uSER=23]uday[/uSER] ..Thanks a lot for those informative updates guys.. Pleased by this quick response..
  8. Hi guys , Im basically based out of Kerala and recently settled here in Hyderabad. I'm planning to drive down to Vizag on a drive during the Christmas weekend between Dec. 24th to 27th. Can somebody please suggest me the best route to reach Vizag from Hyderabad.. Also, please suggest me the best places to cover around Vizag and good accommodation. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have been to almost all the popular temples in Karnataka except this.. Will be heading to these hidden temples very shortly.. Thanks a lot for the effort in documenting the details so clearly..
  10. Amazing post .. It is so wonderful to see photos of my native and the roads I travel the most. Brings back a nostalgic feeling inside me..
  11. This is the most important post which would be helpful for everyone driving a car. Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful information
  12. Hi bro, awesome pictures. Could you please tell me the location of the waterfall in vikarabad..? I have been there many a times but i haven't heard about it any time..
  13. Fabulous report for a fantastic overnight road trip. Great pictures sagar and Ravi. I'm sure it must have definitely been a task for the coordinators. Hope to be a part of one such trip in future
  14. Superb and a beautifully narrated travelogue.. That tarmac, the lush greenery and the company of your buddies with a cool run machine.. what more can anyone ask for such an amazing drive..
  15. Intoxicating stuff.. Thanks a lot for taking us on a virtual journey to this surreal land. Your attention to detail including planning and logistics part is commendable.. Awesome pictures too