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  1. Any hiking to be done ?
  2. I have not seen Bogatha with so much water flow during my visit. @hsudhir You are very lucky buddy
  3. ujwal

    Waterfalls in Telangana

    Thanks a lot for your information @NaveenTraveller. I will visit this place in the coming 2 weeks
  4. Hi @ranger, I have been to Palm arabiana restaurant with my friends after one of them got his new brezza few weeks ago. This place has different restaurants in a single one with so many activities. We had our dinner at Kabul Darbar and Tea at Chai point which are commonly with in the same compound. The tastes were good and this location is pretty big which has everything in food that you can ask for.
  5. Hello suresh, I would recommend you to stay back for a night and then start back the next very early morning orels, If you can manage having 2 drivers in your car it is possible to do it but you might reach by the midnight. Which I stay is still risky as I dont support night drives.
  6. Hi @sahil since you are sticking to the western ghats, I would recommend to stay around the places between Lonavla and mumbai... You need to check out ganapathipule. Goa is a little off season and you will miss the vibes of what goa is known for
  7. ujwal

    Waterfalls in Telangana

    Hi @NaveenTraveller, I have been to Kuntala 4 times during weekend drives..There was a time when I have seen this place with no also. I am interested to visit this Mitte Pittaguda falls after your pictures. Great route guide provided by you. Thank you. Is it safe to go wtih family. I have a small kid who is 5 years old. Is the water stream that you mentioned safe for passage with my kid. Or more water force in that stream ? and how long will the walking distance be to reach Mitte pittaguda from the parking space..?
  8. Hi @sahil, I am planning my drive to Ladhak during this holiday. I have already got my leaves confirmed and my plan is on. Any tips you guys would suggest, all are welcome And amongst the options that you proposed, I would suggest the Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani drive for you during this season as it best to my knowledge.
  9. ujwal

    Hyderabad to Ooty road trip - Report

    Awesome monsoon drive team. I don't this it's call pre-monsoon after seeing those pictures. It looks like a peak monsoon drive . Super work on the report @Sridhar. The resort looks superb as if it is located in between the forest territory.
  10. Hey @Pralay, I haven't explored much in shimoga but I can sugest you a few places around Shimoga like Agumbe and Kodachari are 2 beautiful places in it's surroundings. Also, I guess Lingana dam.
  11. ujwal

    Hyderabad to Sinhagad, Pune, Maharashtra

    Superb post bro... So this was the reason you've taken an extra day leave from work last month I hope you had a wonderful monsoon drive in the western ghats.
  12. Undoubtedly Andaman part of our country inherits the best scuba diving course over there. I wanted to do my PADI course over there for a week. Before doing that, I would like to experience this considering the budget and time taken for this. The package that we booked over there will include the list below for just 5000 INR. Murudeshwar to Netrani (Boat) SCUBA Diving (one Tank - Lasts 30 minutes) Snorkeling (2- 3 hrs) Boat ride from Murudeshwar to Netrani Island (75 - 90 minutes boat ride) Equipment rental, Boat charges, Netrani Dive Permit, Instructions and guided dives with a dive professional Complimentary 5 photos (If more than 5 photos and videos to be included, Rs.300 pp extra) Btw, Could you please share your Andaman expenses @Pralay orels, a travel story on Andaman would help me even more. TIA
  13. Yes, there is scuba which starts from Murudeshwar and you will be taken to an island called Nethrani island by boat which is 2 hours away from Murudeshwar.
  14. Hi @Pralay, It's always fun to share my trip experience with fellow members. Thank you. Two of my friends have not joined us to reach the rock under the falls as it was a risky affair. So, they have handled the camera while we had gone there It was great fun, We almost felt that our heads are gonna fall in to our hands while the water falls was hitting hard on us that moment. After all, they are falling from a great height.
  15. haha.. That is not possible sir, no one are allowed to camp there as it's a commercial tourist site. But, I really wish we had an option on something like that