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  1. vivek

    A Mini Travelogue, Hyderabad to Suryalanka Beach.

    Bookings at this resort have to be done atleast a month before your trip is planned. It is almost full most of the time especially during the weekends.
  2. vivek

    Varanasi to Hyderbad

    Hi @VSingh, I haven't been to varanasi but I can suggest you some good stays as you are looking for one in Seoni/Nagpur. In seoni, there are no decent stays except for Pench national park. But, Nagpur has some amazing stays. You can check out the Legend Inn hotel if you are planning to stay anywhere close to the airport. It is economical and very decent. Otherwise, Hotel nagpur Ashok is also a good option in the city which is economical. Very well maintained and big hotel.
  3. vivek

    Hyderabad ORR

    I haven't understood the logic behind this..? How will we be charged zero
  4. Awesome log @Pralay. Loved every bit of it. Enjoyed reading through with the pictures. Great work and looking for more as such from you
  5. Lovely log about the meet up @Saran Beautiful pictures too.. Will soon join the crew once I get back to Hyderabad.
  6. vivek

    Hyderabad to Papikondalu, Andhra Pradesh

    Amazing stuff @arifismyname. I really am not sure if that place as beautiful as they look in your pictures but, I would definitely want to visit this place after going through your log. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Super fun travel story @Pinaki You log is a book full of information about Bali. Great share buddy.
  8. vivek

    Hyderabad to Kasol , Himachal Pradesh

    That is one heck of a road trip you have done mate. I always wanted to do it to the Himalayas but end up losing on my confidence But, after seeing you Polo, I feel it is pretty much possible to do it in my grand i10. How many days trip did it come up to for your whole trip? @sonushank
  9. vivek

    Hyderabad to Bhutan RoadTrip

    Kudos to you plan sir! I am not a avid road tripper but I love to travel. So, planning a flight till siliguri or kolkata and by road from there on.
  10. Brilliantly touched on every minute detail on how to decide up on which car to choose. Interesting read @balag. Great thread. Adding up to the above are a few basic things on what one should choose to keep simplify between our thoughts in mind: Engine & PowerIf you need a car that have a powerful engine, a petrol car could be the best choice. PerformanceBoth the variants perform well with their powertrains but, If I talk about the mileage, then the diesel cars are a better fuel efficient cars.MaintenanceA petrol car requires comparatively less servicing than a diesel car. Hence, they can be easily maintained.PricePrice is the major factor to concern while purchasing a car. A petrol car is more budget friendly than a diesel car.
  11. Better late than never, Brilliant step by the Hyderabad traffic police. It is a well known fact that, the formula has been successful in many parts of the world true but It is definitely a challenge to the officials having some serious control on this knowing the illegal acts occurring in the capital.
  12. Lovely log @abhinay1189 I am shifting to Bengaluru next month, Will surely add this place to my check list one weekend. Please keep adding up a few more less known places as such so that i can cover up after my transfer TIA
  13. Your plan looks very much perfect @Mady and nice pictures too. Could you please post any pictures of the roads in your road trip so that I can judge on myself about the difficulty level suitable for me for my road trip in september