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  1. This reminds me of my trip last year. Wildlife experience is really beautiful one... I still can't forget those days in the forest. Last Safari, I spotted a Tigress with her cubs. Beautiful sight it was. Planning more and more trips this year and hope I do it. The pictures are beautiful and the trip report is awesome. What's your car and please attach guest House location and details.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion @sagar same thoughts about City here. My requirements are good ground clearance and it’s capabilities on bad roads. City is really a bad vehicle for exploring and you know what all challenges we face during exploring. If not a 4*4 I’m looking for a vehicle that can go where the City can’t because of its GC.  Any information on upcoming Ford SUVs? My requirements are good GC, space, safety, bad roads capability (if not a 4*4 it should be better than sedans) and high speed stability.
  3. Now I can say, it's a necessity for me to replace my Honda City with a new car and that should surely be a SUV or at least a crossover. Me and my father do many roadtrips, we travel much, but never did we face problems with the Honda City. That's a beautiful car. A car that introduced me to the world of revvs and performance. This car performs extremely well on the highways, effortlessly cruises at 140kmph. But as the trips kept increasing, rather the exploring part kept increasing, the need for a SUV started. This beauty isn't able to take bad roads well. We always feel bad for abusing the car taking it to badly laid roads. We scraped it's under body 4 times in one year which stopped is from doing further exploration trips on this car. Here, the need of a SUV or a crossover came up. A brief about the car: It's a 2014 Honda City VX (topend) i-VTEC which comes with a cruise control, sunroof, auto climate control, rear AC vents, 2 airbags, ABS with EBD, ventilated leather seats, all leather upholstery. A car with class leading comfort, luxury and space. (Here I don't consider any of the Maruti Suzuki cars because they don't even come near to any of the C segment cars in the market) The boot is so huge that it takes almost everything that a family carriers during long drives without compromising on the second row leg room. So, an upgrade or even replacement means that the vehicle should offer few more latest features including those which my City offers. Or at least should offer those which already exists. Now as I'm already a satisfied and happy owner of Ford Freestyle my second car, I want my next car to be a Ford and not others even if they're better. Test drove the Tata Harrier, Hexa, XUV5OO (ridiculous interior plastic quality) Jeep Compass, Hyundai Creta. All these cars are no doubt awesome. Of all these I loved the Hexa. But as said I don't want to come out of Ford and want to be a Ford owner always. So, here comes the problem. I'm in a confusion of what to do. Shall I wait for the new SUV launch from Ford in collaboration with Mahindra? Or take the EcoSport? Is EcoSport really a proper replacement or upgrade to my City? Does it offer more than what my City offers including space? Or at least what my City offer? all these are everytime running in my head. And a thought of restricted rear space, rear AC and boot space is stopping me from taking the EcoSport. I request EcoSport owners to give me some detailed information of EcoSport and request others to help me get the answers to the questions that are running in my mind.
  4. SK01

    Exploring Yanam Part 1

    Thanks for the info. Will note it down and plan.
  5. Beautiful. I really miss the drive. I regret missing the link... It's a dream to drive those beasts where they belong to.
  6. SK01

    Exploring Yanam Part 1

    When is the ideal time to visit?
  7. Try AliExpress, Auto Trends.
  8. SK01

    Exploring Yanam Part 1

    Thank you @uday. yes, there are many places in and around Costal Andhra, rich flora and fauna infact. Yesterday while going through Instagram, i found an account by the name, Srikanth wildlife https://www.instagram.com/srikanthwildlife/ His pictures are all about wildlife in Andhra Pradesh and they’re beautiful. I want to explore at least few of them having good accessibility and roads. And most of the hotel prices maintained by GOVT are also on the lower side. Hope I explore these places before uncontrolled development hits them...
  9. SK01

    Sunsets and Sunrise

    Beautiul @Sridhar Tandra
  10. SK01

    Exploring Yanam Part 1

    Thank you @sagar Even I'm eager to explore the area more. Will surely explore before you people explore and write part 2😬 Thank you @Ranger Do visit the area. It's really amazing.
  11. SK01

    Exploring Yanam Part 1

    Exploring Yanam Part 1 Origin: Ramachandrapuram, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. Destination: Yanam, Puducherry. Route Taken: Ramachandrapuram - Tallapolam - Draksharamam - Kuyyeru - Yanam Start Time:5:10AM Distance: 27KMS Time Taken: 1hr Car: Honda City VX i-VTEC Mileage: 13.2KMPL Road Condition: Mix of good, average, bad and worst. Scenic Views: Single lane roads with beautiful scenes at either side of the roads. The roads are surrounded by lush green farms on either side. Trip Report Yanam, the place that I first visited in 2013, when I was 17. And this time again I wanted to visit the place only to know it better and love it more... Started early in the morning at 5:10 and reached the area in 1hr. The only thing I thought I could do in the place is to take the initial sunrise photo touching the waters. That's a beautiful sight and I never missed that. But surprisingly this time I got more than what I expected. I got to know about the area more and explore the area and the backwaters. This time, unfortunately, I could take my favourite shot, the sun touching the waters because of clouds. But got a chance to explore the area a bit. It was 7:00 AM, the sun just started rising pushing the clouds aside. And there I saw a person in a white shirt and white pant, assumed him to be a local and approached him to inquire more about the place. To my surprise, he turned out to be the government boat operator. Upon asking him, he arranged a boat ride into the waters and at 7:15 I was on the boat moving gently on the backwaters. The boat driver Ramakrishna, is a very nice guy. I finished taking photos and started talking with him. he spoke many things, from the political situation in Puducherry and Andhra Pradesh, their lives, the local MLA and not to forget, the insider information about the place. Yanam, a very beautiful place, mostly unexplored and left undeveloped. "Yanam chala manchi ooru Saru, Kani Chala mandi teliyaka raru. Tourists perigite maku income perugutundi" said the boat driver. Yanam indeed is a really beautiful place, there are many places to explore from Yanam. The first one, Bhairavapalem Mangrove Forests (Where we can find many rare migratory birds. It takes 2 hours to come and 2 hours stay on this island. Total of 6 hours. Price for 10 is 6000 INR) Koringa Mangrove Forests And many small unexplored islands (We can find many migratory birds) I think the area should be developed, but that development shouldn't destroy the natural beauty and serenity of the place. The local activities early in the morning, sunrise, birds chirping and the fishing activities are really beautiful and the development should not destroy these... Part 2 coming soon... I'll be writing about the places that in have visited in part 2. Places to stay: The Regency Hotel (best for families as per trip advisor) Sarva Inn Puducherry Government Guest House Few Pictures
  12. Yes really good idea. Will add that to my list.
  13. @mit1682kind of yes. But these trips aren't sufficient for me. Longer, bigger and more adventurous road trips yet to do in my new Ford Freestyle.
  14. I always carry, Tool Kit Properly inflated spare wheel First Aid medical kit (provided by the manufacturer & customised one) Spare bulbs (my car's old headlights set still working) Seatbelt cutter, glass breaking hammer Long distance torchlight HVK GS initiative sticker stuck on my dashboard with emergency contacts Turmeric powder (please check the article mentioned by @sagar) Power bank (short story at the end of the list) Tow Rope Duplicate key Wishlist Dashcam (two sides) Full sized spare wheel Air pump Advanced tool kit Floor Jack Jumpstart cables (did this twice to my cars, Freestyle and City on my own with technicians supervision) A short story on the power bank: I always took my phone's battery for granted as I'm not a heavy user and back then I used Moto X Play known for its battery life. Last year when I was travelling to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, I learnt the importance of two small yet life-saving things, the first one Power Bank and the second one Jio sim card. I, for the second time, got betrayed by Google Maps and went inside the jungle(literally) where there was not even a single car, at least a bike in sight. The locals don't even understand Hindi. The only language they know is some local tribal language which didn't even sound like proper Marathi to my father(he knows a bit of Marathi). My phone battery was 1%, Used Airtel sim and the signal bar never appeared. Thankfully, my mother's phone had signals (Reliance sim) and my phone died immediately after copying the resort managers' number. We were betrayed by google maps and were lost somewhere deep inside the jungle, that too in a Sedan where Leopards and Tigers venture in the night. It took 1 hour for the resort people to find us and the time was already 4:00 PM. So, advice you all to carry Jio sim whenever venturing to unexplored areas and fully charged power bank too. Never trust google maps. Thanks for mentioning my article☺️