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  1. Pralay

    Hyderabad ORR

    Great news! But I doubt how far users will refrain to go through FASTag lane at peak hours. Even in the picture shot by you shows a cab in the lane, unlikely for a cab to have FASTags as cabs hardly go into Highways.. or may be it is yet to be operational?
  2. Pralay

    SCAM ALERT in Hyderabad.

    Thanks mods.. Actually was on trips in last month so was not able to follow our forum. Suddenly got that msg in a group andd first thought came in my mind is to alert our India Drive members. So shared without checking if similar thread exisits. Sorry for that! My bad..
  3. Pralay

    SCAM ALERT in Hyderabad.

    Found this content for which all of us should be careful. My Suggestion: 1) Install a dash cam ASAP 2) If you haven't installed a dash cam & you are confident you dint hit anybody, just dont stop, drive away. at most they can damage your car which can be easily fixed. later on report to nearest PS if you feel. Any more suggestions or views can be discussed here. Mods are requested to make necessary changes like putting cover photos for the post, creating poll etc, if required. Cheers! Pralay
  4. So true, no two sides of it. Especially interior. Its class apart from the competitors. Yeah. Its overpriced. Especially when better sibling, grand i10 is around. However, New grand i10 is due for launch somewhere in 2019 with big in size and may be it will come with big in price too! So the pricing I guess. But one thing that disappoints me is that, now a days Maruti is offering Dual Airbags & ABS standard, but that not in case of Hyundai. They continues with old philosophy, pay more to get safety! Why Hyundai? Why? Forget safety, the low variant of the new Santro is missing AC!! Yes, in 2018!! And it seems they have given a logic that, Indians residing in Himalaya region never use AC.. come on Hyundai? Ain't you selling your Verna with validated seats in that region? Come on Hyundai. this is ridiculous to say the least. Next time around hope you will come up with better logic, if not with basic equipped car!!
  5. Yeah, top end on road 6.5 lakhs is way too much for Santro. I would take figo any day with this budget! Way more featured, looks great, service is good and more importantly for the drive!
  6. Yesterday, went to Lakshmi Hyundai, Madinaguda (Hyderabad) to check out the new Santro. Test drive car was not available. So posting some of my observations & related images after the first look of the car. Was in real hurry & took some casual snaps in my mobile. Excuse me for the quality of the images:- 1) Front is carrying the shape of Hyundai’s signature hexagonal grill. Clear resemblance to Grand i10. 2) Swept back headlamp, the bonnet gets crease lines just like the Grand i10. 3) Front wheel arches gets full cladding inside, whereas partial at the rear. 4)Hyundai kept its original tall boy design of Santro, no alloy even on the top end model, flap type door handle across the range. 5) Rear gets two parking sensors (not 4) & a camera 6) Either use the car key or a lever inside the cabin to open the boot/hatch. Oh! Taking about keys, Santro does not get engine start stop option. 7) Roof gets prominent ribs. 😎 Front & rear doors have got very decent & wide opening. So getting into the car should not be any issue. 9) Missing essential! No height adjustment for the front seats 10) All the doors can accommodate decent size bottle & couple of nick-knacks 11) You cannot fold the ORVM from the inside, though you can adjust it electronically. Front Headlamp gets height adjustment functioning. Could not find the option to shut those beautiful looking corner AC vents! 12) Steering wheel is carried over from Grand i10. Chrome bordering of Hyundai logo is missing though. It gets multiple functions including voice command! 13) Ugly looking screws are kept open in many places inside the cabin, did not expect from Hyundai! 14) Rear AC vents! And It gets chrome border, which looks nice & not looking overdone. Notice the Swatch Bharat tiny can beside the hand break, Santro gets it too! 15) My favorite! Cabin light is placed almost at the center. Helps to illuminate the cabin evenly 16) No Protruding type rear bumper! It is almost flat. Get ready for a bodywork even for a slightest of the touches at the rear from other vehicles. 17) Boot is decently sized. There is a bit of loading lip though. 18) Inside of the hatch gets beautiful cladding unlike other cars of even segment above! Nice job Hyundai. 19) Radio Antenna is placed at the front 20) Price list as on 24.10.2018. Yes, the price list is having “Handling Charges” which is not to be charged to the customer. Sure, It can be negotiated. Cheers! Pralay
  7. Pralay

    Kondaveedu fort photo log

    Lovely set of pictures as always @Ranger.. 👏The place looks very serene. But Google is showing 6+ hrs of drive. How did you manage to come back on the same day? (As you are telling no accommodation options are there)
  8. Pralay

    Why this Struggle?

    Found this interesting video on YouTube yesterday:- It is claimed to be captured in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. The road is extremely muddy no doubt about that. During 2:50 alto crawled through the patch mainly due to momentum & good grip I guess. Here comes the matter of discussion, from 2:58 it can be seen the EcoSport is struggling on the same patch which the alto just crawled through effortlessly. At around 5:34 another alto came in which after struggling on 1st attempt crossed the patch in the second attempt around 12:15. In between, One Chevvy Travera (around 11:20), another alto (11: 23), Mahindra Scorpio(11:33) can be seen crossing at 1st attempt without any issue which somewhat caused further damage to the patch due to the sheer weight of these two big SUV. Even after that, the 1st alto managed to cross the patch around 12:15. Finally around 13:15 after struggling in the right to left to patch of the road for around 10 minutes The EcoSport crossed the patch. Again a pointer, around 13:39 it is seen that a White Grand i10 is waiting to cross which crossed around 14:25; that means the Grand i10 also managed to crawl through the patch effortlessly. CarToq came up with an explanation to this, 1) Poor Condition of the tyre 2) Lack of momentum and 3) Experience of driving on hilly/muddy road. Here is the link of the article of CarToq:- https://www.cartoq.com/ford-ecosport-gets-stuck-but-maruti-alto-crosses-slippery-road-easily-we-explain-why-video/amp/ My two cents, it is only the experience of the drivers which played the role. Tyres are not in that bad condition for which the car struggled like this. You can see the condition of the tyre in multiple occasions like 9:15, 11:29 etc. Yes some flatness can be seen in the middle section of the tyres but I guess that’s only because of high wheel spin, which was not there in the initially. All the vehicles crossed easily were having HP number plate, while the white punto is from MH (From Pune, can be heard from their conversation) and the Ecosport is with DL(but the guys are from Kerala, again thanks to the conversation). What do you think members? What exactly caused ecosport to stuggle like this? Video Courtesy, a big shout-out for putting this on YouTube: Snehasis Chatterjee! Posted here only for discussion purpose and nothing else.
  9. No man.. This time we had very tight schedule so had to leave our beloved "white knight" But You can do it if you can spare at least 15-18 days to cover.
  10. Hey @sagar, thanks a ton for your appreciation. Andaman I have visited long, long back near about 5 years ago. Will try to pen down our faded golden memories😊 Problem is I have six days week!!😥 Hey @ujwal, can you please share some good places in Shimoga except Jog?
  11. That's nice & really pocket friendly. Nice information, thanks for sharing. We visited during 2014 February, IIRC the rate was 5K for two of us.
  12. I guess, for scuba its better to consider Andamans or Lakshadweep. The experience will be far better than Murudeshwar. we did scuba in Andamans, it was out of the world experience. Forget scuba, simple snorkeling will leave you speechless in Neil island. Do visit that part of the country before some dangerous creatures like Humans destroy it.
  13. Hey Ujwal, congratulation for completing such an wonderful trip. I am sure the trip was full of fun. Pictures were really nice. Btw, who took that photo where you guys are sitting on the rock near the falls? Slef-timer? How did you manage climb the rock to go to your place within few seconds?😲. Instead of Shimoga, you guys should have covered Murudeshwar if not Maravante. NAy special reason to go to Shimoga apart from temple? All in all enjoyed reading the post, thanks for sharing!
  14. Pralay

    Hyderabad ORR

    Update on ORR: Seems toll plazas of ORR is not accepting paytm anymore. Tried in Airport exit, Patancheru exit etc. Upon asking they informed, contract of running those plazas have been renewed and the new fellow doesn't want payment in Paytm So folks, carry cash!
  15. Pralay

    Hyderabad City road updates

    Oh.. That's what happens when you missed out these announcements. I struggled that night while coming via Hitech 100 ft road crossing -> Hi tech crossing - Hitex - Kondapur. It was around 12 at the night. I was shocked to see such huge traffic at that time. Now I realized what for it was!! Thanks @Ranger for updating us. Its a different matter altogether, that I missed it. 😁