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  1. Pralay

    Join the WhatsApp Hyderabad group

    Name: Pralay Location: Hyderabad Favorite past weekend getaway: Goa Longest drive : Hyderabad – Kerala Car you own : Grand i10 – Asta (Petrol Manual) Few pictures/words of your drive: It was summer of '16, posing with my valentine!! Near Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.. 2) This was taken near Kotpally Reservoir, Vikarabad.. Posing with my two valentines!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œπŸ˜ 3) This was shot, when our white knight was posing against Medak Church! Cheers! Pralay
  2. Pralay

    Hyderabad to Gandikota - Camping

    Lovely report as always @sagar.. 😊 India Drive members are looking as soulful as ever.. 😊.. Gandikota is one of my favorite places.. Gorgeous pictures!! Could not spot @Ranger's Civic.. where was she?
  3. @Ranger, firstly thanks for sharing the experience. It will surely help readers. Coming to the job done, I guess they did excellent job matching the colour for this shade (Maroon). In our country where nearly 50% of the car is white shaded, that will be even easier to match the shade. I did painting job from showroom and I had seen each and every steps showroom guys took at Hyundai. Car Maniac like us will not be satisfied. For eg. last time when I fixed front bumper of my Grand i10, they did really good job, but left hairs on the paint, some mild dusts etc. Even at the corner of the bumper, last drop of the paint was visible as they forgot to rub. When I informed them, they rubbed the area and put another coating on the dust area, leaving some paint spray marks on black hexagonal area/grill of the front bumper of Grand i10. So overall my point is, no matter what factory finish is not going to come in general, so its better to get it done at cheaper price, especially for bumpers which can be changed easily few years down the line, if required
  4. @KSK.. Wonderful pictures & excellent content mate! Really great work there, more than that lovely to see happy faces with such wonderful snaps of cars!! Thanks for sharing
  5. Pralay

    KIA Cerato

    May be that's why blind spot monitor is found in the car? Will the India Spec car continue to have such feature?? And thanks for the appreciation & support as always 😊 @sagar
  6. Pralay

    Hyderabad to Kondaveedu Fort

    Yes, till the time AP tourism opens a Haritha here! I guess it should come very soon
  7. Pralay

    KIA Cerato

    Though Exterior is decent but interior sucks! Cant believe KIA is counter part of Hyundai who is famous for neat & upmarket interiors. My observation from the above pics:- Positives:- 1) Automatic IRVM 2) Little window in the A pillar opens up some view 3) A cruise control (though being a car guy, I like self control..😁) 4) Sporty aluminum touch in the ABC pedals 5) Plastic around the dash looks good to me but should be better 6) A dead pedal (though not a fan of dead pedal) 7) Dual 12V Charging point at the front, would love to see multi USB port with charging facility instead 8) Projector headlamps 9) Auto folding ORVM & hopefully integrated turner as well (can’t see it clearly) 10) Equipped with traction control, blind spot monitor!! Great KIA πŸ‘ Negatives:- 1) Dated interior looks too boring to my eyes 2) Passenger side request sensor is missing I guess.
  8. Yeah M food court you had mentioned so I just added Hill park. And what you told is correct, timing is an issue with Jadcherla. But again, to go to Hampi, I guess starting at around 5.30-6 AM is enough which makes around 7AM near Jadcherla, perfect timing for breakfast when all the shops are open. I did a solo to Hampi last month, started sharp at 6. Took breakfast around 7ish at Hill Park.
  9. Great tips. I would like to add Hill Park Restaurant at Jadcherla to the list. It is a great place. Also once enter Ballary town, one can see many decent cafe, restaurants, food joints. So in between Kurnool to Hampi, better option is to find out a place in Ballary.
  10. Pralay

    Hyderabad- Munnar-Hyderabad

    Wow!! This is probably the fastest Hyderabad-Munnar-Hyderabad trip I have come acorss! And hats off to you guys for taking super beautiful pics even in this quick drive! Great! @TDI
  11. Pralay

    Hyderabad to Kondaveedu Fort

    Great Post @KSK.. those photos of car are really good. It would be great to watch sunrise or sunset from the top of the fort I guess. But we need to find our accommodation nearby!
  12. Hey @sagar, yeah it was early. In fact the door was closed when I reached there. Luckily they opened it just in a while. in the entire jungle nobody was there, except us, it was so much beautiful to feel the nature like that!😊 I dint notice any sign of camping inside the sanctuary, and strictly it should not be allowed as well.
  13. @Ranger, or Other Admins not sure why the photos are coming in duplicates after the end of post. Please remove those photos after the concluding line! EDITED: Finally did it!😎
  14. Last Sunday did a breakfast drive to Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary & Medak Church. Since most of the information is covered by @Ranger, just sharing updated information & few snaps here:- 1) Ticket cost of Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary: Rs 120/- (Single Person+Single vehicle). Ticket counter is opposite to the gate 2) Timing of the sanctuary: Though from 9AM to 5PM, it is better to visit around 9.30 AM & cover Medak Church before coming here. 3) Food: If you want to have some food its better to grab at one of those restaurants near the gate of Medak Church. I had Dosa at Chandra Bhavan. 4) Route: Narsapur - Kulcharam - Medak Church - Pocharam is having some bad patches as road widening is under progress. Now here are some pics from my drive:- 1) The reason I took Narsapur route because it cuts through the jungle/greenery: 2) In front of Sanctuary: 3) Morning drive inside the sanctuary was so much fun: 4) Excuse my childish behavior πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚: 5) The "White knight" posing at Medak Church: 6) Food joints infront of Medak Church & the Food (Masala Dosa): Cheers! Pralay Any more information if required, I would be happy to help