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  1. murthy

    Hyderabad to Laknavaram by Road

    @Target Please do update us on your road trip when your back. Planning to do the same in the last week of September.
  2. Thanks a lot Sridhar for the support. I will let you know pretty soon if I am going with Tiago. Planning to take one by September for Dussera.
  3. Beautiful pictures sir, I am planning to buy a car and i am confused to choose between the Tiago and the grand i10. I more inclined towards the Hyundai when compared to TATA for its poor service issues where as grand i10 is throwing a bit too tight on me in case of pricing. Would you please mind giving your honest review on the TATA tiago and would it be a better option over the Hyundai? TIA
  4. murthy

    One massive journey

    @saurabhanand Awesome details and information sir. I have done Hyderabad to Puri section and the road is flawless. The drive is going to be really nice as the road conditions between this section is good all the way. The section between Vizag to puri will be the most enjoyable section of the drive as you will be driving all the way on the coastline which is amazing.
  5. murthy

    Steeplechasers, Off-road trails!

    Great report, Thanks for the useful post. I never knew something like this ever existed in Hyderabad. I am hoping to be there soon.
  6. murthy

    Hyderabad to Kodaikanal road trip

    Truly breathtaking stuff there.. will this be the right time to visit Kodaikanal? I am planning to visit during the last week of August for 5 days. Please suggest the possible itinerary. TIA
  7. murthy

    Hyderabad to Wayanad road trip.

    @teju b Amazing story lined up with some lovely pictures. Nature at it's best. In love with the resort you have chosen. Perfect place to relax on a holiday.
  8. murthy

    Hyderabad to Kodaikanal road trip

    Perfect is the word I can use for this log. Brilliant pictures accompanied by some superbly detailed narration. Every bit of what is needed for a traveler exists in this travelogue. Kudos @arifismyname
  9. murthy

    Hyderabad to Singur dam roadtrip

    Beautiful pictures and I have heard about this place almost after 10 years. Singur is the name I have heard during my school. A place where a good number of crocodiles and poisonous snakes are seen is what I heard. Is that reason for this place to become barren after having everything such as beauty of nature and unfunctioning restaurants?