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    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    Thanks Ravi for the information
  2. asububglr

    Hyderabad to Nagpur Road Trip

    All, I am planning for drive from Bangalore to Jharsuguda(Odisha) (Via Hyderabad - Nagpur - Durg). Its little urgent and dont want to take option of flight because of COVID19. Even though domestic travel is not so risky but i have to come back as well and at that time how the situation will be i am not sure about. I am well aware of Bangalore - Hyderabad as yearly 4-5 trips i do. But never driven Hyderabad to Nagpur. I would like to know how this stretch is, if i plan to start from Hyderabad early morning 4 AM. Could you please share if you have recent experience or otherwise as well.