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    Hyderabad to Chitradurga fort, Karnataka

    Nice post sire. My home town May be you guys visited during the months of April / May.. So hot and sweaty.. Phew. It would at least take half a day to walk this whole fort. Its very vast in area and good place to explore Great maintenance of the heritage site by the Karnataka Govt.
  2. I am seriously amazed by the beauty of that place, super intriguing stuff .. It reminds me of the Amitabh bachchan's Ad on Gujarat 'Katch nahi toh Kuch nahi' Brilliant stuff guys..
  3. Excellent travelogue with supremely beautiful pictures.. Can you suggest any accommodations in Lavasa ?
  4. hithro

    'Year end day drive' - December 10th 2016

    Hi guys, I've been a silent observer till date on the forum, the convoys, the beautiful pictures and travelogues, quick updates on the road conditions have grabbed my attention the most in the forum... Do you usually do drives only from Hyderabad or any other metros too.. ? I am asking this out of curiosity as I recently shifted to Bangalore from Hyderabad...
  5. Hey guys, can anyone tell me what is the length of this stretch and what would be the best time to tackle this road...? I am planning to do this in a Creta 1.6.. is it a suitable car for this trip?? Thanks in advance for ur reply... Cheers!!
  6. Beautiful pictures and a gripping narration.. Looks like you had an absolute adventurous ride..