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  1. Sad to see petrol prices increasing, they went down when this was initially launched.
  2. sai86

    Hyderabad to Bhutan RoadTrip

    This is my dream trip, even I am thinking of doing this for the past 1 year. Again getting leave for 15 days is a big challenge at my work place.
  3. Hey Guys, I am confused! How are 12 points calculated, different sources show different information. Is it like accumulating 12 in a year(1-Aug-17 to 1-Aug-18) or is it like accumulating at any point of time in any time period and licence stands canceled for 1 year
  4. sai86

    Car painting DIY tips & tricks

    Thanks @Ranger, After watching the video I feel black and white are the best colors for DYI work. Lower tank bund is too far for me, any shops around Kukatpalli to Miyapur are fine with me. BTW I am planning to use this on metal panels
  5. Need some expert advise on paint jobs & DYI tricks. Driving in bumper to bumper traffic with careless drivers leaves some serious scratches on the car, my car is no exception here. I tried checking with local painters & MASS, they are quoting exorbitant prices which I am not comfortable. I started searching for alternatives online, came across this "Value Pack Kit for Cars" from www.com-paint.com. Wanted to check if it is worth giving a try. Did anyone use it? Is it so difficult to use? Does it require any additional equipment?
  6. sai86

    Car painting DIY tips & tricks

    I am considering the one in this. http://www.com-paint.com/scratch-solutions/com-paint-value-pack-kit/com-paint-value-pack-kit-for-cars-880.html Car is Baleno - Ray Blue
  7. Nope we don't require licence to buy a car. Vehicle can even be registered on business names as well. There should be very strict laws to monitor for people who drive with suspended licence.
  8. It is a welcome move by Hyderabad Police. But how would they manage this, for example one licence is suspended, how would they ensure that the same person is not driving. Whats are the charges if a person with suspended licence is found driving. This is well tested and successfull formula on foreign lands, hope it works in India as well
  9. sai86

    Hyderabad Road accidents

    Volvo will release a investigation report for every major accident reported. May be this time it is big people so that is keeping Mercedes from making the report public. I am sure they might have done the analysis.
  10. sai86

    Hyderabad ORR

    Thanks @Ranger for clarifying. Even I thought the same
  11. sai86

    Hyderabad ORR

    Yesterday one of my colleague sparked a discussion on the similar topic He says speedometer of the vehicle measures the speed of the wheel not speed of the vehicle, this means vehicles with bigger wheels(Volvo bus for example) at 100kmph on speedometer can over take a small car which is doing 140kmph on speedometer. Is that true? Or it is just a blind assumption he is making?
  12. sai86

    Hyderabad Road accidents

    Surprisingly there is no comment from the car Manufacturer. Do they accept the failure of safety equipment in the car or they just don't want to comment.
  13. Hello Guys, Just wanted to ask if anybody is aware of the pedestrian rules in India(Hyderabad to be specific). Yesterday a weird situation happened to me, I was walking on the right hand side(extreme right corner) of a road(I always prefer walking right hand side as I can see the traffic approaching me) I dropped my phone and stopped to pick it up. A biker with his kid sitting on the petrol tank came in wrong route and hit me from the back, he lost balance and fell down. Now the damages: Luckily nothing happened to me, a very small scratch on my lower leg Kid on the bike was bleeding due to facial injury Guy driving the bike has his shirt torn on the shoulder Damages to the bike can be ignored as it is nothing when compared to the human damages Now the blame game: Guy driving the bike got up and started blaming me for stopping suddenly. Biker: All this happened because you stopped suddenly Me: You are coming in the wrong route, you should be more careful, you could have got a helmet for your kid atleast Biker: These are not main roads and nobody follows traffic rules, you need to pay for the damages Me: Get the first aid done for your kid instead of fighting with me, I can wait if you want and I am not going to pay anything as it's your mistake Biker: I am going in this way past 5 years and nothing happened, you are the reason for this, to take a U turn I need to go for 1KM in this hot sun Few people gathered in my support and few in support for the biker, after looking at the kid's situation they moved her to nearby hospital for first aid. I searched a lot for pedestrian rules, but no concrete information is available. Any insights are highly appreciated, it can help other pedestrian too. Thanks a ton guys!
  14. sai86

    Hyderabad Road accidents

    Video is a clear indicator, car's back wheel went up to 60 degrees high. We can imagine the intensity of the hit(it is a 2.8 ton vehicle). From the day one my question about Hyderabad metro remains intact: Does Hyderabad really need a metro? With strict rules and better roads one can easily solve city's traffic issues. Even if metro come into operational government has to push on using public transport, but it is doing in the other way. SRDP project encourages use of private vehicles making a way for more such accidents during construction phase. Ultimate lesson learnt: When there is poor visibility be ultra careful, don't underestimate anything. L&T has to install LED bulbs for better visibility of pillars during night times.
  15. sai86

    Hyderabad ORR

    I would love to join, we will plan a exploration drive if possible Even I am curious on this, but I don't think that is possible. We will be entering the first toll gate on the left side where started but we will never reach the same toll gate on the right. Just a wild assumption correct me if I am wrong!
  16. Wow this picture is crazy! Love this shot!
  17. Hey Guys, This contest is a great idea, other members who didn't participate can have a walkthrough at the camping site. BTW it is 5.45 eagerly waiting for the photographs.....
  18. Thanks Guys. @sagar @Ranger @sharma @hsudhir I am relieved to know that I am following the correct rules these many years. Yup, no proper government website. I even tried reading the content available for learning licence test, nothing talks about pedestrian rules. True pedestrians never get penalized even when mistake is at their end, Pedestrians should only carry utmost importance only when they are following the correct rules. People getting drunk and roaming on roads get hit by vehicles, still blames the driver for driving for being careless. This is common sight in India Even I felt he so insane, he needs counseling on road manners
  19. Looks like that Veyron was left hand drive, they bought it into India as a part of their world marketing campaign. Actually Bugatti makes no right hand drive Veyron and in India we can't get a left hand drive car registered.
  20. sai86

    Hyderabad to Vijayawada highway updates

    Yup for 400/- we get a challan. Bribe is 200/- without challan [emoji5]
  21. After watching the video I felt "Swift, Ford and Indica crossing like a boss"
  22. Nothing, just checked today morning and noticed the SHARE LOCATION option.