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  1. Bandari

    SBI Fastag related

    Hi all, I need a small suggestion regarding SBI Fastag. I purchased a Tiago car recently and dealer gave a SBI Fastag along with the vehicle delivery. After using it for couple of months I found that SBI Fastag is the worst one when compare to other providers. As I purchased new car this Fastag came with only with vehicle engine and chasis numbers not with Registration number which is obvious, but later I tried several times to update my Registration number by sending RC copies to their customer care email ID but they never happened to update the number. And one more thing I found is SBI is charging 7.5% of convinience charge which is very high. Is it possible to buy another Fastag from PayTM and stick the new one to my car in place of old SBI Fastag and forget about old one without closing that SBI Fastag? As I have gone through the deactivation process and learnt that it is toooo complicated one. Please suggest to me to get new Fastag and leave about old one. Bandari Sent from my ONEPLUS A6000 using Tapatalk
  2. Bandari

    A Guide On Essentials Of A Long Drive.

    Good and valuable tips. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6000 using Tapatalk