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  1. balag

    Hyderabad - Sikkim - Hyderabad

    Magnificent triplog. Very informative and helpful. thoroughly enjoyed reading it through. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Awesome update @Ranger. Does these fast tags apply for the commute on ORR or just for the national highways?
  3. Looks like an awesome drive meet. Your pictures give me a feel of the real monsoon happening out there. Fabulous write up and pictures guys.
  4. balag

    A photolog, Dubai

    Amazing photos @Kumsi. Worth a read
  5. balag

    Hyderabad ORR

    The ORR provides good connectivity to the airport no doubt and one can circumvent the annoying city traffic to commute through this way from one corner to the other. I just hope this wouldn't venture out to go close to the Bangalore-Mysore highway in the future as it is on its way to become the future corridor of IT industry. Having speed limits restricted to 100 kmph is quite decent and would be enough to keep oneself safe but, a lineance of atleast + or - 10 Kmph should be considered while throwing a fine on the individual as none of the odometers read the exact same way in practical scenarios.
  6. Hi team, I have been served at India-drive in a great extent in this field of travel and car culture and I feel it's my pleasure to contribute up to a certain extent at which I have done quite a bit of research during the time of my car buy. I hope this would help a lot of members who are in a plan to get their first car when one gets into a confused state of choosing between buying a petrol car or a diesel car which is quite a common deal in everyone's mind. Please do correct me if I go wrong anywhere and you are pleased to throw your views on this and so, here I go. Advantages: Petrol cars are usually cheaper when compared to diesel cars primary reason being their low manufacturing cost. Diesel cars are more fuel efficient and so they command a better price in the resale market. Petrol cars are powerful when compared to the diesel cars. Petrol engines are relatively silent when compared to diesel engines. Diesel engines emit less CO2 emissions thus availing tax benefits in comparison to petrol engines. Disadvantages: Service for diesel cars are relatively expensive when compared to the petrol cars. Also, spares for diesel diesel variants also come with a higher price tag. Petrol cars deliver lower fuel efficiency when compared to the diesel cars. Also, the price of petrol sums up to the overall running cost of the car. Diesel cars are considered to be slightly underpowered than the petrol versions. Petrol cars do not command a good resale value in the used car market. Diesel engines often run into compliance issues with environmental norms. Petrol versions haven't been much of a success with bigger vehicles. Should I buy a Petrol car or a Diesel car? Buy a Diesel car if, Your monthly mileage is around 1500 kms - 2000 kms i.e. ~50 kms/day. The price difference between the petrol and diesel models is around 50,000 INR. You are looking at operating your car as a Taxi. You are going to keep the car for at least 10 years. Buy a Petrol car if, Monthly running is less than 1500 kms i.e. <50 kms/day. The price difference is around 1 Lakh INR. You live in a small city where distances aren't great.
  7. I feel the diesel and petrol prices will move in tandem with the price of crude oil in most countries and further, it will also lead to increased transparency in the system. This might enable smoother flow at retail outlets as many developed countries are already revising the prices of petrol and diesel on daily basis. I can sense a lot of improvement in the system once this comes into practice.
  8. @Mady Super short and crisp your story looks. It has got all the necessary information needed with some amazing clicks. Thanks for putting them up. Could you suggest me the best time to tour Sikkim?
  9. balag

    Visakhapatnam to leh ladakh

    It can be done quite comfortably in an i10. One of my friend had done it in an Alto from Chandigarh .. I would suggest you to go for it because "darr k aagey jeeth hai" . Make sure you carry the whole rescue kit.
  10. I've gone on a drive for a friends marriage in Adilabad and checked out Kuntala en-route last week and the place looked absolutely dry with just a water pond. Climbing the stairs down the hill was quite an easy task but our return back to the base after a disappointing sight down there was a heavy on us. Avoid this completely during summers. Few pictures of Kuntala during my visit last weekend
  11. balag

    Hyderabad to Ahmedabad best route

    Hyderabad ------- Pune ------- Ahmedabad is the best suited route. Note: Drive to Pune via Gulbarga. Route via Zaheerabad is in it's worst of the conditions.
  12. I have been expecting this for the past 2 years. Looking at it's sales figures in the Indian arm from 2014, the company's losses were four times its net worth. Though cars like the Spark, Beat and Cruze did manage to sell in satisfactory numbers in their initial days, GM lacked of new launches or updates to the existing line-up. Also, the after sales experience are believed to have caused the sales of the company's cars to eventually drop.
  13. balag

    Hyderabad to Udhagamandalam (Ooty) Drive

    Let me mention a few places to eat at Ooty and you should try them Shinkows (Best Chinese) Side-walk café (Best Pizzas) Kings cliff - Earl's secret Willy's Café (Mudpie) ABAD - (Best biryani) Wild acres (Cheese) The Cullinarium (Good food and best pastries) King star - (Best home made chocolates) Sarvana bhavan, Roadside café, Kurunji - Are a few regular places to eat. Don't forget to try 'Varkey' a native snack of Ooty which can be available in the bakeries (Indian bakery at Coonoor) Also the most fresh carrots and peanuts are best at Ooty
  14. Excellent write up coupled with some breathtaking photographs vinay. Kudos to your effort mate. Really inspiring and waiting for your next set of posts
  15. balag

    Hyderabad to Varanasi route update

    Hey guys, I am here updating the present road conditions of the route; Hyderabad to Adilabad -- Excellent road Adilabad to Hinganghat -- Decent road Hinganghat to Nagpur -- Excellent road Nagpur to Jabalpur -- Good road (No need to go via Chindwada) Jabalpur to Maihar -- Good road (4-Lane) MAihar to Satna -- Good road Satna to Majhgawa -- Excellent road (newly laid 2 lane highway) Majhgawa to Chitrakoot -- Single lane road (few bad stretches - Avg. speed 60 kmph) Chjitrakoot to Naini -- Decent stretch, Average road condition Naini to Allahabad -- City traffic Allahabad to Varanasi -- Excellent roads but heavy traffic. I hope this helps in every bit for your drive down to Varanasi. Drive safe and Happy journey