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  1. It was in the last month (June) when I had gone out on a drive with my friends to Ananthagiri for the night camping. A huge thanks to the club members especially @ranger and @sagar and who have guided me in doing this short trip especially during the night. We reached the temple sight in the Ananthagiri hills briefly around 6 30 pm. Start point : Trimulgherry, Secundrabad Base point : Sri Anantha Padmanabha swamy mandir Car : Tata Indica Manza Distance : 105 kms One-way (approximately) We took the forest trail behind the temple. We had walked for about 6 kms (distance as shown by my Mi wrist band ) and reached a flat area to camp ourselves. The weather was pretty warm and we felt that there would be no use to pitch our tents and we decided to lay over the tarp sheets which we carried to cover our tents if it rains. We had our dinner that we carried along around 10 pm after settling down to rest. around 11 pm, our night forest trails started as we started to venture ourselves a little more deeper in the forest. We found a lot of variety of insects, flora and fauna in that region. I am sharing a few with you guys We have spotted a wild spider during our forest trail. This is the dung-beetle which partially feeds on it and also rolls it, tunnels it and dwells it. It can alone roll about 250 times of its own weight. We observed the rolling phenomenon for a while and it was interesting. We spotted a scorpion enroute and examined it. Noticing the short tail segments, we confirmed that its a Female scorpion which is non-poisonous We approached a short water stream and found fish, snakes and crabs in that pond enroute. We crawled deep into the bushes deeper and the scent of the air changed to a beastly wild animal odour. We were crossing a short water stream and found this fresh paw-print on the wet land. Being suspicious about the habitats ahead of that point, we decided to retire. It was quite a thrilling experience and fun for the obvious reasons. We had learnt and experienced something new that night We walked back to our camp site by around 2 AM and played around with the camera to study the night sky. We were 5 of us and none of us were professional photographers. One of my friend is an amateur who is still learning things online. We passed time experimenting with the lens, playing around and watching the beautiful night sky He was successful in capturing a hazy constellation in the sky and we retired for the sleep by 3 AM.
  2. This has happened just a week ago on my way to attend my friend's wedding. It had all started with a group of 4 friends when we started to make up a plan to circuit the Araku valley and the beautiful beaches of Vizag. Few other friends of mine had pooled in and we ended up a group of 8 guys. We had planned to make it a road trip to bag in more memories and have rented 2 Ford Ecosports from 'Zoom Cars'. Unfortunately, Zoom cars had failed to rent us the the Ford as per the booking status and has replaced one with the Honda Jazz and that's how it all began. Where : Araku valley, Vishakapatanam, Andhra Pradesh Distance : ~700 kilometres (one-way) Stay: Jungle bells Resort, Tyda. Route Taken: Hyderabad (Gachibowli) - Vijayawada - Rajamundry - Annavaram - Vishakapatanam - Araku. Best places to visit in Aruku 1. Ananthagiri Hills 2. Borra Caves 3. Katiki waterfalls 4. Chaparai waterfalls 5. Tyda nature camp Best places to visit in Vizag 1. Yarada beach 2. Bheemili beach 3. Kailashgiri 4. Rishikonda beach Cover pic
  3. hsudhir

    Hyderabad ORR

    I have recently come across the Fastag being introduced on the Hyderabad ORR. Noticed the boards as 'Hybrid Fastags' Can somebody please explain what this is?
  4. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Sikkim road trip

    Nice one so far @Ranger.. We are waiting for the next
  5. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Araku valley and Vizag.

    This pricing is heights, I doubt if people would really go for this :O I was expecting it to be around 8K to 10K at the maximum and I am no where close to these numbers :@
  6. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Araku valley and Vizag.

    Hi bpt, My friend who hails from Vizag had told me that it was conducted in 2017 in Araku for the first time by AP Government. This year it's said to be scheduled between 18th to 20th of January in the valley. There were different shaped balloons available such as Chicken Egg, Honey bee and Baby car which we can choose apart from the regular balloon rides.
  7. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Sikkim

    Waiting for the trip updates..
  8. Hi Shuvam, My colleague has visited Kutch last week during the Christmas weekend. As per his update, The place was very crowded due to the Rann Utsav. Accommodations around the Rann Utsav area were very expensive. Do plan smartly and make your reservations well in advance.
  9. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Hampi drive meet - Report

    Looks so much fun .. Missed this drive.. Planning to visit Hampi with family this weekend. Thanks for sharing the details on the current road conditions. Very helpful. I will take the route via Kurnool and divert towards Alur. Will share an update if there are any more changes.
  10. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Nagarjuna Sagar

    Awesome write up and pictures @Shekar.. I have never seen Ethipothala so beautiful during my pasts visits to Nagarjuna sagar. I really feel like visiting this place this coming weekend. Would you suggest the same water flow this month or January ?
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    Hyderabad to Gandikota Camping

    Hi team, Last week my friends have been here and camped at this view of the Gandikota gorge.. Sharing the pictures here 😊
  12. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Gandikota Camping

    Yes, after going through this discussion, I wanted to share these pictures of the campsite. Looks beautiful. These were clicked with their mobiles so, couldn’t get them well but I can imagine the kind of sunrise they have enjoyed at this site 😍
  13. Hi guys, i have received an image from a friend about the Sahasrakund waterfalls near Adilabad. Sharing it with you. Everyone are free to share their knowledge and information about this falls. I feel, this would be a decent place for a weekend drive 🙂
  14. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Srisailam road trip and guide

    Hi Rohit, You can check out the link below for time to time updates on the dam and water levels. http://irrigationap.cgg.gov.in/wrd/dashBoard
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    Hyderabad ORR

    Hi guys, I have come across this new ORR beyond Hyderabad connecting all majors cities or districts in Telangana.. Any insights on this?
  16. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Srisailam road trip and guide

    Hi guys, I have been to Srisailam yesterday... 4 gates have been opened due to the heavy rains and the reservoir being reached to its neck. Hoping for more gates to get opened by the next weekend if the flooding continues as this way
  17. Can imagine the beauty in Kerala being hit by nature himself so badly this year. A picture of athirapally falls shared by a friend before the place got flooded 🙂
  18. Hi people.. I have been to Kuntala last weekend. The status of the water flow at Kuntala during my visit is as below. Pardon me for the bad capture taken on my phone
  19. hsudhir

    Exploring Malaysia by road.

    Beautiful pictures ... Malaysia has been my first International trip. You should check out Langkawi Islands too. It's a lovely place with best of the beaches
  20. A weekend getaway to Sinhagad fort, Pune. Hyderabad ------------ Zaheerabad -------------- Solapur ------------------ Pune -------------------- Sinhagad Hotel in Pune - Hotel Utsav Deluxe, Pune central city (Very good *** hotel) Hyderabad (Miyapur) to Pune --------------- 11 hours including break fast and Lunch breaks. It was for my colleague's wedding, I had to go along with my wife to Pune. We had a day leisure time and decided to explore some places around Pune. Monsoon was chasing and the western ghats were calling me for an exploration. After a little chat with my friends in Pune, we came to know that there are many forts to explore based on the difficulty of trekking and height such as Lohgad, Tikona and many more! I decided to go to Sinhagad fort. Sinhagad fort is a perennial favourite weekend gateway for Punekars and is on a list of must visit places for tourists. If you are in Pune for a weekend, make sure you visit this place. During my visit to Sinhagad, I have seen groups of bikers, cyclists and trekkers going to the fort. The best way to reach the fort (apart from trek) is by bike or car. We chose to drive until a certain point and then trek up Things to carry: 1) Rain jackets 2) Water bottles (Please do not litter once you are done with it. Carry it back until you find a trash can) 3) Sports shoes 4) Camera We started towards Sinhagad with a lot of excitement. Sinhagad is 25 kms away from the Pune centre and takes about 1 hour to reach the fort base point. Monsoon was the best part of this drive and I had thoroughly enjoyed the surroundings while I drive my car even though the roads are bad. Monsoon is the reason for this too As we drove closer, the placed started to get filled with dense fog. We reached the village soon to park our car and start the trek up. The reason of enjoying the trek up the fort is all because of the weather. The fort is at the height of approximately 4000 ft above sea level and during monsoon the feel of walking in the mountain range is as if you are walking on the clouds. Trekking on the mountain is more difficult activity, especially during monsoon as you don't get much grip to move forward due to wet ground. But again, the best part of trekking is greenery and that you see in abundance during monsoon. The fog surrounds the mountain range and all you can see is greenery peaking from the fog. If you are lucky, rain during such trek is refreshing.
  21. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Sinhagad, Pune, Maharashtra

    Thank you for your kind words @sagar I am sure you have had the best time during your trek to this place too
  22. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Sinhagad, Pune, Maharashtra

    Lol.. I know. @Sridhar Tandra I have seen your Coorg post. Great work bro.
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    Hyderabad to Sinhagad, Pune, Maharashtra

    Thank you @ujwal
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    Hyderabad to Sinhagad, Pune, Maharashtra

    Thank you @veeran Hope this would be helpful to the members
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    Hyderabad ORR

    Bro, Where have you disappeared. Haven't been seeing your updates here lately.. Your pictures were stunning. How's your black horse doing @Saran