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  1. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Srilankan beaches

    That's great. Thanks for responding so quickly. Will soon do my bookings after my wife confirms on her leaves at work :D.
  2. hsudhir

    About DRIVEU app

    Thanks for creating a platform where I can just vent out my frustration on my experience with DriveU. I booked drive U a day before my travel. I had read many bad reviews but still decided to give it a try. They neither sent a driver nor any response or intimation. I had planned my whole day accordingly and faced lot of inconvenience. Would never recommend them to anyone unless you have a lot of time for trial and error. I have wasted a whole day relying on this.
  3. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Srilankan beaches

    superb report on the srilankan beaches @ksa171983. I am planning to visit Lanka this December. Would it be the right time to plan my trip and make it eventful ?
  4. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Ooty road trip - Report

    Any offbeat places to do around Ooty which are left unexplored?
  5. Hi admin, Any drive meet to Koilsagar planned this summer in the next 2 months?
  6. I frankly don't find a point in planning a trip to any commercial places like Ooty, Munnar Lonavla, Shimla etc. The crowd spoils the beauty of nature and I personally canot enjoy it at all
  7. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

    How to reach Pandavulagutta ? TIA 😃
  8. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Bogatha waterfalls

    This now sounds like a new place to me @sahil Could you please share more details on this place ?
  9. hsudhir

    Best contributors of the year - 2017

    Lovely step taken admins. Hearty congratulations to all the winners. I would want to be in the running for the next years winners.
  10. hsudhir

    Morning walk to Himayath Sagar Lake

    Wow! So refreshing. Best way to spend a morning weekend. Definitely looks like a perfect place to reach by cycling
  11. @Pinaki Awesome bro! I enjoyed reading through your travel story. Very informative and nice pictures. Could you also please add the google map snap of the circuit you have driven during this drive ?
  12. hsudhir

    Waterfalls in Telangana

    Superb consolidation of all the best waterfalls in our state. Your information on sharing the co-ordinates of all the places will definitely help us reach out there. Thank you @Ranger
  13. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Munnar, Valparai, Athirapally.

    I must say your pictures are so brilliant and I have become a fan of yours now. You have shared all the required information which would help us all. Kerala looks quite green and the weather is quite bright. which season was this trip made?
  14. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Papikondalu, Andhra Pradesh

    Amazing is the word. Beautifully crafted pictures. They look like a paintings of a dreamland. Thanks for keeping them up.
  15. Awesome travel story @Pinaki It was fun reading through your narration and excellent attention to details. waiting for more to come
  16. RSVP: Confirmed List: 1. Sagar +1 2. Ranger +1 3. Srikanth + 1 4. Ashwin 5. Rahul + 3 6. Sainath +1 7. Omkar 8. Vinit + Rakesh 9. Sudhir 10. Saran +1 11. Ravi Teja Tentative list: 1. Suhas +1 (Tentative) 2. Harshita+1(Tentative) 3. H Sudhir +1
  17. hsudhir

    Drive to Yedupayala Bhavani Temple

    Oh wonderful, It would be perfect for me to do a day drive in that case. I can probably cover the temple, dam and the sanctuary about which you guys have been discussing above. Thanks much for the information buddy
  18. hsudhir

    Drive to Yedupayala Bhavani Temple

    Good narration accompanied by wonderful photographs @Sridhar Tandra I am looking at the place for the first time. Haven't ever been to pocharam though. how many kilometres did the stretch measure from your place? I will probably visit this place next month.
  19. Looks like an amazing place for a weekend drive from Hyderabad. Lovely ancient carvings. @sagar Thanks a lot for sharing the information about this unknown destination.
  20. @avreddy Splendid pictures and information sir. Your Creta looks fabulous. Could you please pass on some information about where did you get the sunroof done in Hyderabad and a small review about how is it ?
  21. hsudhir

    Hyderabad to Maredumilli Forest Road trip

    Beautiful pictures @varunc Weather looks perfect and you have visited during the right time I suppose. Will there be any spotting of animals like deers or birds like peacocks in this forest?
  22. hsudhir

    What is your best Mileage?

    Hi everyone, I got back to Hyderabad from Bangalore and have recently checked the mileage of my Rapid TDi. It was about 95% a highway drive and the mileage shown was just nuts. It gave me about 24 kmpl. I've NEVER gotten this good of mileage before and it has me wondering what state of tune my car is in and I hope I'm not running too lean
  23. hsudhir

    A photolog, Dubai

    Amazing pictures @Kumsi Do we have to Hire a car to do the dune bashing or can we rent any for a self drive?
  24. hsudhir

    Automotive photography.

    NICE road is one of my favourite roads after the ORR.
  25. hsudhir

    Singur Dam, India-Drive meetup

    Awesome pictures guys, I wish to join in for the next drive. Please do let me know.