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  1. Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    Definitely take the NAM expressway. At that hour of the day don't risk by traveling through Nandyal. There is a Indian Oil COCO fuel station before Ongole (once you join the Kolkata - Chennai highway), you can fill up there. And considering the time of your travel, avoid the diversion at Gudur and take the one at Naidupeta.
  2. Drive to Yedupayala Bhavani Temple

    Nice pics and narration @Sridhar Tandra..
  3. Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Perfectly laid out map. Though Humnabad to Kalaburagi ring road is around 60 odd kms only, any idea on the condition and safety of the route?
  4. Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Thanks @Uday ( kvuk ) for the detailed write up.
  5. Hyderabad to Pune Road condition

    Nice, can you please let us know more details about your trip - which car, travel timings etc. Thanks!
  6. Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    No specific reason, had the whole day just to drive so thought I can at least report on this road and moreover it was going to take me the same amount of time. Also, I had travelled through this route multiple times during 2011 - 14 so wanted to see the changes first hand :-)
  7. Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    It has to be NAM. But the traffic on NAM was bad. Almost from Narketpally to Ongole it was always busy and that's a big negative for the route. Ongole to Gudur was a breeze.
  8. Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    Thanks all for the inputs. Tried out the Kadapa - Kurnool route in the return journey. Started at 10:30 AM from the Tirupati Airport and reached Gachibowli around 6:30 PM. Road condition update: Tirupati to Koduru (45 kms): Average road with few bad stretches and some unmarked speed breakers. (drive will be good as it goes through a forest range) Koduru to Rajampet (38 kms): Bad roads with lots of potholes and many unmarked speed breakers. Rajampet to Kadapa (55 kms): Mix of average and bad roads. Nothing alarming though. Kadapa to Nandyal (130 kms): Beautiful 4 track toll road till you approach Nandyal and that's where the worst part begins. Nandyal to Kurnool (75 kms): Pathetic would be an understatement. There is almost a 60 km stretch just before Nandyal and after the town (till Panyam) where a proper road is missing. Its a mess and quite bad. But again gave me an opportunity to appreciate my Hexa more :-) Beast just muscled itself through. It gets a little better around Panyam - Orvakal Kurnool to Hyderabad (210 kms): Very good (will not report on this as its been very well covered in this forum). Overall a journey of 550 odd kms took me close to 8 hours. Will try and post a full travelogue in the next couple of days.
  9. Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    Sure will do so in the return journey. Didn't click any during the onward journey, reaching Tirupati before 3 PM was high on my agenda. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using India-Drive mobile app
  10. Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    Reached at 2:30 PM. Started at 6:40 AM from Gachibowli, took NAM and then Gudur - Tirupati route. First 30 odd kms on Gudur - Tirupati was bad but loved putting my Hexa through it and it did perform very well. Post that the road was a breeze.
  11. Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    Then in that case maybe I will take the NAM both ways as I need to drop my family in Renigunta airport during the return. I am planning to start around 5:30 AM from Gachibowli tomorrow morning and I need to reach Tirupati by 3PM. The only question I have on NAM is about Naidupeta to Tirupati - is it as bad as Rajampet to Tirupati or better?
  12. Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    Ok thanks! Will post the updates post my drive.
  13. Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    Thanks @kkkumar and @uday for the information. When you refer to Kadapa to Tirupati is it via Rajampet or Rayachoty?
  14. Hyderbad to Tirupati Best route?

    I know there are couple of dhabas near Alamkhanpalle. I might not have time to go into Kadapa so any suggestions around the ring road would help.
  15. Nice travelogue and beautiful pics. Planning is paramount with kids around and you have done a great job.