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  1. A better way to answer would be - Simply don’t travel after dark. It’s not just about India, it applies anywhere else. Especially in Asia, where roads are in poor conditions and are usually the main mode of transport. Always be on guard when travelling at night. Especially if you’re travelling through the middle states of India.

    Absolutely avoid travelling after dark by road in India - especially in UP, MP, Bihar, Jharkhand. Also be careful in Haryana and some areas of West Bengal and Assam. Generally sticking to national highways in the day time should be safe for you.

    All the above is as per my experience.. :) 

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  2. Hi guys, I have done Hyderabad - Shiridi - Hyderabad last week and it was a nightmare. Let me update you guys the present road status so that one can avoid it who so ever is taking that route.


    Route taken: 

     Zaheerabad - Tuljapur - Osmanabad - Bhoom - Nagar.

    The 4 lane road construction work is yet to be completed. I have faced too many diversions and the condition of road was horrible.

    Strictly avoid taking this highway and especially during the nights.

    Once you reach Ahmednagar, the roads are decent enough to reach your destination.

    Suggestions for alternative routes are open. Please to provide the necessary update on the alternative route which can be better than this as it might help the co-roadtrippers.

    TIA :)

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  3. Hey guys, Great thread and it is quite an exhaustive list up there and I would agree to most of them but would like to add on few general guidelines I follow during my long trips.


    1) Be aware that condition of the roads can change quickly over a short distance. A smooth highway can quickly change into a pothole-ridden country road with dividers and speed breakers.

    2) Anticipate well and have a mental picture of what could happen ahead. Anticipation can avoid a lot of accidents.

    3) Slow down while passing through villages/small towns even though the road may be clear ahead.

    4) In case you are driving with AC on most of the time, keep it in ventilated mode once in a while to allow some fresh air into the cabin.

    5) Don't over-eat especially when it comes to lunch for obvious reasons.


    Those are few necessities that one should take care of during a road trip which I would like to contribute to the thread.


    Drive safe..

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  5. Hi etoor, I have been to Horsley hills 3 weeks ago driving Via Kurnool ...

    Started from Kukatpally around 5 AM. on a Friday morning and reached Horsley hills by 12 PM. with a breakfast break at Mahbubnagar on the way.

    There was very less traffic and the weather was great there. Cool breeze starts right after sunset and the views were great. I am sure even during the peak summer it's much better than Hyderabad.

    But go there if your intention is just to relax and chill out. There are no so tourist spot over there in particular. It's ideal for lazing around and enjoying peaceful dawn, dusk and a perfect night sky. Hope you have a great time.. Drive safe :D