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  1. I am planning to go to Jog falls after in the 1st week of September. Hope the flow remains the same Thanks @ullas for sharing the latest update.
  2. sharma

    Hyderabad to Wayanad road trip.

    Hi @teju b .. Lovely narration and great pictures. A small update, The minmooty falls which was closed during your visit is now open to visitors as the water flow got down comparatively. People planning their travel to Wayanad this season shouldn't miss to visit this. Please make sure that your visit is before 4 PM max. as all the places close down by 5 PM.
  3. sharma

    Hyderabad to Mahabhaleshwar

    Hi, I have been to Pune last week and took the Zaheerabad highway to reach Solapur. Too many diversions due to road construction work and a lot of truck traffic. I would recommend you to avoid it and chose an alternative route instead.
  4. Confirmed List: 1) Sagar +2 2) Gowtham +1 3) Sruthi + 3 4) Varun + 1 5) Ashwin +1 6) Kashyap+2 7) Raviteja+2 8) Vamshi U K H+1 9) Prabhu +3 10) Rakesh sharma +1
  5. wow, what a wonderful drive and your post has some super content. Loved every bit of your narration and I can imagine the level of difficulty you have faced drifting on the snow roads. Sounds fun but super risky. Would love to experience this
  6. sharma

    Go Goa Gone..!!! Hyderabad to Goa

    Latest route update between Hyderabad and Goa: 1) Hyderabad -- Parigi -- Sedam -- Kalaburagi -- Bijapur -- Bagalkote -- Belagavi -- Amboli -- Panjim Phenomenal roads until Kalaburagi. After Kalaburagi, the roads are a little off due to some road construction works in progress. This road also has some bad speed bumps. The Amboli ghat roads aren't great but has some brilliant scenic views especially the sunset enroute this ghat section. 2) Hyderabad -- JAdcherla -- Devarkadra -- Raichur -- Lingsugur -- Hungund -- Bagalkot -- Belagavi -- Chorla -- Pajim Apart from bad stretch between Raichur and Mahbubnagar due to road construction work and bad speed bumps between Belagavi and Balagkote, The rest of the trip would be insanely fast due to newly laid roads. (Note: The road section between Devarakadra and Raichur also has some bad stretches due to road construction work in progress )
  7. sharma

    Hyderabad to Varanasi route update

    This above route is 180 kms longer than the regular route. I suggest you to take the Hyderabad -- Jabalpur -- Katni -- Satna -- Chitrakoot -- Allahabad -- Varanasi
  8. I do not find any wrong from your end sai, lack of awareness is the main reason for not having much concern in India related to pedestrians traffic rules or safety. You may not have seen any pedestrian getting fined even if causing an accident
  9. Awesome, now this will let you tell your friends where your are and give then directions to your location. It will also let you share your location with long term for continuous status updating of anyone you care.
  10. That's such a pleasure to read through.. How I wish the life to be this way from now on atleast.. Great write up @sagar
  11. Lovely post bro. Though everyone are aware of most of the points, we tend to ignore all of them. High time we start following all of these for a better living which serves not just us but the environmental disturbances too..
  12. sharma

    Problems in creta

    Hi guys, It has been 16 months since I had bought my Hyundai Creta Sx+ and I had faced issues several issues too. As I mostly deal with the driving on the highways, the most frequent and major problem I had faced in the past was brake failure at high speed when driving on uneven surfaces. This was sorted out after quick addressal to the company's service manager. I felt there is a serious problem with the braking system of the car and they are absolutely not upto the mark.
  13. Fantastic report. Video of the drive between those hills and green fields provide thrills when watched. Surely must have been a great drive meet. Are we allowed to camp around that site besides the lake ?
  14. sharma

    Hyderabad to Konaseema!

    Lovely pictures guys, Any idea of staying around a beach side private guesthouse around kakinada or yanam as vivek asked..?